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    How Well do Wizards and Fireworks Mix?


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    How Well do Wizards and Fireworks Mix? Empty How Well do Wizards and Fireworks Mix?

    Post by Dekkys 30th November 2018, 7:16 pm

    Elias Bishop

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    As it turned out, the road Elias had been taking to Era was the exact opposite direction of what he wanted. He’d ended up in the cursed lands for crying out loud! A place where even powerful wizards died frequently. Elias had nearly met his maker at the hands of a swarm of werewolves. Were it not for Alliannah literally swooping in at the last moment, he wasn’t even sure he’d still be alive.

    Yeah, he had a lot to thank Aliannah for. Besides damn near being a guardian angel, that night fighting wolves had shown Elias firsthand the power he was missing out on. He’d felt the energies radiating off her. And the literal transformation of the world into hell was plenty tangible proof of that. Even more importantly, it had awakened something even deeper inside of him. Motivation. Now he’d discovered even more weapons within his ancient frozen armory.

    Now the weather tended more towards the fair side. Bright, sunny skies and temperatures reasonable enough for Elias to wear a long sleeved shirt and black chinos.There were plenty of villages to travel through now that he and Aliannah had travelled well beyond the boundaries of the cursed lands. So far as Elias knew, today’s stop was Magnolia town. Famous through the world as the birthplace of the Fairy Tail guild. He remembered reading their legends as a child. Maybe it was some residual memory that drew him to that country.

    It was just past midday by then. The buildings around Magnolia’s outskirts seemed suspiciously empty, but untouched. As if the residents had only left for the day. Elias could only assume they were given the brightly colored banners strung all around the town. Every step closer to the town proper brought louder music and laughter. The upbeat eighth notes of flutes and lutes set the tune to people of all ages crowding around circles of dancers waving their arms in  a way that made it look more like organized chaos than a dance in and of itself. It was unlike anything Elias had seen before. He wished for a moment that he’d grown up in the town. Everyone here seemed to be in harmony. There’d be no reason to leave. Not like the way he’d left home.

    If a wave of cold was to wash over Elias’ heart, it was swept away by the music and the overwhelming scents of spices and grease from the dozens of food stalls that lined the streets. Stripes and logos all emblazoned with the brightest and wildest of colors. Reds, greens, blues, yellows, purples, every color Elias could imagine. The tarps covering each stall trying to outdo its neighbors by the sheer elegance and eye-catching colors. It created an almost psychedelic effect when intermingled with the thin white smoke wafting up from ovens and frying pans.

    Festivals back home had been formal affairs. This was wild by comparison, and Elias wasn’t even sure this was the wildest it could get. Elias couldn’t keep his cool against the smile forming on his face. He turned to Aliannah when they reached the edge of town.

    “Well then Aliannah,” Elias said, “Looks like we’ve got a fun evening ahead.” He paused for a second to take in the cheer. “Or at least I do. I’ve never been to a festival like this.” Only then did his travel bag begin to weigh on his shoulders. “Though we should probably find a place to stay first. Then maybe I’ll do something other than sleep.”


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    How Well do Wizards and Fireworks Mix? Dekkyses
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    How Well do Wizards and Fireworks Mix? Empty Re: How Well do Wizards and Fireworks Mix?

    Post by Aliannah 8th December 2018, 3:32 pm

    My Light...

    With the skies above showing promise and light, clouds barely gracing the blue background and the sun hindered only by its own radiance, the pair was headed to Magnolia. The weather being the way it was allowed for the girl to wear a caramel coloured sweatshirt too large for her figure, a pair of black leggings that allowed for her to move around as she pleased, and new dark mahogany shaded boots that had a small heel, pushing her up to near Elias's height. Some where along their journy she had changed out of her previous clothes, as they had been drenched in the fould smelling blood of the wolves that she had killed, and into this new set of clothes.

    Traveling with Elias was something new to Aliannah as she had rarely traveled with other people before and if she had, it had been with Cirven--The pain in the butt--and that didn't really count. She had never worked with another person before and though it was something new, she wasn't quite sure she liked it yet. But, she had made a promise to herself and to him, though maybe not verbally, to stay by this man's side until he realized he was good enough. Good enough for the kindness that people gave him, good enough for the praise that people bestowed upon him, good enough for the kindness that others showed him, good enough.

    A small smile and kind words left the girl's pastel pink lips the entirety of the trip allowing for the two to make small-talk. But upon reaching Magnolia, the home of the Fairies a cruel feeling brewed in the stomach of the blonde. She knew that it was not her own feelings, but the feelings of the angel that lived inside of her. Lots of things had happened here and not all of them good. She had heard the stories from Alyia and how her heart had been fixed by a mage only to have it broken once again by the same person. The emotions that Alyia had let seep through the barrier that held the minds of the two girls apart sunk into the stomach of the female's body and if anyone could see there would seem to be a battle of emotions in the blue citrine eyes that showed the two souls residing in the girl.

    Controversially, as the two approached the city, there seemed to be very few people in the outskirts of the place; but the music that drifted through the air gave promise that the persons that were not present here were not too far away.

    Banners seemed to hang on the walls and on the poles of the city, creating colours that clashed against each other and the chaotic feeling that the town associated itself with. A festival. A shiver passed through the body of the girl and she subconsciously moved closer to Elias. She was not a big people person, despite the personality that she gave off to other people, she was actually relatively anti-social. Her petite hands itched to snag the clothes that clung to Elias's figure, but as her fingers extended the girl realized and pulled her hand back. Pulling her bottom lip into her mouth she bit the plump piece of flesh and hoped that the other mage hadn't realized what she had done.

    With the chaos around her growing, the girl's senses began to overload. Sure she had been to markets and those were relatively loud, but those were places where people had a purpose and a spot where they were going. Festivals where places where chaos rang free and the smells and noises seemed to encourage it in a positive feedback loop.

    But to Aliannah's dismay, the two hadn't even fully reached the edge of the town and the ruckus that her surroundings were showering her with was only the beginning. With her hands fidgeting together in front of her the girl tried to look brave when Elias looked down at her with a sparkle in his eye talking about having fun at the festival. The bottom lip that she had pulled into her mouth only moments before slipped from her hips as the blonde haired girl tried to put on a smile. "The idea of finding a place to sleep sounds nice, but I'm more worried about if there is a place that has a vacancy. This festival seems pretty big and I'm sure a lot of people have come from far away places to have fun."

    With a small shrug of her own, the girl could only hope that the blonde male in front of her couldn't pick up on the fact that she was feeling uncomfortable, and if he could she wouldn't make fun of her for it.

    Looking back at the crowds the girl took in a deep breath and took a step forwards. She could do this.

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