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    Boat Nectar [job~Albafica] Empty Boat Nectar [job~Albafica]

    Post by Scinis on 25th November 2018, 10:07 am

    "What... is this?"

    The eyes opened to an eerie rocking, and the feeling of nausea. It was in a room of sorts, with the sound of footsteps up above. Around it were crates, with various labels in a language it couldn't understand. Apparently this body didn't know it, as the parasite within it couldn't recall any memories of learning it. The head turned and scanned the room, more crates, crates, and... A person!? Smirking and standing-


    The female body hit the ground with a hard thud as it attempted to stand up. Its legs were bound and its arms cuffed together. The thud alerted the other person, whom came rushing towards there, pointing a gun at the body, who stared back up at him with the black sclera and red eyes that he knew all too well. A sign of the parasite that has been afflicting certain people all around the country.

    "S-Stay down! Or I will shoot!"

    "Where... am... I...?"

    "I don't have to answer to you! Now don't make any sudden movements! Boss! We need more sedative!"

    The man yelled above, and a faint sound of another voice could be heard through the vents. More footsteps occured, and soon more people were returning with a needle, and with many more guns.

    "We can't possible catch this shit, man. Sedate her! We need to sell her, not become the shit we wanna sell, okay?"

    The men all mutually agreed, and without a moment's notice approached the body cautiously, making sure it made no sudden movements. The parasite thought it was in its best interest to play into their desires. It was vastly outnumbered, and even though these bindings were like nothing to it, the body would be riddled with bullets before it could do anything in return. So, it allowed the needle to be injected into this puppet's flesh, and soon fell back into the blackness of sleep.


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