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    Jealousy. Such a sickening trait.


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    Jealousy. Such a sickening trait. Empty Jealousy. Such a sickening trait.

    Post by Vagrant 25th January 2019, 6:56 pm

    It looked like the jobs were raking in at the moment as this was now the third job Artemis had acquired in quick succession, it was as if the Gods themselves decreed it. Now this particular mission was slightly different from the two previous ones in that it required a certain way of doing things, the target was one El Jefe a strapping olive skinned man who's amount of hair could provide christmas sweaters for five families. The job had requested something be done about this man so that his real 'true' love could make her appearance in his life, so who was Artemis to stand in the way of love. With all the information handy Arty set to the town of Cedar, she got through the customs with relative ease before making her mark in the port-like town surrounded by knights. It was clear to the woman that this sea faring society heavily relied on it's protection governed by the knights of olde. "This had better be a breeze, I don't want to blow up such an upstanding place" She uttered taking in the vast landscape of the area amazed at just how bustling the area was for somewhere so small.

    "Now El Jefe, where might you be?" Artemis scratched her head eyeing the hundreds of people flocking together like birds, but no sign of the target. She reached for the letter and read it over again while she walked making sure everything would stick into her brain, however her world turned upside down as she fell to the floor bumping into a brick wall. But this was no brick wall, instead looming over her with a muscular hand and oily bouncy curls stood tall introducing himself to the oddly looking woman. "My name is El Jefe, I don't believe we have met? What is a stunning little lady like yourself doing out here in the wild?" He inquired resting his hands on his hips awaiting a response. El Jefe? El freaking Jefe!? She could kill him right here right now with ease, but no. The crowd. They'd cause an uproar in seconds alerting the guards and causing her imprisonment effective immediately, she'd need to be tactical in her approach.

    "No we haven't it's my first time here, I'm from Fiore you see" She shrugged with a smile which was returned by the man who grinned back sheepishly. "Fiore huh? That's some ways away so what brings you to this trusty town?" El Jefe asked as the two started walking next to each other continuing down the path before them. "Oh me? Well a friend had wanted my help with something dire and I simply couldn't leave him in the wind you see, he's like a brother to me" Artemis lied through her teeth as she stumbled into the man falling on his chest. "I'm sorry for my clumsiness, I'd lose my head if it wasn't atta--" "Attached to your body?" El Jefe finished her sentence with a mighty chuckle picking her up to a stand. "There's something about you I can't quite put my finger on, you're certainly special. A very very special lady" He nodded and slapped his chest. "Little old me? No I'm quite the norm, very very boring actually" She stated walking off towards a dimly lit alley littered with rubbish and discarded memories, behind her the man followed suit watching the corners before heading in with a dirtily greedy smile on his face.

    "Would you be willing to, oh I don't know. Show me just how 'big' and 'hard' it is to be a working man in Cedar?" She questioned letting a fold of her kimono on her shoulder fall loose triggering El Jefe to come in closer and hold her by her shoulders. "Let's not make too much noise my dear I wouldn't want you to scream the heaven's down" He winked and began unbuckling his trousers, once the pants and jeans were lowered and his manlihood was on show he turned the body of Artemis around and closed his eyes leaning in towards her, Artemis scoffed and launched her foot upwards right into the most sensitive part of a man causing him to keel over in abnormal pain, El Jefe hurled out insult after insult in some native tongue as he rolled around clutching his testicles. "I can't understand you idiot" She chuckled and shook her head stepping on the man's chest watching him struggle for breath as he grabbed at her ankle but she swiftly utilised her other leg and jammed her heel into the man's jugular stopping his bodily movement, this in turn caused him to choke and gargle on his own blood before spitting it up and dying a slow and painful death. "How quaint" Arty stated as she got to work removing the body from the alley.

    Knocking on a pinkish door and dashing out of the scene Artemis lay in wait as she watched the door swing open to reveal a dangerously beautiful woman who scoured the area before noticing the basket filled with letters at her door. She picked one up and smiled bringing the basket in. Ten or so minutes later she came out in tears and on her knees shouting to the heavens as to why she could never find the right man. And as if on cue a nerdy looking individual came to her aid and knelt down as the two embraced and spoke for a minute, the nerd looked to the bushes and squinted locking eyes with Artemis and threw a tooth grin which made Arty roll her eyes. A job well done it seemed. And zero casualties. Well, no nevermind.

    Final wordcount - 950


    Jealousy. Such a sickening trait. Vagrant

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