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    House Repair (Solo|D-Rank Job)


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    House Repair (Solo|D-Rank Job) Empty House Repair (Solo|D-Rank Job)

    Post by Mine 19th December 2018, 1:25 pm

    Serabel arrived in Magnolia a day after they had just gone through a rather large strom. Some of the houses seemed to have suffered some varying damage. Serabel ignored most of it though and went straight to the public mission board near the Fairy Tail guild. She was looking for a mission that involved some combat. “It’s been a while since I’ve been in a good fight.” There were some other mages at the board. Most of them took a job flyer of the board and simply left town to start. “Hmm… Let’s see. Bodyguard… Some sketchy muscle for hire job… Hm… What’s this.” A certain job caught Serabel’s eye. It was a job from an old man asking for something to help him with his house. Everyone else seemed to have just ignored this job for more higher paying ones or ones with combat. “...I guess I have time to kill.” Serabel took the flyer off the board and began to walk towards the location that was listed.

    After a few minutes of walking around, she finally found the home. It was actually a lone house just on the edge of town. It was an old house, that looked like it was run down even before the storm. The main problem though seemed to be the large tree that fell over on the porch. Outside of the house was a old cranky looking man. He glared at Serabel as she approached saying “Go away girl! I’m not buying anything you’re selling.” Serabel stared blankly before saying to him “Actually… I’m for this…” She presented the flyer to him showing that she was there above the repair job. “Fairy Tail sent a weak thing like you? Must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.” It was true that Serabel looked a lot weaker than she actually was, but she didn’t like hearing that from some stranger. She glared at him before harshly saying “Actually… I’m a freelancer. Looks like Fairy Tail doesn’t really give a crap about you.” The man looked even angrier than before. She walked towards the tree and processed to pick it up. The old man was now in awe by the fact that such a small girl was about to lift a tree that big so easily. Serabel threw it to the side before saying to the man “So are you done insulting me or can we get to work.” The man looked away from Serabel before saying “Whatever girly. You lifted one tree. Back in my day we had to lift 5 at once! Anyway start on the roof. There are supplied in the shack out back.”

    Serabel walked out back and grab roof shingles from the shack and went back to the house. She climbed a ladder on the side of the house and began to nail down the new roof shingles. It seemed the man had already removed the old ones. She looked down at him every once in a while and noticed that was still working on repairing the porch. Despite his demeanor, Serabel could admire his hard working personality despite his old age. After a couple hours of work she was done with the roof. The old man seemed to be working on the porch still. He was looking a little tired so Serabel jumped off the roof to help him out. “Hey. Why don’t you let me finish this up for you. I’m done with the roof so you might as well get your money’s worth.” She scoffed at her saying “I’m not so old that I need a lady to do all my work for me.” Serabel rolled her eyes saying “If you didn’t need help you wouldn’t have posted the job…” She then picked up a hammer and began to help him with the porch despite his earlier comment.

    After a few more hours they were completely done with the house. This job should have taken a little longer but it seemed the Serabel was rather quick with carpenter work. The two of them looked at the now repaired house. The man scoffed before handing Serabel a small back of Jewel. “Don’t spend it all at once girly.” Serabel took the money and put it in her bag. “So you said you’re not with Fairy Tail? Are even a mage?” Serabel laughed a bit before saying “I’m more of a traveler right now…” She then began to walk away saying to the man “Good luck with the storm gramps.”


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