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    ♜The Dilapidated Manor at the End of the Street♜ (Job - Ruvel)


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    ♜The Dilapidated Manor at the End of the Street♜ (Job - Ruvel) Empty ♜The Dilapidated Manor at the End of the Street♜ (Job - Ruvel)

    Post by SeaGlass 27th December 2018, 8:36 am

    Little Arcadia had made sure to fly in the night before she was due to meet Ruvel.  She'd made sure to wear one of her best dresses despite the description of the dilapidated manor in job poster she had sent word for his help with. The pale blonde slayer partly couldn't believe the CEO of the WFTC had agreed to  help her out. She probably could've gotten one of her teammates a select number of other Fairy Tail guildmates to help her, but ever since the Crystal Moon Festival in Tolgalen, the story and words from Ruvel's summon, Shindara, had stuck in her head.  

    She didn't know if they would end up more than friends, but after that festival, she found herself thinking about the possibility, a divinely blessed possibility of there was any truth to the lovely story behind the softly glowing crystal rose she now wore behind her left ear.  This job was the perfect opportunity to test that out. It was definitely a little beyond her current skill level to handle on her own, and so the little slayer was beyond delighted when Ruvel had sent word he would meet her in the village that had sent out for help.

    She had considered asking for a ride.  Considering how much she hates vehicles and how much they hate her, she pretty sure  getting air sick all over one of his company's ships was the kind of impression she wanted to give. With the intense, general distrust of wizards in Pergrande, it also felt like a discreet as possible arrival was best.  

    Granted an elephant-sized dragon of  ice, bringing winter snowfall as she flew was not entirely discreet, but she could easily hide herself especially at night.  That being exactly what she did, landing outside the village, and walking in as Little Arcadia.  No need to reveal her dragon-self unless necessary.

    Now that she was out front of the dilapidated manor at the end of the street, she smoothed down her dress, and tried to look as casual as possible. While waiting for Ruvel, she cast her faerie green gaze back up over her shoulder at the manor they were meant to be entering to carry out this job.  Surrounded by mist and gloom, she started wondering if maybe she could have picked a job with a less foreboding locale. The giant house barely looked like it could stand on its own. If there weren't peoples lives depending on them going in there to get them out, Arcadia might have volunteered to just bring the whole manor the rest of the way down. That way, at least, the village could build a new house for someone that was less death trap, and more an actual home.

    Arcadia started thinking about all the people, the job flyer had said was trapped in there.  They were depending on her and Ruvel to get them out. That was all she needed to push aside any hesitation she felt about going into the death trap house herself. Turning to face the big ol' house, she nodded sternly, mentally promising the people they'd be free soon enough.  

    Now that she was focused on the mission, Little Arcadia was far less worried about how she looked and more about not letting those people down. Any case of nerves she had about meeting Ruvel was replaced with determination. She walked on toward and through the front gate to have a better look at the front door. Just a couple steps into the gloomy mists, she could feel something dampening her magic. She also felt only half as connected to her magic power. It was strange, it kinda felt like she had a cold, but the only thing that felt foggy and disconnected from was her own magic power and the magic power that normally flowed through her from the natural living world around her. This wasn't a good sign. The little slayer back away to make sure she didn't go any closer without Ruvel.  

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    ♜The Dilapidated Manor at the End of the Street♜ (Job - Ruvel) 3FQiytD

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