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    TMW spas take too much of your time (Solo job)


    TMW spas take too much of your time (Solo job) Empty TMW spas take too much of your time (Solo job)

    Post by Guest on 17th November 2018, 3:16 am

    Job Title:
    The Walk Home


    Job Location:
    Any City or Village

    Solo Word Count:
    500 Words Solo

    Group Word Count:
    1000 Words

    Additional Requirements:
    The client must be escorted home safely. The job ends when all enemies have been defeated (knocked out or scared off, NOT killed) and the NPC has reached their home safely.

    Job Description:
    The client has stayed out far later than they have intended to. They are afraid of walking through the streets at night and have asked for your help. Make sure that they get home.

    The client can be male or female and of any age range. Teenagers are the youngest suggested age range.
    The job takes place at night.
    It is suggested to stay close to the client. Enemies will focus on defeating the mages before going after the client.
    Where the client stayed is up to the players. They could have been at a tavern, a friend's house, a library... players can fill in the details as they see fit.
    Home address and details are up to the players.
    While players can use force to deal with threats, it is suggested that they refrain from killing enemies in front of the client.

    Enemies are optional. However, if players choose to use them, here are suggested types. Details such as appearance, stats, magic, and armament are up to players.

    Enemy Rank: Weak
    These guys are more a nuisance than a real threat. They may talk tough, but one good hit (or even a display of offensive magic of any rank) is enough to send them packing. They often work in pairs.

    Enemy Rank: Normal
    These goons are a slight step up, but still not much of a challenge. They have slightly more ability to back up their trash talk. However, any reasonably skilled mage can defeat them with ease. They prefer to fight in hand-to-hand combat and come in groups of four. They can be frightened off with a C-rank Offensive spell.

    Enemy Rank: Strong
    They might actually present a challenge. They are burly types who like to use melee weapons and run in gangs of six. Since they have something to prove, they cannot be frightened off with magic and will fight until beaten.

    Enemy Rank: Boss
    Boss Mob:
    Just when you thought you were home free, a mob shows up looking for trouble. The boss mob retains the stats, magic, and armament of the base mob, but the number of enemies in the group is doubled. Caution is advised.

    D-Ranked EXP and 2,000 Jewels per player.

    Credit to Leona Jarnefeldt.

    Approval here

    TMW spas take too much of your time (Solo job) Empty Re: TMW spas take too much of your time (Solo job)

    Post by Guest on 17th November 2018, 4:08 am

    Mia couldn’t help but chuckle slightly, someone spent too much time at the spa in Hosenka and how was too worried to get home out of fear they’ll get jumped on or something. She also knew how someone could easily get carried away while in a spa or something like that. Hosenka is known for its spas and its also known for how flashy they are. Not that Mia minded, she felt right at home whenever she walked through Hosenka.

    “So you’re telling me that you spent too much time in these spas??” The demon slayer asked, trying not to continue her long line of chuckles. Luckily, her client, a female around her age, chuckled with her and nodded.

    “Yeah, I have been so stressed recently that I wanted to wind down. Unfortunately, that caused me to spend a bit too much time here and then as soon as I know it, it was night time.

    Mia nodded with understanding. Spas can be great for stress relief and it helps you wind down.

    “I understand completely. I really do. Anyways! I am a mage, would you like me to guide you home?? You can give me directions while I guide you home and meanwhile I could protect you at the same time. Does that sound good to you??” Mia queried with a smile on her face.

    The girl’s face lit up and she clasped her hands together lightly.

    “I’d love that!” She exclaimed.

    “Let’s do it then.” Mia said.

    To help her feel more protected, the two girls linked arms. This helped Mia to keep the girl close to her, while it also helped the girl also not lose her protector.

    “If we go left from here, and then we move straight forward, we will arrive straight at my home. It is a good 15 minutes away.” The girl announced.

    While the girls turned left, some guys walked past and started to wolf whistle the both of them while giggling wildly. It only took Mia to throw a fireball at them for them to do a runner. She then shook her head and then looked to the girl.

    “Are guys always like that here??”

    “Unfortunately yes, it was why I was so worried to go home on my own. Maybe when I feel more confident about myself I will.” The girl answered as she then chuckled once more.

    “Confidence is such a fickle thing. I don’t have a lot of it myself, but I am slowly gaining more of it thanks to my guild.” Mia stated as the two girls walked on. “I am guessing you are not a mage??”

    “Unfortunately not. I tried to learn magic and I just cannot learn it at all. It is such a problem for me. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I belong in a world where mages are rife and they get to go on dangerous adventures. On the bright side, I get to live a quiet life though.”

    “I remember when I was like that.” Mia chimed in. “I couldn’t cast magic or anything for the life of me, but I managed in the end thanks to my parents.”

    Soon, the two girls stopped and Mia’s client then pointed at a house.

    “My house is right in front of us. Can you make sure I walk inside safe, please??”

    “Of course I can.” Mia answered as she then let loose of her client’s arm and watched the girl go in. Soon after that, the both of them waved each other goodbye, and then Mia noted that it was probably a good time to get going back herself.

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