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    Metallic Demon Slayer -- First Gen.


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    Metallic Demon Slayer -- First Gen.  Empty Metallic Demon Slayer -- First Gen.

    Post by Shazam! on 23rd January 2019, 3:11 pm

    Metallic Demon Slayer -- First Gen.  Webp_n11
    Metallic Demon Slayer -- First Gen.  Webp_n10

    Magic Name: Metallic Demon Slayer Magic
    Magic Type: Slayer Magic
    Description: Metallic Demon Slayer Magic is based on the
    Unique Abilities: (List the abilities it provides, make sure to separate each ability! Abilities are like passive traits, or a hidden power that can be activated for a very limited amount of time. These abilities are Unique to your characters specific use of the magic! As a starting D rank character, you can have 1 unique ability.

    • Ability:
    • Ability:
    • Ability:

    Spells: As a starter character at D rank, you start off with 4 spells.


    Metallic Demon Slayer -- First Gen.  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQIzZnkZyZOCHxWXJ-xy77XDKJjmLtcS8Vz31R6l25hhTFkGAAW

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