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    A Game Of Luck


    A Game Of Luck Empty A Game Of Luck

    Post by Guest 20th December 2018, 4:20 am

    Job Title:
    Game Of Luck

    B (2 C rank mages is fine)

    Job Location:
    Ancient Ruins

    Solo Word Count:

    Group Word Count:

    Additional Requirements:
    Requires Mia Liu and Jing Xiao

    Job Description:
    A fortune teller bumps into Mia and Jing and tells the both of them to meet at the Ancient Ruins. The Ancient Ruins. When they do, they are told that they have to face a game of luck and if they fail then doom will befall their family, friends, where they live, and anything else that is pretty much important to them.

    With this, both of them are transported to a maze. The game of luck looms upon them, just what is going to go on?? Well, there is only one way to find out...


    • Name:
      Spike Traps

      Enemy Rank:

      The typical trap that can hinder people, whenever a spike trap goes up, there will be a lot of danger. They come up through the floor and they deal C-rank damage whenever they hit.

    • Name:
      Flame Traps

      Enemy Rank:

      The typical trap that can hinder people, whenever a flame trap sets off, there will be a lot of danger. They come out through the corridors and they deal C-rank damage whenever they hit.

    • Enemy Name:
      Lesser Ancestor

      Enemy Rank:

      One of the lesser ancestors of Mia and Jing. This ancestor can deal fire damage, and can make clones of themselves. There will be 25 of these clones and they can hit you for strong melee damage. Luckily it only takes 2 C rank to make sure they go kaput, while the ancestor that isn’t a clone can only take 1 B rank before going out with a bang, literally.

    • Enemy Name:
      Greater Ancestors x2

      Enemy Rank:

      These ancestors work together to do whatever they can to take Mia and Jing down. They are very quick individuals. One works with fire while one works with lightning, which is pretty scary because in this case, they both work together really well. They both take 3 B rank damage to take down, and both of them can be paralysed from the waist down if any of their B rank attacks touch them.

    • Enemy Name:
      Fortune Teller

      Enemy Rank:

      When everything is fine and dandy, and they reach the end of the maze, they will see that the fortune teller is there. When they reveal themselves by taking off their robe, they tell them that the two of them are cousins before getting straight to business. Being a fortune teller, they have the ability to cast good fortune of bad fortune, and this can be all done with tarot cards. It will take 7 B ranks to take this boss down.

      List of cards they will pull out.

      The Hanged Man
      When the hanged man is pulled out, someone is pulled into the air by their foot, leaving them dangling in the air. They will land on the floor after one post but will do so for C rank falling damage unless they are caught.

      The Lovers
      When the lovers card is pulled out, two illusions will appear in front of Mia and Jing - it will be their perfect “types” so to speak. While this cannot damage others, it can disturb Mia and Jing somewhat because of what they are.

      Knight of Wands
      When this card is pulled out, wands will surround both of them and then shoot out fire magic, dealing 2 B rank damage in total.

      Ace of Swords
      When this card is pulled out, swords will appear and immediately attempt to stab through them for B rank damage, pinning them in place for one post. If one person isn’t stabbed, then they can attempt to pull the sword out prematurely.

      The Tower
      When the tower is pulled out, a collapsing building can fall on them unless they dodge it. This deals B rank damage.

    Any fire or lightning based magic used in this job cannot be consumed by Mia or Jing.

    B rank EXP
    30,000 Jewels

    Talis, Xiao Jing


    Talis has Golden Lacrima
    Talis has a lineage ability that allows 100% more gold with job completion

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    A Game Of Luck Empty Re: A Game Of Luck

    Post by Guest 20th December 2018, 5:17 am

    Mia was finally at the Ancient Ruins. It took a little quicker than she thought, but that was all thanks to Momo, who was flying her there. She was surprised that Momo was able to carry her in the first place, but was thankful that she can do so. Slowly but surely, the young woman’s exceed stopped and took everything in. The place was really beautiful.

    “Mia!” Momo gasped in appreciative shock. “The place is so pretty!” She claimed before looking below her to see Mia still holding on pretty tightly on her foot, which was to be commended for, in her opinion. “To be honest, I have never been to a place like this, but it looks like it has a lot of history embedded in it. Shame we have a different reason for coming here because it’s so pretty and I just want to check it’s history.”

    What Momo said was true, Mia was here for a completely different reason. Mia came here because a fortune teller told her to… She didn’t know why she was told to come here exactly but she was sure that all will be explained in time. For now though, she will enjoy Momo’s company as she takes in the scenery.

    “Hey sweetie, you can inspect more if I don’t burden you much more.” Mia suggested as she chuckled.

    “Oh, of course of course! I am so sorry! I shall let you down now.” Momo stated as she then started to flap her wings slowly, which made Mia and Momo fly onto the ground and slowly.

    “Thank gosh I have you, Momo… I would’ve probably been very sick right now if it wasn’t for you.” Mia smiled softly as she said that. “Thankyou.”

    “Oh! It’s not a problem really. You’re really good company and you take care of me in the best way possible. It’s the most I can do, honestly.”

    The two of them chuckled as Mia finally landed on the floor. With this, Momo then flew straight into her arms and cuddled her happily.

    Not long after she landed. The fortune teller walked towards them and then waved their arm slowly.


    Immediately, Mia screamed loudly as she then backed up before falling on her butt.

    “Oh my gosh, please don’t scare me…” Mia breathed heavily as she placed her hand on her chest, trying to control her heartbeat from the scare. That really did knock the wind out of her. What was funny though, was that the individual looked like they didn’t even have to try.

    “Sorry… Anyways I am glad you could come. We just need to wait for one more person and then I will brief you on what's going on.”

    Mia stood up and dusted her dress off before looking around.

    “Will they be here soon??” She asked.

    “They should be. Or you will be in a lot of trouble if they don’t…”

    This caused Mia to gulp. Just who was it that would be joining her? Will they be nice? She knows that she won’t know until they arrive but it makes her trembles with nerves, only slightly though...

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