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    THE BEACONS (Pt. 1)


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    THE BEACONS (Pt. 1) Empty THE BEACONS (Pt. 1)

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 16th November 2018, 10:47 am

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    Sorano frowned as she opened her mailbox. While it was natural for the compartment to be full of letters, there was one in particular that instantly stood out to the guild master. That familiar golden seal, the crisp letters and patterns that were stamped on the paper…what did the Magic Council want from her now? With cautious, uncertain fingers, Sorano reached down to grasp the crinkled paper, feeling the rush of ethernanos through her the instant they met. It wasn’t often that she received so official a letter from the Council – such official summons were usually unnecessary – a simple lacrima mail or letter from one particular official to request the help of a Wizard Saint was more than enough, so why go to all this effort?

    Sitting down in the lobby, Sorano pulled the flap open after confirming her identity with a magical signature and fingerprint check. Confirming her identity, the envelope melted away smoothly, revealing a crisp letter addressed to her, the black writing sticking out starkly against the blank white. She sucked in a breath, eyes instantly taking in almost the entirety of the letter. This issue was…serious. All official summons were, and the letter mage had certainly been expecting something very serious that needed immediate addressing, but the demands she had received were really quite shocking. After all, although the Council would enlist mages to help out, usually they didn’t involve so much sheer work, right?

    Beacons, put into place by the very first mages of Fiore to protect them from who knows what – deactivated? The very thought was troubling – large amounts of change to crucial structures put in place were never good, but was such an issue really appropriate to be posed to only one person? The letter mage furrowed her brow, but in the end, it was impossible to ignore a summons by the Magic Council. Heading upstairs to collect Hoshi and her supplies, Sorano was on her way to the location of the first beacon – Shadow Island.

    The mages got there fairly quickly, taking a fast-moving magical speedboat that left both feeling a touch woozy as they tried to adjust to land after so rocky a trip. Even magical speedboats could cause sea sickness, unfortunately, as the girls soon realized. But speed was of the essence here – according to what they’d been told, the prophecy would come into action only in a day after the beacons were deactivated. It was a dangerously short period of time, and traversing all seven islands would be a very taxing mission to complete.

    But alas, here they were, approaching the dark and intimidating mass of land that was Shadow Island. It was said that the sun shone ten times dimmer than anywhere else in Earthland on this one island, causing it to become the home of all sorts of dark, nocturnal creatures. Naturally, light-loving humans would find the place unsettling, and thus it seemed that there was little human life here. How they would fare in such an environment was so far unknown to Sorano and Hoshi, but they would soon find out, wouldn’t they? Stepping off the official government boat and trudging up the dirty, dark-sanded beach, the girls looked about them. They’d have to find whatever had disabled the beacon quickly, and move on to the next island as fast as possible. “Let’s split up, Hoshi. You search in the air, I’ll search on foot, sound good?”

    The exceed nodded in affirmation, taking to air in an out-of-place burst of white wings against the dark sky. Sorano herself would tentatively trace the word for light in the air in front of her, creating a gloating orb that hovered above her shoulder and penetrated some of the gloom that so permeated the island. It would be difficult to navigate on foot, it something that had to be done. She spread out her senses, trying to find the presence of anything that could potentially be dangerous to them, or have caused the disaster that was currently going on in the headquarters of the Magic Council. In fact, this whole thing was awfully reminiscent of their request of her to stop Luna from destroying the world, wasn’t it? Whatever had happened to cause the Council to use her so often these days? Sorano shrugged inwardly, and made her way into the shrouded forest.

    All around her, tiny flickering specks of auras could be felt, the creatures of the night coming out to marvel at this mysterious woman of daylight striding through their midsts. Yet despite their obvious interest in her, none posed any danger. At one point, an animate vine reached out to poke the letter mage gently on the shoulder, as if testing whether she was real or not, but no damage was done. Ultimately, nothing seemed to be of a big deal here – nothing until Sorano had made her way into one of the turns in the forest path, leading down in a narrower and narrower direction until suddenly it ended abruptly in the middle of nowhere. Frowning, Sorano turned about to go back, adjusting the orb’s brightness to account from what felt like a sudden increase in the heavy, pressing darkness all around them. What was it about this place, that just gave you the constant chills, anyways? Yet the moment the mage turned her head, she nearly fell backwards in shock at the sudden appearance of two dark, cloaked, and turban men. Their eyes were sunken and shadowed, hidden by the voluminous folds of their headpieces, yet somehow Sorano knew that these were not creatures that had eyes one would want to see. They gave off energy that was nowhere near welcoming, but it was the first sign of something out of place since she’d arrived. This encounter was likely something very important.

    Walking forward tentatively, Sorano tried to push past them peacefully at first, only to start the moment she brushed a fold of their clothes. A shudder wracked her body as a sudden current of despair and dark energy ran down her arm, sending chills down her spine. These people were not as harmless as she would have hoped. Instantly, both had scimitars in their hands, slashing forward with their dark blades. Sorano could barely stumble out of their way, tripping on a tree root to go sprawling into the undergrowth. This was not a good time to have to deal with this, and an even worse environment. The trees overhead would keep Hoshi from being able to find her, so she was on her own. Instantly, the letter mage reacted to the presence with the quick scribbling of a spell, casting it down and rolling out of the way quickly before popping straight back up to stabilize the dome of pure light that suddenly appeared around her. Instantly, shrill calls from wildlife and the creatures that lived here could be heard – light was obviously not a substance they found very welcome, and they were very sure to let her know.

    But they were not the concern here – it was these two men, who had halted briefly in their tracks – that worried her. She had to get past them, or find out whether or not they had caused the disabling of the Beacon. The light spell was obviously very effective, but not quite enough. They continued advancing, taking alternating swings of their blades to try and take the letter mage down, managing to leave several dark marks on her clothes, but no more. The letter mage was too well-trained for that. They would be quickly ended in a wall of fire she threw out at their dark forms, swallowing them up quickly. It would appear that it was not them that kept the Beacon from operating – far too weak for such a task. Instead, the true cause must be elsewhere. Moving off the side path and into a clearing within the forest, she would suddenly hear a call from Hoshi echoing down into the trees.

    “Sorano! I think I found what’s causing it! At the highest point of the island, there’s a giant minotaur just sitting there, next to a seal that has a symbol of the Magic Council carved onto it.”

    Instantly, the two departed for the highest point, Hoshi bringing her companion with her to their destination.

    Sure enough, the hulking Dark Minotaur could be seen, sitting quite intimidatingly. At his feet was a newly-placed plaque. “The key that traps the Shadow Beacon.”

    Well, they couldn’t pose it any less obviously, yeah? The minotaur was going to have to die for them to enable this beacon again, and they’d be the murderers. Diving down from above, Sorano cast her brightest spell, bringing forth the power of heaven down on the dark creature, causing it to scream in agony at the sudden surprise attack of holy light. Crippling it effectively, Sorano dove down next to it, slamming another word next to it and stirring up a sudden shaking of the entire island. Shaking with the force of the earthquake, the already crippled minotaur found himself sliding and falling over, leaving him vulnerable to attack. The letter mage struck quickly, and without hesitation. Fanirvuh’s arrow quickly found its mark, slicing into the beast’s flesh and exploding upon impact, sending chunks of flesh flying aside as the creature moaned in agony, lifting up a great, shadowy arm to strike back. The blow it created barely missed the letter mage as she too tried to find her balance on the shaking ground. While she had the advantage due to the light and her control of the spell. It was still a difficult environment to fight in. Reacting, she stabbed a knife into its meaty arm, before rolling aside, barely avoiding getting squashed to a pulp by the giant’s fist. Remaining emotionless this whole time, the letter mage quickly slipped back into an upright position.

    A final, devastating volley of spears would be what finished him off, leaving the letter mage drained and tired. However was she going to manage all these other islands, huh? Already, the darkness that had begun growing on the Beacon disappeared, and it once more shimmered with the mark of the Magic Council, unblemished by any outside toxins. A shimmering light then surrounded the mages, sending off to some other mysterious place…

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