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    Private Double Neko

    Post by WinnieJr 7th January 2019, 11:48 pm

    The night was not like any other night for our favorite neko. Stefan for some strange reason wanted to go out. He wasn’t quite sure where or why but he had done a few jobs around Onyx Moon and wanted… well needed a break. He heard around the streets of Hargoen that there was a killer party, he told a few of his guilds mate, okay well Mudasaur told a few of the guild mates for him; about. He didn’t want to show it but he sort of hoped that few of them showed up to the party. After walking around for what felt like hours Stefan cleared his throat. He fixed his button down shirt that he had open, showing off his body and guild mark. He had on ripped jeans that hugged his lower half as well, but had a hole for his long Neko tail to be free.

    Stefan opened the door of the house he heard the party was taking place and what he got was something unexpected. This was much more than party. It was more like a party event. There was food, drinks, a bar, dance floor; basically everything you would out on a typical night out. Stefan lowered his Neko ears as he walked for a bit and made it to the bar and sighed. He was expecting something a bit on the small scale but he was here now, so there was no point in leaving. He order a drink from the bar and just sat there sipping his drink hoping that someone he recognize showed up.

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    Private Re: Double Neko

    Post by Haraka Omaras 10th January 2019, 3:27 am

    One thing that the doctor hadn't expected to get poked about while getting off work was an invitation to go somewhere. At first it sounded okay, so had accepted the invitation. It was a bit odd to get it from a bulb fish summon, but there were probably stranger ways to receive an invitation to a party. It was also in a nice location, Hargeon town wasn't too big and had a cozy port. It was enough to make a sea creature feel cozy. This was the mixed bag of reasons why Omaras had flown to the location, but the address... It wasn't until arriving that the young looking elder realized that this party was at a home. This wasn't super unusual, but as someone who has served as a bartender for many years in the past? The man knew more than enough that drinks at this sort of party were much easier to touch. Food too honestly. 'No, stop being paranoid. Not every party is like that, try to have fun with this. Don't act like an old man.' He mentally scolded himself before entering inside. Walking in made him more paranoid, remembering that the bigger and louder a party was the easier it was to slip in drugs. 'That normally happens to women. You are coming here to meet a friend that is male.' It took a bit of searching before the man managed to find Stefan, giving a bit of a wave. He tried talking in his normal voice at first, only to find it drowned out in the sounds of the party. Haraka frowned before deciding to go with their natural but far less formal voice.

    The deep and silky smooth voice, though not loud, managed to cut through the sound far better. "Uh, hi Stefan. The party here is very active." Well okay, he didn't like it! There was too much informality involving a lot of people that he wasn't familiar with and a lot of sounds. The musk was up so high that the half demon wasn't even sure if it was or wasn't a song playing that he enjoyed.

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