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    Disappearance Port(Closed, Invite Only, PM if Interested)


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    Disappearance Port(Closed, Invite Only, PM if Interested) Empty Disappearance Port(Closed, Invite Only, PM if Interested)

    Post by Cirven on 1st January 2019, 5:55 pm

    "Another face on the board, sir?" A shaggy dressed man asked a guard who was posting up a picture of a person on a board in the center of the port city. It had become a common occurrence recently which was noticeable by the number of missing person notices on the board. "Fifth this week and it's only Thursday. We have not gotten any clues at all either. It's like they are just taken completely by something that leaves no trace at all. Not even our magic here has caught on to anything." The shaggy dressed man sighed and shook his head. "I hope that they are found soon. Could only imagine what is happening to them." The guard nodded his head. "Yes, we will be increasing our efforts to find them from now on with how frequent this has been."

    The guard and the man spoke more on the situation as a person in a dark blue cloak looked on from inside of the crowd. The cloak covered their entire body and head which did not allow anyone to completely see their face and helped them not stick out in the crowd much. "Are they here too...?" A man's voice spoke from under the hood to himself. The cloaked man then made their way through the crowd and tried to keep theirself from making any scenes. As he made his way through the crowd though some men had made their presence slightly known and were following him. He moved by person after person who would get in the way of the men but they still managed to find a way to surround him just before getting to the outside of the city. Six men surrounded him and each pulled out a ethernano enhanced weapon or a couple varieties of blades and guns.

    "Sir, you are to come with us. We are part of the protectors of Lavanitir. I am inspector Aigns." A man dressed in a long coat and fedora spoke out while putting up a sort of ID badge towards the front of the cloaked man. "We will use force if we deem it necessary but we prefer not to." The inspector continued. The cloaked man shook his head slightly and let out a sigh. "Is this how this city addresses visitors because I don't think you have any warrant to question me or is this an arrest based on a assumption?" The cloaked man moved forward towards the inspector but before he could get in two steps a blast of magical energy hit the ground just in front of his foot causing the regular people around them to scatter for safety. "Sir, we are taking this very seriously as we have men set up to shoot you down if needed. We expect you take this seriously also. Is that clear?" The inspector spoke out sternly. The cloaked man nodded and even though the hood over his head covered his head his mouth could be seen smiling. "Peachy, sir." The cloaked man spoke out before taking another step which quickly was responded to with the sound of multiple shots but the cloaked man jumped into the air and then flew quickly towards the inspector at a speed that the shooters tried to keep up with by shooting but only managed to miss with each shot. "You idiots! Stop shooting! We are out in public! Use your close up weapons!" The inspector yelled out as he pulled out a knife which he quickly swiped through the air towards the flying cloaked man who dodged it by flying backwards which showed he was caught off guard by the inspector's attack. The inspector's men quickly moved to attack and swiped their weapons through the air to subdue their foe but found that they could not hit him due to the expertly done dodging by the man. The group of men all then tired to attack from different angles which would force the man to get hit in some sort of way but before the weapons could hit the cloaked man stopped moving and a reddish black magical came out from his body which caused each of the weapons to shatter to pieces before they could hit. "I think you all need sturdier weapons."

    The cloaked man quickly flew through the air towards the inspector again who was ready for an attack to occur but found that the man made their way around him with their speed and flew off towards the outside of the city. He stopped in the air and spoke out from a safe distance away. "I'm not here to fight you and would rather not be blamed for something you just would like to blame me for. Take care and I hope you get some better weapons for what could possibly be happening." A shot was fired towards the man that missed due to his speed again and he made his way out of the city where he was followed by a few more men but they lose him once he made his way into some shadows.

    "Who..Who was that guy...?" Inspector Aigns spoke out still half in shock over the incident.


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