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    Solo Job: The Rarest Flower


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    Solo Job: The Rarest Flower Empty Solo Job: The Rarest Flower

    Post by Lemony.Boy 13th January 2019, 2:21 pm

    Job Description:
    Job: The Rarest Flower
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-Ranked Wizards
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words

    Job Requirements: Find the mysterious white flower deep within the Spooky Forest!

    Job Location: Spooky Forest

    Job Description: The medicinal shop in Magnolia can't seem too pay their workers enough too journey into the Spooky Forest too gather a specific type of flower needed as an ingredient in a powerful medicine. Find it for them! But watch out...something's lurking, stalking, snarling.

    Weak: Goblin x3 (Who knows what they're doing, and why they've decided too follow you. But they are not friendly...at all. A few hits should clobber them out for the count though.)

    Normal: Wild Pack Wolves x4 (Four wolves have been stalking you...and they've decided you're lunch! Defeat them with at least 2 hits on each one of them! They attack with claws and fangs, each will attack you once each round, roll too block!)

    Strong: Lone Wolf (This wolf rolls solo, and that alone should prove how tough he is! He attacks you twice each round on his own. Every so often he'll attempt a pounce attack too pin you too the ground. Roll 3 "Block Die" if he does this. If you roll 2 or more Blocks, you don't get pinned. If you get pinned he bites you for "4 Attack Die", though you can still attempt too block. Take him out with 5 hits!)

    Boss: Dire Wolf (This wolf is....huge too be honest. He stands about ten feet, quite big for a wolf, indeed. He'll attempt too run circles around you too confuse you, but stay focused! Every so often he'll dive in for an attempted bite or claw swipe against you. Roll 3 "Attack Die" each time he dives in for an attack! Roll 3 "Block Die" too see if you get away. If you don't block you'll be shredded for C-Ranked damage, be careful! His normal bite attack also deals C-Ranked damage and can truly hurt! Put him down with 10 hits! Good luck!)

    Reward: 5,000 Jewels

    The Rarest Flower

    Even in the bright mid-afternoon, the forest floor was dim as a church.  Zachariah was forced to carry a lantern in his hand as he followed the trail to the flower.  Just an hour ago, he was in beautiful, bright Magnolia, speaking to a doctor with a vibrant smile and her handsome nurse assistant, but now he was wandering about the dark trails of the forest, searching for a presumably mythical flower.  When he took the job, the other employees of the medicinal clinic wished him well, apparently scared witless by the prospect of the Spooky Forest.  Zachariah cautiously glanced around each direction; the darkness slightly inhibited his magic but having the oil lantern in his hand was enough of a reassurance.  He convinced himself that the task was nothing more than exploration, which he was used to, but the forest sounds were eerie and stalked him throughout the trail, unchanging.  Crickets seemed to follow him along the edges of the path, singing their dissonant creaking song.  Every now and then, the flutter and hoot of an owl being eaten by something bigger echoed between the shadowy trunks of the trees.

    As he trotted over leaves and crunching branches, he noticed shadows of the canopy dance across the path, sunlight spilling through.  Zachariah stopped, cocking his ears to the side to listen to the groveling of something in the bushes.  He set the lantern on the ground and temporarily magnified the light around him, revealing a trio of goblins as tall as his waist.  

    Zachariah did not waste a breath and resonated the light photons around him.  They erupted with power and he triggered the Ultraviolent Flash, illuminating the path with hot indigo light.
    The goblins shielded their eyes, disheveled and skin singed.  Zachariah picked one up by the ears and threw it at the other and kicked the third into the trees.  He paused to listen for more groveling but heard nothing and carried on.

    Following the path until its dead end, Zachariah looked around for a fork, but only found the thick brush around him.  Facing forward, he peered into a clearing with a purple glow.  He snapped the branches that shielded the opening and found the flowers in description.  They were dark purple lilies, resting on a mount of white rocks that glowed beneath their black light.  He set down his lantern at the entrance, revealing four wolves dozed off around the rock formation.
    Zachariah crept across the clearing until he heard the deep snarl behind him.  Quickly, he snatched the flower and delicately placed it in a jar and stowed it in his coat.  When he turned, he saw the Dire Wolf he was warned of before his very eyes.  He jumped back, totally towered by the beast.  Raising his hands to conjure his magic, the beast was quicker and lunged for him, forcing him to dive away.  The other wolves awoke as well and began to chase after him.  Zachariah took to the mount and reached for the canopy above, casting a Spectral Drill to open the clearing to the sky.  The warm sunlight reverberated off his skin and sent a glow throughout the clearing.

    Zachariah redirected the drill back towards him, resting it on the palm of his hand before launching it into two of the smaller wolves’ hides.   The Dire Wolf snarled and snapped at him, but Zachariah quickly casted Ultraviolent Flash and sent it recoiling.  He immediately displaced the light around it and sent the wolf into darkness with the Void Division.  The displaced light glowed in bright orbs floating around the vicinity, trembling under Zachariah’s control.  He eyed the two remaining wolves and summoned the Spatial Reflector, casting another Spectral Drill through it.  The glowing arrow doubled as it passed through and sailed through the two wolves.  Zachariah crushed his fist and the bright orbs collapsed around the wolf.  The two Spectral Drills pierced the wolf through each side and burst with an array of colors.

    “Poor boy,” Zachariah sighed and closed the dead wolf’s eyes before departing.  The path was more eerie on the way back out of the forest, near silent.  At the end of the forest, Zachariah could see the sun setting through the clearing and watched another figure block the way.  A lone wolf stood at the edge and sat.  It took one sniff at Zachariah and decided to flee before he could react.  Zachariah growled and managed his way through the city, gaining eyes from everyone.

    “You’re back already?” asked the doctor.

    Zachariah shrugged and placed the jar on the counter.  “Yes, yes I am.”  The doctor turned to give Zachariah his payment and gasped.  “What’s the matter?” Zachariah questioned.  The doctor pointed at his chest, and he looked down.  A splatter of blood now decorated the buttons and breast pocket.  Zachariah simply explained, “Oh, I got into a tangle with the wolves,” and took his payment.

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