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    Hidden Blades Guild Vault.

    Hidden Blades
    Hidden Blades

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    Hidden Blades Guild Vault.

    Post by Hidden Blades on 19th January 2019, 7:05 am

    Here is the Guild Vault; primarily used to record the guild's fund, items, and donations. At the moment because the guild is just starting out, using the guild's resources is prohibited. At least until we build up a decent amount, once this target has been reached a Chairman or Director will announce it. Items will also be provided here in due time.

    233186 Jewels

    Additions / Deductions:
    - 5,000,000 Jewel for Guild Start Up

    In progress.

    Donations to the guild are always welcome, should you decide to contribute to the guild or have and am missing from the list. Please DM either a Director or Chairman the link to the approved trade. Your contribution will be listed below and you will also receive the Donator tag on the guild's discord.

    Artemis Dagger : 1,363,903
    Deleronark / Markus - 500,000
    Johann - 300,000
    Tamashi - 2,600,000
    Balthazar -  285,000

      Current date/time is 22nd February 2019, 9:49 am