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    Hunting A Passport

    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    Hunting A Passport Empty Hunting A Passport

    Post by Diana Winchester 26th December 2018, 1:35 pm

    Walking into bright and sunny Hargeon Town at an hour past midday, Diana was on the hunt for something special. However, today her quarry was not an animal or person, but a passport. That document would allow her to expand her hunting range to places beyond Fiore, and beyond Fiore was where the truly lucrative jobs were. Diana liked lucrative jobs. Lucrative jobs brought in Jewels, and Jewels represented power and success.

    Wearing a white long-sleeved button-up shirt with black skirt that extended to her knees and black dress shoes, Diana patiently took her place in the back of the line. She noticed that people ahead of her were sweating in the midday sun and growing restless. Children were crying and tempers were flaring because the line did not move quickly enough for some people. Diana did not care... she could afford to be patient because the future payoffs would be worth more far more than the time she spent waiting in line.

    Diana kept quiet as the line inched forward. Unable to bear the wait any longer, some impatient people began getting out of the line and walking away. The blonde kept calm and quietly moved forward when the opportunity presented itself. After twenty impatient people left the line, she was halfway to the goal. Suddenly she felt someone slap her backside.

    "Hey lady, you're hot! How 'bout you forget about the passport and come with me? I'll show you a good time!" A young adult male with a buzzcut wearing a white tank top and blue jeans with flip flop sandals propositioned her. Diana was not impressed by the "gentleman" and the carnal nature of his request.

    "I have waited in this line for over an hour. I must decline your offer." Diana politely said to him. He frowned.

    "So you think you're too good for me? You think you're some fancy lacrima star?" He asked rhetorically. Diana kept her cool. She was not going to take the bait.

    "You're too uptight, lady! I bet it's because of that tight shirt. You'll feel a lot better once Daddy Kyle unbuttons that shir-" he raised his hands to her chest before a town guard gripped him by the shoulders and forcefully pulled him away, almost yanking the sleazy youth out of his shoes.

    "The lady said no, Kyle. And what you just did counts as sexual harassment. I'd just walk away if I were you." The guard sternly warned the youth. Kyle looked at the officer and looked at her. Something in his tiny mind clicked and told him to cut his losses.

    "If you change your mind and want some fun, you can find me at the Galloping Mare. I'm there all day every day. See you around, lady!" Kyle said before giving a wink and walking away. Diana suddenly felt dirty. Even jumping into the harbor would not wash away the sleaze she felt taint her clothing and the air around her.

    "Do you want to press charges against him?" The town guard asked.

    "No thank you, Officer. I will let it go this time. I only want a passport." Diana replied calmly.

    "You're oddly calm considering what just happened, lady. But if you're OK, I'll let it pass. If he does it again, let me know. I'll handle it." The officer counseled her.

    "I will be certain to do so, Officer." Diana assured him. He turned and walked away to resolve another dispute happening behind her. The blonde faced forward and waited her turn for a passport.

    -One hour later-

    Diana exited the building bearing a shiny new passport. The long wait in line and the unpleasant encounter with Kyle were worth it. Now she could pursue bigger game. The blonde walked past the growing line of people and out of Hargeon Town. The huntress had bagged her quarry.

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