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    iLack Social Skills


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    iLack Social Skills Empty iLack Social Skills

    Post by sagey on 14th December 2018, 1:54 am

    He was on the train. His light blue sweater was keeping him off the cold of the air conditioner inside the train. He couldn't stand being in cold places it wasn't his kind of thing. He was heading towards the Neutral Grounds, a place he was born in. His parents chose that place specifically just so that dangers wouldn't be on their way. But alas, the vampire clan slowly grew and populated inside the neutral grounds having humans defenseless without their magic. His parents were killed from among the vampires when he was seven years old. He was then sent to his grandparents house outside of the neutral grounds. The sky was dark that was for sure, it was as if a storm was coming in a matter of moments. After awhile, he could see the city o the neutral grounds, plus the fact that he couldn't feel his magical power flowing inside him, it was as if they were suppressed. The city was quite pretty to the eyes. But the last time he was there he didn't had a good time, rather, it left a deep scar inside his heart.

    As the train was about to stop, he stood up from his seat and grab on one of the poles. The inertia of the train almost made him fall to the side but luckily he held the pole and so his body was stable. He exited the train and passed the get by using a card. He got off the train station and walked to the nearest motel, staying the night. The reason he was there in the first place was to get an iLac. He heard from rumors in a bar that the iLac is capable of doing all sorts of thing and he was intrigued. He wanted to know what kind of thing it was. The next morning he woke up quite early, where silver linings could still be seen from the window of his motel room. He changed and get a shower, registering out of the motel afterwards. He walked through town, looking at all the normal people living there, the thought of having a normal live was on his mind ever since after his parent's murder. If it didn't happen he would be just a normal person to this day living happily. But fate has something different in store for him and so he must accept it. Something he learnt back in his teenage years.

    He arrived at the factory that was manufacturing the new product iLac. There was a line but not so long, maybe people wanted to see what it could do first before getting one, asking for people experiences. Plus he was there in the early morning and not many would sacrifice a good morning sleep like that. After waiting in line it was finally his turn. A smiling worker handed a box which probably contain the iLac and the manual for it. Sage smiled at the worker and said thank you, walking off after that, not wanting to be in the city for even a second anymore.


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