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    Solo Job: Inside Out (Zachariah)


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    Solo Job: Inside Out (Zachariah) Empty Solo Job: Inside Out (Zachariah)

    Post by Lemony.Boy on 7th January 2019, 10:35 pm

    Job Description:
    Job Title: Inside Out
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1-4 people, no more than one C-rank or above characters.
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Requirements: Legal job. Make the young man/woman feel more comfortable with their identity and aid the parents in their acceptance!
    Job Location: Magnolia Town, OR Oak Town, OR Clover Town
    Job Description: A young man has sent in a request for any kind, understanding, and accepting legal mage’s aid in a personal matter. If you accept this job you will head to the boys town where he will confide in you that he was not born a boy, but a girl. She, as you may or may not decide to call her, asks for your help in having her parents accept their new identity, and possibly gain their support. The young girls parents have extreme respect for legal guild mages and if you get on their good sides enough it you may them help come to accept their child for who they really are, or not. Either way you and the girl will learn a lesson; is it what’s inside that really matters, or the outside?
    Reward: 5,000 jewels and D-Rank exp

    Inside Out

    Clover town was simply radiant the morning Zachariah arrived, when the mist that rolled off the lake came and cloaked the small town in short rainbows and golden sunlight.  The horse he rode upon strode upon the bridge to the island with clattering steps, eager to gallop on soft grass once again.  Preoccupied with the lake and its brilliant beauty, Zachariah’s attention was only grappled when his horse snorted and bent over for him to dismount.  The rustic gates of the town hung open, seemingly waiting for him.  Zachariah stepped onto the mossy path and dusted off his shoulders, dirtied with dust from his previous trip.  The quiet village slept still as he wandered around its maze of walkways, but Zachariah had no problem wandering and learning the routes, having a cup of coffee at an old woman’s café by the lake and admiring grandeur of the guild masters’ meeting place as he waited for his client.  Though, as he explored, he had the queasy feeling of eyes on his backside.  Zachariah constantly glanced over his shoulder but caught nobody lurking behind him.
    He found his horse grazing by the coast, lapping up the water and basking in the sun’s cozy rays.  A stranger tended the animal, feeding it carrots and apples while chatting with an older couple seated on a bench behind him.  A knot arose in Zachariah’s throat, and he hastily rushed over.

     The young man eyed Zachariah carefully and inquired, “Are you the Sabertooth wizard?” to which Zachariah quietly nodded his head.  “I was wondering when you’d arrive,” he said.  “My name is Elliot.  I’m the one who requested your help.  Thank you so much for meeting us here.”
    Zachariah greeted the man with a smile and stifled chuckle.  “Pleasure to meet you. I’m Zachariah,” he replied.  “Now, what seems to be the problem?”
    Elliot lead Zachariah to the couple seated at the bench.  “These are my parents,” he introduced, “I’ve been trying to explain to them my…problem but I can’t seem to get them to understand.”  He then turned to Zachariah, “that’s why I called you here.  I thought a new perspective could help.”
    Zachariah blushed and scratched his head.  “Explanation is not my strong suit, but anything to help a client in trouble,” he began.   Elliot whispered his dilemma into Zachariah’s ear, and he took a seat aside the couple on the bench.  The two followed his stare out into the lake and the majestic hills that lied on the other side of the bank.  Zachariah nervously tapped his thigh, thinking of what to say.  “I…” he began, “I’m a well-traveled man.  I’ve seen quite a few wild things on my travels, but I suppose this is not the strangest case I’ve faced.”
    “Is our son going to be alright?” the father asked, deep concern in his voice.  Elliot seemed to wince at the statement.
    “Oh, yes, your son…or daughter, I should say, is going to be just fine,” Zachariah explained.  “But I think you should understand that she’s grown and capable of deciding what’s best for herself now.  There’s no danger in what she feels, she just asks for support for her new identity.  Underneath it all, she’s still the same Elliot.  She’ll always act and be the same person, no matter how she appears on the outside.”
    The father sighed and nodded his head.  “I suppose you’re right,” he said, and turned to his wife and child.  “I can’t change your mind,” he explained.  “But I will support whatever makes my child happiest.”  Elliot gasped hugging both her father and Zachariah in a tight embrace, superfluously thanking them.  Zachariah, shocked but relieved at his client's newfound happiness, smiled in reply.
    As Zachariah prepared to leave town, Elliot stopped him to say goodbye.  “Thank you for your help.”
    “No need to mention it,” Zachariah said, bright flush in his cheeks.  “My service is yours, ma’am.”
    Elliot wrapped her arms around him once again and stated, “Please, call me Rosa.”

    Word Count: 665/500

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