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    Basic Assassination


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    Basic Assassination Empty Basic Assassination

    Post by Deleronark on 23rd January 2019, 2:29 pm

    WC: 546
    Job, Sign-up Approval

    Code-name : Mietitrice

    Glancing down at the contract Meititrice took a deep breath. It was pretty standard, and quite basic. Pretty much there was a rich dude, with a spoiled daughter who was dating the wrong guy. The frat boy was the lowest of the low, floating through life, constant ‘selfies’, and way to many drunken nights. However now it seems he has ‘taken it too far’ and has talked the poor girl into eloping with him.

    The couple was currently holed out in a small hotel, and from their records the assassin was able to deduce they planned to get a train and take it to the other side of Fiore and live apart from the woman’s family. Honestly, if it was not for the fact, he was hired they would have been fine. Kids, and nothing more. Truthfully the woman would have probably ran away with the boy, gotten hit in a drunken rage, and ran home to daddy within the month. However, Daddy was not a man to play with, and in his own rage had reached out to the guild.

    That was where he came in. As an Assassin of the underground guild he was selected to handle this little matter. It was the perfect hit, the couple were awful at covering their tracks, and even worse from watching their room for just a night the assassin learned they were already fighting. This would make his job easy. He needed to end the boys life, make sure Penelope never did not see what happened, and be certain no one knew Hidden Blades were involved.

    Meititrice was dressed in all black, a mishmash of leather straps, siding, and metal which covered every inch of his body. A deep black cowl was pulled over his head, and his mask was covering his face. As long as the assassin stood still he would blend in with the surrounding area. As such the assassin stood, and waited.

    He could hear the two arguing. The woman was crying, something about missing home. The boy was yelling, something about her messing with his mojo, and about how she just needed to trust him. There was a small crash, and the assassin watched as the door open. Pentalope had come out, stating that she needed some air and was going to the store.

    Meititrice watched as she disappeared around the corner, his eyes following her tracks, his body remaining absolutely motionless. He waited only a few seconds, making sure the did not turn around before he slipped into the door. He was moving quietly, yet it seemed the boy was waiting for her return.

    “Baby, your already back. I hate when we fight. Can we talk about this baby, I promise I love you.” The boy then turned around to see who had entered the room. His eyes opened wide. “You… Your not…” The boy managed to croak out before the assassin struct, removing him from the genepool.

    Cleanup proved to be easy, the assassin took the body with him when he left the hotel room. Pentalope when she returned would be sad that he was gone, but in the end realize that he never loved her. Shy would return home soon enough, and no one would know of the assassins involvement.

    Total WC Hit : 546


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