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    [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now?


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    [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now? Empty [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now?

    Post by Aedion on 19th January 2019, 10:47 am


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    Garnet had found Emperor, one of his frenemies and brought him to the Fairy Hills to take a breather. They entered Garnet's room and shut the door behind them. The shorter Inkling set down his things that he carried with him on the ground next to his bed. Emperor took in the little sights there were. "This is the place you've been living at?" He asked, in a neutral tone. "Yeah. Much better than being out on the streets, no?" Garnet replied and Emperor nodded in agreement. He couldn't argue with that logic. Now that he had basically nothing, finding somebody else that he actually knew and had some things going for them was a sort of salvation. The shorter Inkling grabbed his wallet and motioned for Emperor to leave the room. "Let's get going. I'm going to have you join the Guild." He said with a grin and Emperor sighed.

    A few short moments and the two Inklings were entering the Guild hall of Fairy Tail. "Wait here. Give me a moment." Garnet would say to Emperor as he walked up to the counter on the right side, where a little fairy resided. The Inkling grabbed a nearby pencil and paper and wrote down a message, requesting an Ace or the Guild Master's presence, as there was a newcomer who was interested in joining the Guild. He held up the paper in front of the fairy and it chimed, letting him know that the message had been relayed. Garnet would give the fairy a thumbs up and return back to Emperor. "Let's grab some juice. I was told that it is a sort of tradition for newcomers to the Guild." He would say and approach the other counter on the left side of the Hall. "Very well." Emperor wouldn't argue with him and follow. The two Inklings would sit down at the counter. Garnet would write down a message and show it to the bartender, who nodded and readied the order. Soon enough, both of the Inklings were enjoying some fresh, delicious juice.
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    [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now? Do4zQ5K

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    [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now? Empty Re: [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now?

    Post by SeaGlass on 29th January 2019, 1:08 pm

    Arcadia nodded, finishing up a call with a fairly important contact. "Right...right. Sweet! Just l-mail that on over, and we should be able to begin shooting next month. Talk to you later!"

    Her business and paperwork done for the day, Arcadia was heading downstairs from her office to get a refill on her slushie. She smiled to see Garnet She typed a quick message to him:

    Hey Garnet! Whose your friend?

    She jumped down the last few stairs and waved as she approached. The barefoot slayer was again her old teenage self, the de-aging curse having fully worn off just recently. Wearing her usual dress, she had a softly glowing crystal moon rose tucked behind her left ear. Arcadia tucked her iLac back into its pocket as she stopped by the bar to get herself a little orange-mango juice mix. Taking a seat at the counter with them, she began to stir and freeze her juice into a slushie.


    [Intro 2.0] There's two of them now? 3FQiytD

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