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    The Rampaging Aesthetician


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    The Rampaging Aesthetician Empty The Rampaging Aesthetician

    Post by Pokomon on 18th November 2018, 8:56 am

    Her eyes followed the bright yellow flowers that danced in the wind as she sat beneath a large willow tree, the shade keeping her cool from the burning sun that shone above. Luna had decided to take a short rest from her travels as she neared a small village, wishing to enjoy the peace of the wildlife before setting food in a bustling town. While she avoided it when and where she could, eventually she found herself having to return to civilisation, if not to satisfy her hunger. The thought of having so many aura’s bombarding her senses tended to drive her away, but luckily there were smaller villages that weren’t quite so terrible once she grew accustomed to it and sitting just outside of them she could slowly feel the nearby villagers as they went about their daily business.

    Unfortunately, her peaceful rest would not remain so, as Luna felt a sudden shift in the air, something was not quite right. Her blonde fox ears atop her head twitched as she glanced around, her golden locks changing to a vibrant indigo as she controlled her spiritual energy, allowing her to increase her sensory abilities, hoping to find the source of the disturbance. However, it appeared it would not be so simple, as she concentrated she soon learnt that the reason for the sudden change was not of a single source, but multiple, it appeared all the villagers she had been feeling had gone through sudden emotional trauma of sorts, a rather strange occurrence to say the least.

    With a small sigh, the fox-eared beauty stood gracefully, brushing off some of the dirt that had gathered from sitting on the ground before striding towards the village. Obviously something terrible must have happened for everyone in the village to be reacting so negatively, she concentrated further, trying to pinpoint the cause, her eyes snapping open as she suddenly felt it. An aura that didn’t quite match the rest, someone that wasn’t afraid, they must be the one behind this trouble. While Luna would normally leave things be, refusing to meddle in affairs that didn’t concern her unless there was some sort of reward involved, the young maiden was in need of food today. Which meant she would need the villagers to not be cowering in fear, perhaps if she helped them she would even be rewarded with a free meal, I mean surely it would be the least they could do if she was to rid them of the terror that was freaking them all out.

    Luna found herself walking down the main road towards the entrance of the village, as she grew closer many of the villagers were fleeing past her, telling her to run away, screaming something about a madman. Well, if all she had to do was remove a single meddlesome man, then this would be no problem at all. She strode down the dirt road with a small smirk on her face, tonight she would find a way to manipulate these townsfolk into giving her whatever she wanted and all she had to do was take out one person, what a ridiculously easy task.

    As she grew closer to the center of the town, she began to realise there was more than one aura that didn’t match the fear of the villagers, could it be that there were multiple enemies? If that were the case then she was definitely in for a feast when she was finished with them, a thought that definitely tickled the kitsune's fancy. Luna prepared to make a grand entrance, knowing that a flair of confidence could dwindle an opponent to nothing before a battle had even begun. She took a deep breath, changing her luscious hair back to its previous golden form, with matching ears and tail, her eyes almost glowing at the prospect of her first proper meal in months should she be successful and correct in her assumptions.

    Carefully she skulked into the shadows, making her way towards the mysterious auras before finding herself just outside the market place, with a lone figure standing in the center, yelling absurdities about just trying to make everyone beautiful. Her smirk grew slightly larger, what a ridiculous claim, still she had to admit he was rather handsome, in an insane sort of way. With the way he was carrying on, no wonder the locals found him terrifying though. Still something else wasn't quite right. Luna tried to sense where the other spiritual energy she had felt previously was coming from, there had to be someone else here, she had been certain she had felt more than one spiritual energy that didn't match the villagers. Perhaps it was another person trying to take out the man that stood in the middle of the market place as well? Her golden eyes glared around, as she tried to locate the exact position of her possible rival. There was no way she was going to let an easy free meal slip by just because someone beat her to the punch.

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