Ninjas in the Night


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    Re: Ninjas in the Night

    Post by Luceam on Wed 9 Jan - 10:01

    Luna was not shocked at all when the ninja spoke of his origins. Luna had to wonder, what was wrong with Midi as the only good man from Midi she knew was her father. She did not approve of his training methods, as she could clearly think of other ways he could have his skills polished and get food. "Really? Is there no morality in Midi? If you needed skills polished, and food in your furry belly, you could have taken a few Mage jobs, there are occasional public boards like the one in Talonia." Luna gave the kitty a playful yet almost devious smirk. "Unless your retort is you can't read..."

    Luna let the tension stay for a moment before she nearly laughed, restoring her normal demeanor. "I made a decent survival off those jobs, only took them to help me get back home after the Crystalli crashed."

    When the cat gave Luna the cute act, Luna could see through the charm, that worked, too well. Luna sat down on the bed holding Kage tighter as she scratched his ears. "Awe cute kitty. I really want to take you home with me now..."

    Luna knew she couldn't though, her grip eventually loosened as she placed the exceed laying down on his stomach on the bed, trying to avoid damaging his tail. "As much as I'd love to take him, it'd be a hassle and I'd probably go to jail for snuggling him to death. That or he'd learn to swipe the Mediocris Lacrimis out of my- nevermind. Indra, I think he's a perfect fit for you though. Brash, reckless, sorta a fool."


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    Re: Ninjas in the Night

    Post by Zabertooth on Thu 10 Jan - 2:40

    "Of course I can read! I'm not stupid!" the cat said, clearly offended and in retaliation hopped out of Luna's hug.

    "Stupid enough to pick a fight with me, at least." Indra countered, causing the cat to flinch.

    Either way the cat grumbled and looked at his feet. "People don't want to take jobs from some Exceed cat. Stupid reason really... "

    The jab at Midi was a sore one to Indra. When next he and Luna would get together for a night, he might beg a little rough with her for payback as he glared at her. "Things in Midi are not so easy, Luna. I certainly didn't have a pleasant time." he explained.

    However, before the argument could end-- Kage found himself snagged once again and cuddled into Luna's arms. He let out a bothered meow, clearly not thrilled to be reduced from a ninja to a woman's cuddle buddy. Still, he couldn't hide the blush that pierced through his black fur and the purr that escaped him.

    The comment regarding how the two would be a good fit-- despite the clear thrash on their personalities as reckless and foolish. Indra just turned his head away, denying such an assumption. However, Kage glanced at Indra, curious about something.

    "Either way, if you promise not to do such stupid things again.. at least steal from us, I got no issue letting you go, cat." Indra said as he kept his gaze away to the distance outside of the windows. "Besides, I got enough on my plate watchng a certain loud-mouthed useless salamander."

    "HEY!" Tailong shapped, recovering and crawling over to Luna for a little bit of comfort after being zapped.

    Needless to say, Indra had his hands full now and soon left the room-- where he was met by the hotel manager. He got thanked for stopping the thief -- but scolded for destroying the room.


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