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    Howl of the beast.

    Shenta blacksteel
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    Howl of the beast. Empty Howl of the beast.

    Post by Shenta blacksteel 14th December 2018, 6:26 pm

    Shen was back in the cursed lands but this time he was here to hunt some werewolf's that has been messing with the village that resides on the land. the local villages around did not seem to worry much at the howls but once the naboring village was destroyed the people decided to put out a job request so that's where shennako came in. He was walking in what the village called the lycan woods cause this was apparently where the wolf's liked to make there dens at, but if the legends are true about werewolf's he would need to be extra careful to not become one of them. It seemed to shen that these lands was always night as he looked up to see that there was a full moon, that would mean that the wolfs would be very active this night. He continued to move about cause he was needing to deal with the wolfs, if he managed to get some nice pelts out of this job he could make some nice boots. 

    As he was walking through the woods Shen had a feeling that he was being watched or followed, kneeling down shen placed his hand on the ground as he closed his eyes and consintraded hard and he was able to sense though the ground that he was in fact being followed. Luckily it was a creature that walked on all fours so it was either a normal animal or a small wolf, if he was unlucky it was a small werewolf that was stalking on all fours. As Shen was walking he heard a low growl coming from behind him so as he turned around he could see a pair of red eyes looking right at him, out of nowhere a wolf came running at him as it attempted to bite him but Shen was able to grab the wolf by the scruff of the neck as he tossed it into a tree. That did not seem to put the wolf down so as the wolf came at him once more Shen used his magic to create a hammer as he came down onto the center of the wolf's back, this attack managed to put it down for good cause it did not seem to be getting back up. 

    As he put the wolf down Shen could hear the sudden howl in the distance of the wolf's but they did not sound like normal howls but they had a sand tone as they probably knew that one of there own was just taken down. The howls then went from being sad to being angry and Shen knew what was going to happen next. As he was about to walk away the sound of growling become louder but this time it was not just one but he could see about four sets of eyes all around him, behind them a larger wolf which was walking on two legs came walking behind them. It stood about three feet tall and six inches so almost four feet, from what the village elders told him the newly made werewolf's was not as tall as the fully gown ones but he still had his hands full. 

    The larger wolf looked to be the pack leader cause the smaller wolf's looked to be following orders from the werewolf, if they was organized it would make fighting them a lot harder. " I take it you do not like it that your friend was beat up, well I got to do the same to you also big guy." It was also apparent that the larger wolf's could understand human speech cause it got mad and pointed his finger towards Shen and as he did the four smaller wolf's came rushing in to Shen. " Earth make wall." Placing his hands on to the ground a large tall wall came bursting out from the earth which managed to block off two of the wolf's as they slammed real hard In to it, it caused the wolfs to drop down onto one paw which meant that he was able to daze them. Turning around Shen grabbed one of the incoming wolf's and threw it into the other wolf as they both crashed into a boulder and the Force behind it caused the boulder to crumble down on top of them. 

    He thought that he managed to take the four wolf's down which meant that he could have began his fight with the large wolf but the larger wolf did a howl that he had never heard before and as he did the four wolf's stood back up as if they was not hurt. The small wolf's also no longer had any sign that they took any damage. If the werewolf had a healing ability it would make taking down the lesser threats harder to beat, so he would need to think of a plan to take down all four at once. 

    All four wolf decided to rush Shen all at once so rolling away Shen got his back against a tree so now all of the wolf's was right in front of him, so placing his hands on the ground a bunch of spikes rush out from the ground as they head towards the wolf's, they managed to stab the lesser wolf's keeping them down for good so now Shen could focus his time to the werewolf the being that his job needed finished. 

    Just then out of the corner of his eye Shen noticed the werewolf come running at him so he rollied out of the way as he was nearly clawed by the wolf. " Your fast wolf much faster then those I took down, this should be fun but it won't be easy." Shen said as he had a large grin spread across his face, it has been a long time since he has been pushed to his limits and he has a feeling that that's exactly what's gonna happen as he fights this large wolf. 

    The light of the moon made it easier to see the wolf which made dodging his bites and slashes more easy to invade, just then the wolf could be seen chuckling as a magic circle appeared below him and above him, that was when the wolf's body began to bulk up one Limb at a time until it's whole body was now like a true beast. The wolf was now so fast he almost did not see as it threw a punch so crossing his arms in front of him he was able to block the attack tho he probably fractured his arm where the blow landed, he did not know the power of the wolf would increase so much from a muscle boosting spell. Shen picked his self up off the ground as his eyes looked around for the wolf as well as search though the vibration in the ground but he could not find any thing. He knows that the wolf did not run away cause it was not in there nature for once they start there hunt they do not stop, but if he can not find him on the ground there was only one other place he could think of so looking up he looked around in the trees. 

    Just then the wolf jumped off of a tree as it lunged at shen as it attempted to take a bite from him but Shen was able to flip back as he kicked the wolf in the gut then with a second kick he caused the wolf to be sent though a tree cause of how large it was.it did not stay down so it came running at him so putting his hands on the ground he made a earth wall to be flying up as the wolf slammed into the wall dazing it for a few moments. Knowing that his current maker magic was not working as well as he needed it to Shen used his chaos blast spell by combining light magic in one hand and dark magic into his other he created a large sphere of magic energy that he fired at the dazed wolf man that managed to blast it into a large boulder. The smoke made it hard to see any thing but he could still sense movement though the ground, it was so fast but for a moment he could not see the wolf man move but when he noticed that it was behind him Shen then noticed a pain in his chest so looking down he noticed three claw marks scratched over his pick muscle. 

    Tho looking at the wolf man Shen could tell that he was not doing any better cause it had lost it's left arm meaning it's fighting power will be less then what it was. The wolf was no longer in it's bulky form which explains why the wolf was faster cause it was back to it's skinny form, Shen knew that he needed to end the fight soon cause he was soon about to run out of magic power. The wolf snarled and growled as blood was dripping from where it's missing arm was, so he lunged at Shen again with it's claws raised for a attack so shennako used his ace up his sleeve. " Earth make armor." A magic circle appeared in front of shen as earth began to suddenly form on his body making a suit of armor that was able to block the wolfs attack then in his next movement Shen formed the last little bit of his magic power to make his earth hammer to smack the wolf tell it fell down and did not look to be getting back up since it turned back to it's human form. 

    Shen buried the body as he slowly made his way back to the village as he told them that he finished his job, so after patching him back up Shen staied the night before heading back to the guild hall. 

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