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    Mother knows best


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    Mother knows best Empty Mother knows best

    Post by Luceam 9th November 2018, 1:33 am

    Deep in the woods, Luna couldn't tell which way was north from south. While passing through she had gotten lost along the way, she had spent time and gotten frustrated after an hour of no clue. On her way to the Rose Garden, she had not noticed she strayed from her route and had gotten lost. Checking her iLac was no assistance as her GPS app could not make heads or tails of where she was. Eventually she found a grotto. She put down her backpack and took off the large rolled up sleeping bag on top of her pack, she unrolled it against a curved tree that had back which seemed to be smoothed. Taking a moment to think, she wondered on how to proceed while looking at her options.

    She knew she was lost, but for some reason anxiety never seemed to bother her when she was around nature. Checking her ilac again, she still had no luck with maps.  Her fingers traced the bare skin on the back of her neck where her guild tattoo used to be, she was not on the Crystalli when the guild disbanded, however she knew it was over when she felt her tattoo disappear. A message soon followed on her ilac. She was on her way to go to Rose garden, but when she stopped at a hotel, while talking to someone at the bar someone told her that her neck was glowing. It was not an easy thing to accept, but crippling disappointment was not foreign to her.

    Closing her eyes, she calmed her mind and focused herself, hoping to get her way out of the situation via sensing, for her location. Relaxing herself she took in a deep breath, and calmed her mind as she focused on the environment. She got in tune with the environment as her magical senses seemed to be in tune with her physical, it wasn't her memory, but her senses that seemed to give her a clearer picture, the wind and rays of sun hitting her skin, and the yet she could feel the tree behind her, the grass, and slowly up to all that they were connected to within the environment. Eventually this sense opened up to the trace amounts of magic within animals as hearing and magic sense depicted the birds chirping away in a nest, squirrels scurrying looking for or hiding food, and even a gentle rabbit treading the land.

    Luna concentrated within herself as she tried to imagine her place in the environment, picturing the directions she needed to go. However she started to feel in-tuned with the woods, however a pink magic circle started to form beneath her before her body became engulfed in a pink light, before condensing, seemingly disappearing into her clothing as it fell into a pile, however twitching from the pile a small figure crawled out of the qipao dress, a small feminine figure dressed in what appeared to be some form of strapless red petal dress as shimmering translucent with a beautiful wave like pattern bent down. until the figure stood up and to no surprise, was indeed Luna.  Luna looked around at the clothing that fit her a moment ago as she was freaking out. "Holy mother of Shirain what happened to me!"

    She frantically looked around and by a height comparison of things around her, noted she was somewhere between 4.5-6" tall, and didn't even want to take a guess to her weight. However in addition to her limbs, she felt  something extra attached to her body, and was able to move them to some degree. Walking towards her pack, she opened the lowest compartment and pulled out the silver compact mirror, one of the few things of her mother's she was able to keep before her second eldest brother pawned most of it off. Opening the mirror, she got a look at herself. She had mixed feelings,on the one hand she looked great in the dress and seemed to fall in love with the wings instantly, on the over she had just lost over five feet without knowing how or why, and is probably an easy prey to predators, or passing thieves. Getting things straight, she wanted to see if her magic still worked. Pointing towards the sky, she used both her hands to prepare one of her most basic spells as a green ball of energy started to form before getting shot into the sky. "Minor Life (aura) pulse! Alright, so I still got something."

    Luna then tried to focus on her wings, she ran her fingers along them, before getting too close to her shoulder blades and noted it was very sensitive, almost tickled as instinctively her wings spread out. She noticed a shimmering light like powder fell from her wings, she noticed she could feel lighter then current, and lift a little belief before she noticed she was elevating, her feet above the ground. She was able to maintain flight for a few seconds before falling back down onto the sleeping bag.  "Luckily I had my sleeping bag open." Luna figured if she focused, she couldn't force what changed her back, which is making her wonder how she transformed in the first place. She assumed that since there was nothing nearby that she could sense out of the ordinary beyond her extraordinarily heightened senses, that what happened came from within her, and she hoped she could close Pandora's box in this case.

    However she had no luck in trying to force her body through any form of change, eventually she became frustrated and kicked her human clothes, but accidentally kicked her Fire whip as before hoping about a bit, incredibly vocal about her pain as she nursed the wound. "Ow, ow, ow!" Luna then fell to her knees, sobbing tears she thought no one would hear. However from within the woods, a fluttering light came towards Luna, a fairy in a long white dress with long flowing pink hair and gentle amber eyes. She saw Luna and was confused by the clothes with no human to wear them. Seeing the fairy, she softly spoke as to not provoke the younger fairy, however she started to sense something familiar about the girl. "Hello miss, are you alright? Wait, that aura, you couldn't be..." Hearing the voice, Luna's memory triggered as she instantly knew where she remembered that voice, but every fiber of her being remembers watching that person die. Her hands gently lowered from her face as she looked to the figure, both set of eyes met. At the moment, both realized who the other was, their eyes teared up as they leaped towards each other hugging as the parent and child reuninted. "Mom!" "Luna!"

    A moment passed and Luna forgotten all her worries over the previous issues seemed to fade, as she was glad to have this moment. Almost a minute had passed and Shirain had wiped away her daughter's tears. A reunion that she herself thought would never happen, especially under these circumstances. "Holy mother of Renei, look at you, you've grown up so fast, although I thought you'd be fitting those clothes over here." Luna herself was glad to see her mother, but she too had a lot of things she thought. "I thought you were dead!" "I thought you were just human!" "Same for you!" "I'm a fairy! I was faking being human so I could be with your father! How long have you been able to turn into a fairy?" "Three minutes! I can't turn back, please, help me mom!"

    "I am not leaving until we get this solved. A mother's duty is to her children foremost." Shirain's body glew into a white light before expanding, turning human size while her wings retracted into her back. She looked around, getting a look to see how her daughter lived. "I'm sorry I wasn't there, if my human form that contracted the ilness suddenly healed, that would be suspicious, and before I could come clean, your sister, well, got into trouble, international inter species romance with a god damn alien prince trouble . You see, you've actually got a half sister named Solaris. Tell me, how can you use magic? Your father's curse should've blocked you off." After the shock of her once thought dead human mother being a live fairy, and turning into one herself, hearing she had a fairy sister was not a surprise. Luna felt beyond shocked at almost anything else. "Check my bag, there's a tome in there that seems sentient. When I first touched it it integrated a form of magic into me. Also what do you mean dad's curse?"

    Shirain found and flipped through the tome as she could sense a malicious presence trying to mask itself but wasn't fooled one bit. However she knew her daughter was well equiped to handle things, even if she had to start at a young age. "One of you're fathers ancestors was cursed to be forbidden from magic and that curse spread to his nads, and his son's, so on and so forth throughout children. Seems like this Integration broke the curse to prevent magic usage. Now, how are your brothers." An awkward moment passed, Shirain knew something was up. She leaned back against the tree, lowering her hand, and as she expected Luna stepped on and was placed on her mother's knee. "Lunaris, please, tell me."

    Luna then proceeded to explain almost everything about what has happened in Shirain's absence, the trying times, and the abuse she had to endure. The dark scar was a subject she avoided, but Shirain could easily deduce that it was Hakar's doing, she noticed his jealousy at a young age. Her rage was not easy to subdue for a moment, "That Hakar... He's as pigheaded and full of it as your grandfather! He made his own sister afraid of returning home." Taking a deep breath, Shirain calmed herself. Luna was already in a bad place, she couldn't let herself lose control just yet. "So, is there a way for me to return to human form?" Shirain nodded, however she knew that the road was gonna be a bit challenging. "You see, Luna, you  unknowingly taken the first step to fairyhood so to speak, half-lings normally take a week of trying. However, you can't return to your birth form until you gain control over your element, in our case, we're nature fairies."

    Luna looked back, confused as to how her mother could deduce that other then the fact of their relation. "I understand we're related an all, but how can you tell? A lot of magic can variate even between child and parent. Also are you saying I have to master Fairy magic before I can turn human?" Shirain gently placed her finger along the edge of one of Luna's wings, Luna shuddered before stepping to the side. "Fairy wings can give away a lot to other fairies, various patterns and formations. Also no, you just gotta learn the concept to go between. Fairy form allows you to gain a greater pool of magic to draw from, not to mention a special form of flight called 'Mediocris lacrimis', your wings produce a tiny crystal powder that can only heal those with a honest will, however you suffer the obvious drawbacks. As a nature fairy, you draw power from life itself. Nature fairies are drawn to the preservation and creation of life. I know you have the instincts, after all, even with the power to kill a non-magical human, who abused you, you refuses to even hurt him."

    Luna listened to her mother intently, however she felt as if she understood her words on a subconscious level but yet not consciously, a conundrum that to a bookworm like herself was not pleasant at all. As a breeze of wind flew by, Shirain gently caught a seed flowing through the wind with two of her fingers before she gently placed it on the ground, but pushing a little magic energy through her fingers, the seed gently burrowed into the ground. Shirain led Luna to the ground. "Alright, I want you to guide the seed blossom." Luna looked back to her mother confused. "So you want me to make it grow?"

    Shirain shook her head, correcting her daughter. "Not make, guide! Nature fairies tap into life, especially the life of the world." Luna couldn't fully picture what the elder fairy meant, however she tried channeling her own magic into the ground, but to no avail. She then calmed herself as she focused on her surroundings. However nothing came to her despite how much focus she devoted. Eventually she got frustrated, while her mother just waited. "This is harder then it seems..." Shirain was glad that if there was anything Luna had got from her father, it was his will, however it seemed to be a weight right now. "Luna, the key to this magic is to let go of force let the world speak to you and respond with your heart."

    Luna was nervous, but she followed as she relented her tension a bit, she closed her eyes as she started to close her eyes as the earlier state started to resurface, she was feeling in tuned with the environment once more, as she could feel the life all around.  However things were starting to get clear as all her senses and magic sense seeming to work was one. However she was able to hear a cry nearby, a bird's cry. Almost instinctively, she seemed to lift off the ground and fly in a float like manor a few feet in the distance to see a bird behind the rock, who had fallen earlier and broke it's wing. Luna flew down to it, the bird squawked defensively but Luna cooed to the bird as she rested her hand on the bird before it got covered in a translucent pink light. Luna felt as though she was resonating the essence of life within the bird itself.  "It's okay, I'm here to help." The bird's broken wing slowly healed up, as the light faded, she helped the bird get back on it's talons before it rubbed it's beak against Luna, before flying away.

    Luna felt amazed, and she didn't feel sick. She noted that what happened wasn't Inverse Integration, however she felt as if she had accomplished much. She managed to fly back to her mother, who could tell Luna had learned. "You learned, haven't you? To sense and mend life." Luna nodded, she felt ready to try and return to being human. Focusing on her own life, she managed to trigger the shift, her body became encased in a white light and inverted the transformation from earlier. Shirain however, remembered she was sitting next to the girl's human clothes. Her eyes opened wide as she recalled that her daughter had nothing to form into, quickly getting up, she quickly opened the sleeping back and tossed it over her daughter's body. When Luna finished transforming, she was on her knees, looking down at her human clothes, her face turned red with embarrassment as she was too focused on getting her body back to it's normal shape, shame was not exactly a focal point at the moment. Grabbing the sleeping bag, she held it tight as she was grateful to have her mother looking out for her. "Th- Thanks mom..."

    Shirain was grateful that her daughter was able to accept things, probably due to the shock from the order of events, but she was grateful her daughter could still look her in the eyes without fighting. She held her daughter close, leaning against the tree, reminiscent of the days of Luna's childhood. "Anytime dear, provided Solaris doesn't require me to go off planet. She's grounded to Earthland  for a while though. Anyways," Shirain reached over Luna's back, to behind her heart, before sending a pulse of green energy through the sleeping bag and into Luna. Instantly, Luna felt like a new concept was unfolding inside her head. However she figured she'd sort out the information later as she didn't want the moment of being in her mother's embrace to fade. Tears of joy coming from her tear ducts before she slowly fell asleep, her mother's gentle voice easing the transition. "Lunaris, I am so proud of you. You're heart is pure gold, I'm not worthy to call myself your mother. You're father too, I know he'd be proud to see the woman you've become."

    Some time had passed, it was now dawn of the next day. Luna had woken up in her sleeping bag fully dressed. Shirain in her fairy form was sitting on the roots of the tree nearby, and greeted the waking mage as Luna stretched. "Morning sweetie, you feeling okay?" Luna nodded, looking to her mother, she was scared and confused on her place in the world, but she was grateful she had her mother to help her get as far as she had now that she learned more of herself. "Yeah, I'm fine." Shirain flew over to her daughter, it hurt having to say goodbye, but she was sure both of them had places to be. Luna knew the samqe in her heart. Shirain gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek, but Luna knew she was casting something. Starting to fly back a bit, Shirain tried to avoid tears, as did Luna. "I have to get going, I know you do as well, but now that we know both are still kicking, you also have the ability to find me, this isn't goodbye, however it is bye for now..." Luna nodded, waving to her mother as she flew off into the distant woods.

    Luna packed up her things, and then started to continue on her own journey. However, one thing started to bother her. "Wait a minute, did she dress me in my sleep?" chosing not to let it bother her any further, she ignored the train of thought.

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