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    Custom Lineage Guidelines


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    Official Custom Lineage Guidelines

    Post by Admin on 8th November 2018, 3:35 pm


    How do you get a custom lineage? Head on over to The General Store, run by the lovely Shopkeep-chan to get your hands on an Ancient Scroll at the affordable price of 500,000 Jewels! Once you are done, return here and keep reading~

    So, you now have an Ancient Scroll on your hands that you’re shaking the dust off of. Just how old is this thing? You gently brush off some of the dust, and see old runes and script of languages long forgotten carefully inscribed on the scroll parchment. Just how are you to decipher this mysterious message?

    The Ancient Scroll enables a member to design and create a lineage for their character. The lineage must then posted on the Lineage Approval Thread for grading. After grading and acceptance, it will be added to the Sacred Library in the Sacred Shrine!


    Lineage Abilities are similar to Unique Abilities. They can have multiple effects, such as two moderate effects, three or four little effects, or one big effect. However, these abilities must be balanced in accordance with the Magic and Spell Rules.

    Lineages generally have between 3 through 7 combat abilities, but almost always balance out at 5. The more abilities you have, the less the amount of powerful effects you may have in your abilities. The fewer abilities you have, the more effects you may have in them. 5 abilities with 1-2 effects are the recommended numbers.

    A lineage may have as many aesthetic/noncombat abilities they wish. These can follow Tertiary Magic guidelines.


    [b][u]Lineage Name:[/u][/b]
    [b]Wielder:[/b] (Your character name here)
    [b]Purchase Proof:[/b] (link to scroll purchase/trade)

    (Lore here)


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