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    Acquiring a Licenses


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    Acquiring a Licenses Empty Acquiring a Licenses

    Post by Deleronark 19th December 2018, 4:18 pm

    Job Details:

    Job, Sign-Up
    Word Count: 509

    Deleronark glanced back and forth inspecting the vehicle in front of him. It was a beautiful bike to be certain, a marvel of machinery with a lacrima core. The motorcycle was a beauty of speed and power, pure black and chrome it looked certainly like his type of vehicle. Only problem was, he had no idea how to drive it. Taking a deep breath, the assassin walked away from the vehicle, first he would pass this stupid test. Theeeen he would buy he bike and enjoy its curves.

    Shorty the assassin found himself in a licensing office within Motor city. The courses took him three boring days of droning instructors on insufferable people, but he was done. All that was left was for him to take his test, prove that he knew what he was doing, and get out of the city with his new ride. This left him to his current predicament. He was sitting on the bike, looking at the instructor next to him, on a bike of her own, the woman was stiff as a board and gave no leeway. The task seemed simple enough, all Deleronark had to do was drive through the obstacles, not hit anything, complete the time limit, and of course prove that he can match all needed requirements such as blinkers and more.

    Taking a breath, the assassin started the bike, feeling its purr under him. Suddenly, his head swayed, and for a second, he felt like he was going to pass out.

    “This… This I can do.” The voice was serine, calm, and venomous, whispering to himself ‘Del’ stretches their shared body. ‘Sorry Deleron, but this I will enjoy’, the alternate personality said knowing his other half was asleep. Luckily, the assassin had already put on his helmet, otherwise the sudden change in his appearance would have spooked the tester. After all, white hair turning black, and lavender eyes red was very noticeable.

    Taking a breath, the black-haired assassin took off. With expert maneuverability and skill, he zoomed through the course, taking turns at the perfect time and leaning just a smidge as needed. It was almost as if the man had done this before, many many times before.

    With a flourish he pulled back into the starting position and looked at the test propter. With a wicked grin he listened as the drone of a man listed the multitude of things the assassin had done right, as well as stating that he was without a doubt the fastest time recorder through the course. Then… the man said but a few words.

    “However, … I am going to have to mark you off. When you started you forgot to use your blinker in the first turn.” The woman said in a serious tone, marking something on the clipboard. Then she looked up, meeting the angry gaze of the assassin in front of her, no idea how close she is to loosing her head she spoke.

    “That being said, you did good enough to pass.” She said, saving her life.


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