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    Breaking Through [Job-Blood Plus]

    Aiden Ainsley
    Aiden Ainsley

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    Breaking Through [Job-Blood Plus] Empty Breaking Through [Job-Blood Plus]

    Post by Aiden Ainsley 12th November 2018, 2:23 pm


    The portal opened to an area that was filled with ruins. Lance looked aorund for a second before sighing "Geez, where the hell did Lex send us this time Ambit." he would say, his golden eyes darting around to examine the area before him. Ambit, the tiny orange demon, hovered next to the mage, just as confused "Well whatever it is, there is a reason he would send us out like this." he muttered, finally resting on the young mans head. Lance would sigh before shrugging and started to walk in a random direction, hoping he would find something worthwhile.

    The demon Lex usually sent the two out only when there was a job to be done or to teach Lance a lesson in humanity but he had never sent the two out to a random location like this. After about an hour Lance would groan and collapse on the ground "There isn't anything around here!" he exclaimed before sitting upright, crossing his legs. He looked around an spotted a village in the distance. His eyes flickered for a second before hoping up and making his way towards the small village.

    As he entered however, he was not prepared for what he was met with. He saw bandits causing mayhem everywhere. The town was under siege by the looks of it. The sight made Lance sigh and place his hand on his hips "So Lex sent us here to play hero even though he knows that I'm really not one." he muttered and was about to walk away when Ambit stopped him "Lance. You know you have to do what's right. You used to be a hero." he had nagged Lance enough about this so the mage knew where the demon was going "Yeah, Yeah. You're right..." he muttered underneath his breath as he grunted and faced the town "Let's go save a village Ambit."
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