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    Dungeon List


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    Important Dungeon List

    Post by Admin on 8th November 2018, 3:30 pm


    Location: Anywhere


    Everyone currently in the dungeon must fight their own self, with all of their own knowledge, abilities, strategies, lineage, and magic, all equivalent to their rank. This should be a very interesting fight, as they will think and act extremely similarly to the players. There are only two differences between the players and the doppelgangers. The first being that the doppelgangers somehow know which one of each person is the real one, and which one isn't, so convincing them that you're one of them is a no go. The second difference is that they will attack non-doppelgangers without mercy, even if the person they are a clone of is a pacifist, but based on their knowledge of themselves and their originals, as well as their personality, they may or may not focus on their original self first. In general, one could expect them to focus on whichever one of them the player would focus on first. When killed, the doppelgangers melt into a puddle of strange goo.

    Objective: Eliminate your doppelgangers.

    The Snake Maiden:

    Location: Forgotten Deserts

    Chumana "The Snake Maiden" - A young naga with the upper half of a beautiful female and the lower half of that of an Anaconda, albino in tone. She has waist-length orangish-reddish hair and blue eyes that seemingly pierce into the soul of a person when she looks at you. Aside from the scaly tail, her upper half is entirely naked, so unless you're not attracted to boobs, you might have a difficult time not being distracted. An H-rank monster, she has 700HP and deals 35HP with each unarmed melee hit and 140HP if one of her spells hits you. Be reasonable in battling her, don't try to one-shot her, and overall, enjoy going up against a pretty snake woman. Magic can be decided upon by you.

    When encountering her, she'll be seen angrily fuming over the loss of a former potential lover. . . try not to agitate her more.

    Objective: Seduce Chumana in 5 posts. If you fail to seduce her in 5 posts, she'll start crying and attack you, believing you don't truly love her. Kill her.

    Guests In My Garden:

    Location: Labyrinth of Mystery

    Zombies - Unknown rank - They do nothing more than walk around the labyrinth and terrify whatever walks in their path. They might chase you.
    Animals - Yeah, there's animals here, too. Don't worry, they don't bite unless provoked.
    Falling Boulders - Mh. . . they exist, careful not to take anything from its place in the labyrinth; if you do, a boulder will fall on you and deal A-ranked damage.
    Trap Doors - Dirt floor? So what? There's still trap doors that will open up at random and cause you to fall down them, leading you to a different part of the labyrinth. . . Told you it was big.

    As expected of its location, you are in the Labyrinth of Mystery; while it's not so much a mystery, it's definitely a labyrinth. There are hundreds of twists and turns throughout the area that all or none may lead to a dead end or the exit. Upon coming here, it is your job to navigate the massive landscape and find the exit to the other side in order to continue on with your encounters. Remember, this is a massive labyrinth, so it isn't unheard of if a magus doesn't come out of the labyrinth alive or unscathed

    Objective: Find the exit and escape


    Location: Haunted Castle

    Enemies: “The Beast”
    A ferocious creature, the description one receives depends who they ask, finding that people will spin vastly different yarns from one another on its “true appearance.” The creature inhabits the castle a few miles from the nearby village and is proficient at traversing its halls and utilizing its multitude of secrets. Many believe it killed the royal family and its servants as they’ve been missing just as long. Upon meeting this creature one will discover its capable of human speech, though it’s not exactly friendly so one will have to work for any conversation they desire.

    Objective: Defeat the beast inhabiting the castle and determine the whereabouts/fate of the prince who once lived there.

    Spirit of Weeping:

    Location: Haunted Guild

    Weak: ∞x Ghost: Apparitions that roam the Haunted Guild; they take on appearances from young children to old men and women. They can be seen walking through walls, moaning (the non-sexual kind, of course), muttering inaudible words, or trying to spook you. These ghostly phenomena don't attack unless they're provoked, so it's advised that you don't provoke them in any way. While you may think you need to roll for this kind of spirit, they, in fact, appear on their own throughout the thread. On occasion, you may run across the unfriendly ghost, who will attack you without any sort of reasoning behind why. This kind of ghost deals C-rank melee damage and has the ability to stun you by scaring the living daylights out of you. When battling against these ghosts, they take 2 B-rank attacks to take down, but they don't necessarily die, they just run away.
    Normal: 2x Ghoul: These creatures are similar to zombies; however, they don't lust for brains like a zombie does, they just want your flesh. They wander the halls of the Haunted Guild, arms raised and with a slight limp to either their left or right leg. Of course, they also moan and groan while they walk and have their jaws cracked or broken off so their tongue hangs out. Let me tell you, they are the most beautiful creatures you will ever see, so beautiful they will want to make you barf. Now, don't let them attack you, however, as they will want to bite your limbs or really any part of your body to infect you. Ghouls each deal B-rank melee damage when attacking, but their bite deals B-rank spell damage since it has a special effect. When battling them, it takes about 6 B-rank attacks in order to bring them down, and don't worry, they aren't hard to kill.
    Strong: 1x Green Girl: This little girl was a former member of the Haunted Guild when it was an actual guild, but managed to get herself turned into a ghoul. She roams the empty halls calling out for her missing mother and is really the only "intelligent" ghoul in the building. When she's seen by a magus, she is holding a badly torn up doll that looks like it was dragged through the mud one too many times. Her red polka dotted dress is tattered at the bottom and on the sleeves, and her skin is torn and ragged in some places. Upon confronting her, she'll think you're her lost mother and come running to you, but once she realizes you aren't, she'll attack. Her bites deal 1.5x B-rank spell damage, while her physical attacks only deal 1.5x B-rank melee damage. It takes about 8 or so B-rank attacks to bring her down, so don't think you can easily get away with 1-shooting her.

    Boss: Spirit of Weeping: Upon finding the Spirit of Weeping in one of the many rooms of the Haunted Guild, you'll come to find it is far from a spirit. She can be seen standing in the middle of the room with her back turned to you, purple, dead skin highlighted by the moonlight. As far as you can tell, there is no section of her body where flesh is peeling off or rotting away, but there is blood covering it. The woman is wearing a tattered and torn skirt that splits up both sides up to her hips and her shirt is tattered remnants of simply cloth. When walking, she staggers around on her tiptoes and weeps tears of blood for the guild she had lost to destruction. Attacking you, she deals A-rank melee damage with her fists but is able to cast spells as well, which deal A-rank spell damage. After dealing 6 A-rank attacks on her, she backs off and begins weeping more and this is where you step in and try to get her to cross over.

    Objective: Defeat the Spirit of Weeping and get her to pass over.

    The Trembling Silk:

    Location: Shadow Island

    You guessed it! This is an encounter with spiders, and you've been asked to go to Shadow Island to deal with the infestation. These spiders have overrun the island and are laying claim to it as if it was their own home, but they're pests. They're an issue to the islanders and they want them gone, so they've looked to you for help in their time of need.

    Minimum roll of 5 monster dice

    Weak: 10x spiderlings. They're easy to kill, taking only 2x user-rank worth of damage to kill them... or just step on them, too
    Normal: 5x spiderlings. These are a bit older and larger. They're tougher and will try to fight back if you attack them. They take about 4x user-rank damage to be able to bring them down.
    Strong: 3x Spider. These are adult spiders that have come to defend their young. They aren't afraid to attack and will do what it takes to kill you. They take 8x user-ranked damage to bring them down.
    Boss: 1x Broodmother. She's quite the angry one and will attack on sight. The two abilities of hers can be decided upon by the user, but each deal 1.5x 1 above user rank. It takes 15x user-ranked hits to bring her down.

    Objective: Deal with the spider infestation.

    Furry Forest Festival:

    Location: Joya
    Joya, the land that is covered in a thick jungle from head to toe. While the various tribes of this nations may seem very disorganized to many outsiders, there is something they always agree on - the yearly harvest festival! It would appear that you have found yourself in the thick of it and should participate unless you want to be disgraced. Run into the jungle and start harvesting anything that is edible - vegetables, berries, fruits and even meat if you can hunt down animals. But be careful, this jungle hides many predators that would love nothing more than to harvest you!
    (D ~ C rank) Jungle predators - anything from snakes to tigers. Apparently, this jungle can support a lot of different species that one would not even expect in such environment. Be creative when making and encountering these. 100 ~ 200 HP, deal their rank melee damage and some will inflict poison that will take another 50% of their attack in the next post.

    (B rank) Cat folk hunters - other people that are harvesting food. They are cat people, residents of Joya. And they want to be the very best in this festival, so they won't shy away from attacking you to steal your food. Be careful, they carry plenty of weapons, know the jungle well and their bodies are more flexible than you would imagine. 150 HP, extremely agile and their attacks deal double B ranked melee damage. They are quite fragile, however.

    Objective: Harvest enough food from the jungle to not feel disgraced by others

    The Highest Noon:

    Location: Desierto
    Everyone knows about the seemingly endless deserts of Desierto. But not many dare to brave them. Good thing you are just about insane enough to find yourself here. And who would have thought it, you can find some pretty weird stuff this far into a place where no one ever goes. There is a long old-school train hovering above the ground and zooming through the sands at a very high speed. On top of it, several human-shaped clouds of pure energy wearing regular human clothes and holding pistols and rifles. Behind the train, a similar creature riding a mechanical horse and trying to catch up. It would appear that those on the train are bandits while the one on the horse is a sheriff. You better go and help him stop that machine before those... whatever they are run away!

    (D rank) Alpha Gunner - A fairly big energy person who glows pink with a six-shooter. 50 HP, slow and deals D-ranked melee damage with each shot.

    (C rank) Beta Slinger - Tall and slender energy person who glows blue with a mechanical slingshot. 100 HP, standard speed and deals C-ranked melee damage with each shot.

    (B rank) Gamma Gunner - Average build energy person who glows purple with a rifle. 150 HP, agile and deals 1.5x B-ranked melee damage with each shot. He does, however, have to reload every time he shoots.

    Objective: Defeat the energy bandits and stop the train!

    Public Service:

    Location: Anywhere outside
    The new generation of mages can be so rude! Can you believe that they just walk around and throw trash everywhere? Some places are even starting to look so unappealing that the folks are starting to avoid them by miles. Be a sport and help us clean this mess, will you? Using your physical strength, as well as magical prowess to their maximum, you need to make all of this garbage disappear. Clean the streets, parks and all other public spaces the best you can!


    Objective: Clean all the trash you can find

    On the ocean of Stars :

    Location: Anywhere, outside
    Description: Wherever you appear, you find yourself near a small body of water with a pier that reflects the stars of the vast night sky above you. However, there is something else to catch your interest. What appears to be a giant whale is floating above this body of water, swimming through the air itself, uncaring for anything. This giant is a lost celestial spirit that is searching for the way home. What it does not know is that the water is infused with magical energy and acts as a portal for spirits to the Celestial world. You know this because you can sense magic, duh. Your mission is to somehow get the whale's attention and make it go through the water's surface. But don't think it will be that simple, as this creature is as stubborn as it is big and refuses to stop floating in circles in the skies. Get creative!


    Objective: Make the whale go through the portal leading to Celestial World

    Test of true Might:

    Location: Anywhere
    A fairly tall and muscular man who is dressed as a farmer suddenly approaches you and challenges you to the test of true might. Considering you have a good amount of pride in your abilities, you can't seem to refuse him and follow him to the nearest corner where he reveals two boulders. One is rather small and brittle looking while the other is enormous and without a doubt very tough. He then declares that the one who breaks their boulder first is the mightiest and quickly goes after the small one, which leaves you with the big one. Better hope that you practiced punching rocks as part of your magic training.

    (Same rank as the highest ranked player present) Giant Boulder - A piece of rock. Not much else that could be said about this object. As one would imagine, it's extremely tough and can withstand even powerful magic. You will have to deal 20 hits of spell damage of your rank to it in order for the boulder to break. But better do it quick, as the farmer is not losing any time attacking his own, much easier to destroy, rock in hopes to beat you.

    Objective: Destroy your boulder before the farmer

    Feathery Terror:

    Location: Anywhere
    A long time ago, there was a certain demon that possessed animals in order to control them and cause havoc. Back then, a group of mages managed to capture this spirit and seal it away for good. Or so they thought, as the demon managed to break free and wants revenge. It was gathering magical energy this entire time and now found a new vessel. An innocent looking chicken. But under the influence of such powerful spirit, can this animal even be stopped?

    (Same rank as the highest ranked player present) Possessed chicken - A standard chicken, only this one is surrounded by a sickening dark aura, its eyes are glowing evil red and the tips of its feathers are flaming with the anger of the spirit inside. There is no way around it, you have to kill this poor thing in order to defeat the evil demon controlling it. The chicken's body was infused with black magic and is now extremely fast, can freely teleport, use dark arts and hits for spell damage of its rank. You will need to damage it for at least 10 hits of spell damage of its rank before you can be proclaimed victor.

    (Same rank as the highest ranked player present) Evil Spirit - Once the chicken is defeated, the demon will leave the perished body and start looking for the nearest new chick to possess. You need to hit it with 5 spells of its rank in the very next post or it will infuse with another chicken that you will have to defeat before getting another shot at capturing this foe.

    Objective: Defeat the possessed chicken and capture the evil spirit

    Ancient Guardian:

    Location: Any landform, outside
    Description: You find yourself in an abandoned piece of land, deserted for a very good reason. In front of you is a giant sculpture in the shape of a bird that slowly starts filling up with magical energy and raising from the cold earth to the skies. Whatever you just accidentally woke up is not happy and has every intention to crush you beneath its might. Not to mention that this creature, whatever it really is, radiates with power far above your own. Better use that head of yours if you don't want to be annihilated.

    (Z-rank) Ancient Beast - Creature with a body made out of stone and filled with powerful magic. Whatever this thing is, it truly is ancient and extremely powerful. A barrier of sorts surrounds most of its body and completely nulls any and all incomings attack, making this enemy completely invulnerable. No matter what you throw at it, it will not even flinch. The only way to defeat it is to attack specific weak points on its body. Better figure out where they are. The beast attacks mainly with its heavy body and by creating powerful gusts of wind with its wings. It can also cast certain elemental spells. The only thing you can really take advantage of is the fact that this creature is fairly slow.

    (D-rank) Weak Point x4 - A small spot that glows with a blue light. There is one on each wing of the beast, one at its chest and a final one at the top of its head. Strike all of them and you have won, making the stone beast fall back asleep. While not too hard to spot, the beast is well aware of these spots on its own body and will do its best to protect them while trying to deprive you of your life.

    Objective: Defeat the Ancient Beast

    Queen of the seven seas:

    Location: Any sea
    (B-rank) Siren's Head x3 - Three dragon-like heads that are connected to the main body of the Siren. They appear to be all sharing the same mind and are capable of perfect teamwork. However, their necks are only so long and they cannot reach further than 60 meters away from the Siren's body. Their only weapon is also their mouth. Aside from having razor-sharp teeth, they can control water magic to a certain degree and create balls of water, geysers and much more. 200 HP each, pretty slow, they deal C-ranked melee damage with bites and B-ranked spell damage with magic.

    (A-rank) Siren - The main body of the beast. It resembles an attractive woman, except her skin is a sticky blue jelly that feels really weird to touch. Her entire body is huge and takes the space of at least 25 meters in every direction. Unlike the separate heads, the main body is extremely slow and essentially cannot move once it's engaged in combat. She does not perform any melee strikes but commands powerful water magic that can create anything from a tidal wave to a vortex. 650 HP, extremely slow, deals A-ranked damage with magic.

    Objective: Defeat the Siren

    The Ones from Below:

    Location: Anywhere underground
    A new force has started moving beneath the earth. Alien creatures that are trying to crawl up to the surface and conquer it, not caring how huge of a bloodbath they would have to cause. Better start exploring the nearest cave you can find and make sure it is no longer overflowing with these mostly blue tentacle-ridden creatures, or we might be looking at a pretty bleak future.

    (D-rank) Visceral Slug x10 - A small creature about as big as an adult male's arm. It will crawl on the ground toward you and try to lunch it's body at you, getting stuck to you and suck your blood through its slimy skin. Though they are fairly slow and not very flexible, but arrive in swarms. Having 50 HP, they can deal regular D-ranked damage at contact.

    (B-rank) Alien Crawler x5 - These humanoids resemble a famished person who had long since perished of hunger. Standing at roughly 5 feet tall, their hands are about as long as their entire bodies. They use them to throw punches and try to restrain any foe that comes their way. Their speed is only average and they seem to have trouble turning around, but they have 150 HP each. Their attacks easily deal B-ranked damage and if they catch you, there is no way you're moving for a single post.

    (S-rank) The mother of Cosmos - A gigantic lifeform that surely cannot even be from this world. With most of its body parts being made out of tentacles, it can attack in any direction it desires and has a reach of roughly 50 meters. And while the tentacles are pretty quick, its body as a whole is nearly completely stationary, making it easy target for long ranged attacks. However, it does summon one set of the other enemies every post. Has 500 HP and its attacks deal A-ranked damage at contact.

    Objective: Defeat all the present enemies

    The rampaging Aesthetician:

    Location: Anywhere
    As you're minding your own business, people suddenly start running by you, shrieking in terror. Is it a monster attack? Bandits maybe? No! The Aesthetician is back at it again! If you were nothing more than yet another hopeless civilian, you would run as well. But you are far from that, which means you will go in the opposite direction and save all these people by facing this beast of a man on your own, trying not to perish to his beauty in the process.

    (Same rank as the highest ranked player present) Aesthetician - A beautiful man in late twenties. He used to own a barber shop before he went completely crazy and now he just walks around Earthland, trying to 'beautify' everyone he comes across. The thing is, people might not want to have their hairstyle changed like that. He is extremely swift and wields scissors in one hand while a brush in the other. He will go after your hair, outfit, anything that he can make pretty. Dealing 5 hits of spell damage of his rank should put him down for now, but don't overdo it! While he might be the terror of all he deems ugly, he is not actually harming anyone and killing him would not be something you want to have on your hands.

    Objective: Defeat the Aesthetician without killing him or allowing him to 'beautify' you

    A mysterious challenger:

    Location: Anywhere, outside
    Description: You appear to be taking a walk when all of a sudden, everything around you freezes in time. Streets and buildings become covered in a magical purple crystal and a light melody starts humming from all around you. It does not take long for you to notice a young girl with a cat by her side approaching. She will quickly bow to you and say that her name is Charlotte d'Eon, a magical knight that travels through different worlds in search of a worthy opponent. She will then draw a blade and proclaim that she finds you powerful and that she wishes to challenge you. At this point, you have no other option but to accept and defeat her. And if you manage to do so, she will thank you and praise your power before disappearing and returning the world around you back to normal.

    (Same rank as the highest ranked player present) Charlotte d'Eon - A fairly average looking girl in loose clothes and holding a magical sword. She is a magical knight and uses speed to her advantage. Faster than regular mages of her rank, she uses her weapon to cast crystal-make magic as well as illusions to confuse her foes. And despite her appearance, she is a sturdy foe that can withstand 15 spells of her rank before she goes down. Her regular melee attacks deal spell damage one rank below her while her spell deal spell damage one rank above her.

    Objective: Defeat Charlotte d'Eon

    The Game of the Twins:

    Location: Magnolia Town

    You've been asked by two lovely, little twins to play a game with them, and being the kind person you are, you join in. You don't know what the game is, but they start to ask you to do things that would generally put your life in danger. While you may threaten to leave and never play with them again, they'll threaten you back with saying they'll kill themselves if you don't. Seeing as you don't want two children to lose their lives, who could be valuable assets later on, you're forced to play. So, you do what's asked of yourself, even if it may kill you in the end, which is very likely with the game they have in mind. Leaving the game at any point in time will cause the children to kill you, then kill themselves so you can all live in eternal hell. Finishing the game, the twins agree to let you go and your life is spared so you can move onto the next level.

    Normal Dice Rolls:
    1: You've been asked to duel against a set of enemies; you must fight all of them at once and defeat all of them. Failure to defend against them will result in your death and you will need to head to the Sacred Alter to get your soul back. Minimum of 5 monster die must be rolled.
    2: You've been asked tightrope walk across a pond of alligators and electric eels. If you fall in, you'll either be electrocuted to death or eaten alive.
    3: The twins have dared you to enter a cave where a dragon slumbers and retrieve them a piece from the dragon's hoard. Now, the dragon will sense if something is amiss in its hoard and won't hesitate to kill you. Fight it if that happens.
    4: Sword swallowing. Yes... you must swallow swords. One wrong move and you could die. Have fun!
    5: Somehow entertain the children. If they're not entertained, then they'll kill you... and then it's to the Sacred Alter for you.
    6: Fight to the death! Against anything... kinda like dueling all your enemies at once... but not really. You can just roll one enemy this time and you either have to kill or be killed.

    Enemies are decided upon the player.

    Weak: 3x of whatever the player wishes it to be
    Normal: 5x of whatever the player wants it to be
    Strong: 2x o whatever the player wants it to be
    Boss: The Twins: two children who wanted you to play their dastardly game. Who they are, what they look like, and what their names are can be decided upon by the player.

    Objective: Play the game of the twins and do not lose.

    Rodent Rampage:

    Location: Any city

    Enemies: Cats, dogs, kids with pellet guns, hawks, and a variety of other things.

    You are now a squirrel. Your magic, weapons, pets, and any other equipment are gone and you are a mostly normal squirrel (the only abnormality being that you still have the mind of whatever you were before). Fortunately, there is apparently someone capable of turning you back and returning all your things, and she's more than willing to help. Unfortunately, she is all the way across town, and the life of a squirrel is surprisingly dangerous. Do you have the squirrel skills necessary to survive and make it across town?

    Objective: Cross town and find the wizard who can turn you back to normal.


    Location: Anywhere outside in/near a town

    The local area has been plagued with outbreaks of violence. Creatures have been attacking people, bandits have been raiding, tensions in nearby towns have been high, with the townspeople fighting each other over just about anything, with occasional riots breaking out. Ravens have also been abundant in town. The source of this violence has been found, and it's up to you to destroy it, whether to help the town, or to try to bend its power to your will.

    The Raven Lord:

    The Raven Lord can freely shift between a 3' tall raven with an 8' wingspan and a knight in dark, feathered plate armor wielding a massive falchion. In either form, the raven's beak and claws, or massive sword cause opponents to bleed profusely, dealing additional damage over time.

    The Raven Lord has 600 HP (SS-rank) and resists a flat 40 damage from any physical attacks or spells unless the weapon or magic is holy in nature. It can see through all illusions and can predict the movements of its opponents. Its thick armor in its knight form is seemingly a part of it, and does not hamper its movement in any way. Each swing of its sword hits for 70 damage, and causes the victim to bleed for an additional 20 damage per post, bypassing any forms of damage reduction. Each hit will continue to increase the bleed damage by 20, and the bleed damage will persist until the victim is healed by a spell or active effect (passive regeneration will not stop the bleeding), however, the heal will only stop the bleeding, and not provide any further healing. In bird form, its beak and claws apply the same bleed damage, but only hit for 30 damage each, but with two claws and a beak, it can make 3 times more attacks.

    Furthermore, the Raven Lord's presence shatters the bonds of friendship and trust in those nearby, stopping those in his presence from buffing nearby allies and cancelling those already applied. Heals cast on allies are only half as effective as they normally would be. Any sort of effects, spells, or abilities that vary with the number of allies present are treated as though the user/target is alone. Any AoE attacks that normally do not harm allies will harm them as though they were enemies.

    As one fights the Raven Lord, an unkindness of ravens flies about the area, attacking those who dare challenge their king. Each post the relentless birds will inflict 10 damage upon all of the Raven Lord's opponents, bypassing any form of damage reduction. They will also block 1 single target spell from each of the Raven Lord's opponents per post. Using an AoE attack or spell will keep the ravens at bay for one post, negating these effects.

    Kill the Raven Lord

    The Plague Doctor:

    Location: Haunted Castle

    Enemies: The Plague Doctor

    No one knows just who or what this thing is, only that it at least takes the appearance of a plague doctor. It doesn't speak or vocalize, nor can its breath be heard. It has no scent, either. Just being near the doctor sickens people, causing them to take 5% of their maximum health in damage each post they're within 30 meters of him, this is reduced to 2.5% for those with regeneration abilities, but also completely negates the regeneration. This damage cannot be reduced in any way. He also slows those near him by 30%. Even those seemingly immune to disease, such as robots, constructs, golems, and undead are afflicted. The doctor holds a lantern in his left hand and a dirty, serrated blade in his right. Each strike from the blade deals 30 damage and afflicts the one hit with a damage over time that deals 1/4 their rank in damage each post for 4 posts. Each additional hit from the blade increases the damage by 1/8 of their rank and refreshes the duration. The damage over time from the blade cannot be reduced, but the damage from being struck is reduced normally. The doctor has 550 HP and regenerates 20HP per post. The doctor has the normal speed and agility for a mage equivalent to the highest ranked person in the thread. For each person in the thread beyond the first, the doctor gains 100HP and regens another 5 HP per post. When slain, he falls apart into a swarm of rats that all scurry away.

    Objective: Kill the plague doctor

    A perfect Storm:

    Location: Any sea, mountain, or Snowfall Island (seas can only be used if a person in the encounter has a boat)

    Enemies vary with location:
    Sea: Sharks, giant fish, kraken. Sharks and fish are the rank of the highest ranked person in the encounter, the kraken is a rank above (which means X-rank if there are any H-ranked opponents). The kraken's attacks deal double damage to boats.

    Mountain/Island: Wolves (come in packs of 3 or more, one rank below the highest ranked person in the encounter), bears (same rank as highest ranked person), ice giant (one rank above highest ranked person).

    The ice giant or kraken must be fought or fled from, but all other enemies may or may not be encountered.

    You find yourself caught in a terrible storm, a raging hurricane if out at sea, or a deadly blizzard if on land. Slayers will find the winds, rain, snow, and ice oddly unable to be eaten, and anyone caught in the storm will feel like it is somehow alive. It does not feel malicious, but rather like it's only trying to survive. Unfortunately for those caught in it, the storm's survival means being incredibly powerful. Heavy rains/snow and ice soak and freeze those caught in the storm, and drastically reduce visibility, making it impossible to see anything more than a few feet around you. Whirlpools in the sea form, pulling the ship into them and causing damage to it as it seemingly tries to drag it to the bottom. Waves clash against the side of the ship and winds buffet the crew, occasionally causing damage, but more importantly, threaten to knock them down into the raging waters below. Airships will find a hard time staying aloft in either the hurricane or the blizzard, and the crew will still be met with the wind and snow, and decks slick with water or ice threatening to send them overboard. Those caught in a blizzard will find the biting cold leading to frostbite, occasionally damaging them, and slowing them by 20% at all times (those with cold immunity are unaffected).

    Even worse, the storms have agitated the local fauna, making it more aggressive. At the very least, participants can expect to encounter a kraken or ice giant as they go out hunting in conditions that are surprisingly ideal for them.

    Objective: Encounter the kraken or ice giant and survive the storm, either by finding shelter or getting out of it. The kraken/ice giant may be fled from or defeated.

    The Falling Star:

    Location: Terasu

    Terasu is a planet known for being completely dark, but the stars in the sky continue to light it in some unorthodox way. However, something has occurred with the stars in the sky and they have started to fall from their places to the unprecedented land below. There's something strange with these stars though, and while they are no longer placed in the sky, they aren't stars at all. They're creatures that light up the "sky" and have been slowly dying off because of some unknown plague that has entered the air. As a result, their lights have begun to die out and they become what is known as a "falling star" to humans. No real threat it posed here, but the land has become potent enough that it is not only affecting the starlight creatures, but all animals on there. It is your job to figure out what is plaguing this plant and put it to a stop, but this is no easy job as it may seem.

    Enemies: None

    Objective: Figure out what's been plaguing Terasu and put it to an end.

    Blind Collection:

    Location: Sphere Island, inside

    There is a myth that somewhere on sphere island there is a giant maze that has five elemental orbs, wither this is the truth or not no one knows as those who have ventured to the island in looks of these elemental treasures have never been seen again and no one knows why. Yourself and if you have one your party decide to go to the island to see what is going on and happen to stumble upon the entrance of the giant stone maze.

    Walking down some stairs you find giant metal doors that with even with the slightest touch will creek open. Instantly a dank stale scent will fill your nostrils, the next thing you notice is there seems to be nothing in darkness past the threshold but you proceed anyway as you enter you notice how all sound stops, that you can not see anything even by magical means that the dank stale smell not only is stronger but also assaults your taste buds, The one thing you can see however is the magical door that seems to have opened with five elemental seals on it. Text underneath says 'To leave this tomb, collect the orbs' after a few moments the light leaves and will only appear once you come back to the orbs are brought back to the door.


    Objective: Collect five elemental orbs from within the maze

    Space Squids:

    Location: Any major city, outdoors

    Enemies: Squids! From outer space! These fearsome creatures want to conquer the city! Or eat its citizens... or something. They don't seem to be able to talk, so they won't really inform anyone of their purpose either. Still, they're attacking the city and you need to stop them! Roll 3 standard dice to determine the number of squids that show up. The first die is the number of squids equal to the rank of the highest ranked person in the thread. Multiply the result of the second die by two to get the number of squids of the rank below that, and multiply the third die result by 3 to get the number of squids 2 ranks lower than the highest ranked person. Finally, after beating all of these squids, the boss monster squid will arrive. He is one rank higher than the highest ranked player (and yes, if the highest ranked person is H rank, that means the big boss squid is X rank).

    The squids vary in the types of attacks they will use, but beyond smacking you, grabbing you, and strangling you with tentacles for normal melee damage of their rank, they can fire various space-themed projectiles, ranging from laser and plasma beams to dark matter bombs and neutrino bullets.

    The final boss squid will use primarily plasma bolts, but also has space folding-reality warping attacks and teleportation abilities, on top of being giant and dealing double the normal physical damage for someone of his rank armed with a mythical weapon. It is a force to be reckoned with, especially after fighting off so many of the other squids.

    Normal squids have only 60% of the HP a mage would have at their rank, while the boss has normal HP for its rank.

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