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    The Thunder Heart

    Vinn Cobalt
    Vinn Cobalt

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    The Thunder Heart

    Post by Vinn Cobalt on Fri 4 Jan 2019 - 4:18

    Magic Name: Lightning Dragon Slayer /2nd Gen/
    Magic Type: Caster - Slayer - Solitary

    Description: There is a tale within the halls of House Cerulean, that chosen ones will receive a special power. Power and strength to command lightning. These individuals are of noble blood and their mere presence on the battlefield inspires others. There is no set time between appearances of these inndividuals - it can be only a couple of years after the death of the last one or entire centuries without one. Whoever is chosen as the receiver of this power gains the title of Thunder Heart.

    This power is encased within a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation in the House Cerulean. The true origin of this power is only told in a form of a fairy tale, as no one truly knows how it came to be. But there is one thing for certain - it is a power that was given out by a dragon.

    Vinn received the power after his departure from home in order to become stronger to fulfill the ultimatum he was given by his parents. After accepting the power, however, the magic that flows within the House Cerulean was overriden and he now has to start his whole magic training all over again. The way that Vinn decided to use the newfound strength is mainly in offensive ways. Blitzing around the battlefield, while zapping everybody. He also has some defensive capabilities, but not many.

    Notes: Dragon Slayer lacrima obtained as per my purchase of Dragon VIP and then trading it.

    Slayer Perks:
    Slayer perkerino:

    ϟ  +25% Strength, Speed, and HP

    ϟ  Greatly enhanced Hearing, Sight, and Smell

    ϟ  The Force Ability

    ϟ  Ability to Consume Magic of same element for MP

    ϟ  Resistance to their slayer element based off how powerful the opposing spell/ability being used on them is:

    • 2 ranks above: 0%
    • 1 rank above: 10%
    • Same rank: 25%
    • 1 rank below: 30%
    • 2 ranks below: 50%

    Blizzard Wizard:

    Description: In ancient times there was an island made entirely of magical ice crystals. The people who lived there melted the magical ice and drank it daily instead of regular water. They needed the gifts the ice provided to survive during the cold winters. They could withstand the cold temperatures and icy winds. After many years, the gifts became part of their blood and it was passed down over the generations through reproduction. Some mages moved to the mainland to start their families there and so the unique and rare bloodline spread over Fiore. Mages with the bloodline today can call upon these gifts to gain a light blue aura around them that protects them from cold temperatures and the freezing effects of ice and ice magic. The ice can still harm them physically, but it cannot freeze them while they use this power.

    Ability: Immune to freezing and chilling effects (low temperatures), cancels freezing effects if used. Gives the user a 25% resistance to any and all ice spells, regardless of rank. They gain a single user-ranked ice spell (S Max) or a user-ranked minus one signature ice spell (A Max) in addition to their spells.

    Usage: Passive

    I will be using the extra spell slot in a different magic.

    Unique Abilities:

    ϟ (D) Special Charge (Passive/Active) - When a Thunder Heart casts a spell, their body becomes charged with residual energy. The user can then use this energy to enhance their next melee strike. Vinn can store up to three of these charges in his body

    ϟ (B) Might of the Thunder Heart (Passive) - The individual who receives the power of the Thunder Heart, also gains greater strength. They are stronger than regular mages of the battlefields and thus pose greater threat to other Houses. Vinn passively receives 60% damage increase to lightning-based spells. Scales with user, up to S.


    Spells: As a starter character at D rank, you start off with 4 spells.


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