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    GUIDELINES: Kindling

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    GUIDELINES: Kindling Empty GUIDELINES: Kindling

    Post by Blood Plus 6th December 2018, 8:13 pm

    Just a few things to remember when using Kindling!

    I. If you wish to match with someone then simply go onto their profiles and write the following: [character name goes here] has swiped right!

    II. If you wish to match with this person then you'll proceed to write: [character name] swipes right! You've matched with [their character name here]!

    III. If you don't want to match with them write the following: [character name here] has swiped left!

    IV. Remember you can only enter a direct message with an individual if you've both matched with eachother. If you're found entering a Kindling direct message with someone you've not matched with, the topic will be declared void and will be deleted accordingly!

    V. I'll say it one more time, just in case, please keep it PG-13! No anime nudies!!



    GUIDELINES: Kindling CNMQ731

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