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    Acquiring a Passport


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    Acquiring a Passport Empty Acquiring a Passport

    Post by Deleronark 18th December 2018, 10:20 pm

    To Earthland and Beyond:

    Job, Sign-Up
    Word Count: 534

    With a heavy sign and a furrowed brown the man watched as the line moved, just a single step.. each an every person placing but one foot in front of the other… Then waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Tapping his foot for the hundredth time he contemplated killing the incessant female who he found himself next to. Every once in a while he would turn his gaze, and see that she was still speaking to him, about whatever it was on her mind. He had heard her speak of her horrible family, bitch friends, and ‘thot’ of a boyfriend. Every once in a while her words were accompanied by an unwanted touch, or a flickering of her eyes.

    Deleronak knew she was flirting with him, but the entire ordeal was lost on the assassin. ‘Kill her’, the voice was soft but vindictive, seductive but dangerous. A whisper from the back of his mind. With a sign the assassin ignored ‘Del’, for some reason he had been really chatty today, when most days he slept while Deleronark controlled the body. Nodding without care, the assassin agreed with whatever complaint the woman was speaking about now but again said nothing.

    Another step.

    With a sign, Deleronark stepped out of line and walked forward, glancing back and forth he went to a nearby stall. He was in Hargeon Town, a once fantastic place and portside city. For a while it was under heavy repairs after a large monster attack, however Deleronark knew nothing of that time, everything he now knew had been recently told to the man, when he asked about the local. Pretty much, the place was boring, and there was no work to be found. However… He did learn something interesting.

    It turns Fiore, the land he woke up in, has decided to open its lands to Bellum, Seven, and other boarders of Earthland, none of which he recognized. However, the Mercenary Assassin knew well the use being able to freely pass between nations would be, as such he decided to wait in this boring town, and get his passport.

    After getting a quick meal and a drink the mage looked around. He could see the woman that had talked to him previously. She was waving at him, inviting him to take his place back in line. Deleronark took but a second to think about it before walking away from the woman and heading farther up in line. He knew, if he waited any longer, someone would die and he would be arrested.

    Walking forward, the mage saw a rather young looking lad, perhaps in his later teen years. Without even questioning it the assassin stepped in front of the boy and gave him a dark look which immediately closed off any arguments the boy might have had. The lads face dropped before he averted his gaze.

    With only minutes left to wait Deleronark kept himself busy debating the best way to kill various members around him. Should the worst happen.

    Ten minutes later the assassin found himself looking at the passport. “Damien King, wondering Wizard, Guildless”. Deleronark marveled at how easy it was to lie about such things. They pretty much only asked for a name.


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