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    Official Earthland Map


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    Official Official Earthland Map

    Post by Admin on 3rd November 2018, 2:31 pm

    Official Earthland Map B99b878b-c67d-4179-9347-5503007d42fe_zps88f3fcf7


    Language / Accent: American English

    Government: Monarchy

    Customs & Traditions: A nation of unparalleled beauty, and equal rights for all Supernatural Creatures and Wizards alike. Fiore is a breathtaking land of rivers, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, glaciers, islands, and streams. The mixing pot of Earthland, all types of races and supernatural creatures from every nation can be found here. In Fiore; even Demons are treated as citizens if they are natives. So long as you don't harm anyone, or hurt anything; Fiore will welcome you with open arms. The least racist of all the nations, you could easily see a Demon socializing with a talking cat here. A land ruled by a King; with a Magic Council at his beck and call; who in turn has an organization under their command, known as the Rune Knights to keep an eye on it's exceptionally powerful wizards. Fiore is home to several 'Guilds', groups of Wizards who set out to help the other 80% of Fiore's non-magical population through requests that only Magic can help with. Fiore is a nation that allows individuals to thrive on their own personal successes, and be punished by their own personal mistakes as well. In Fiore; nothing, not your race, gender, species, or fortunes will hold you back. It is a land of Equality, Beauty, History, and Magic. Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven are known too have extremely powerful wizards amongst their Nations populace.  

    Wizard Population: 20%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Tenroujima_zps680d9ddc
    Official Earthland Map Fiore2_zps803dd6a7
    Official Earthland Map Fiore1_zps5727bb09


    Language / Accent: Arabian & Middle Eastern

    Government: The 3 Desert Sultans

    Customs & Traditions: A desert nation; ruled by 3 desert sultans among the 3 largest cities in this proud nation. The terrain here is harsh; more harsh in fact than any other nation besides Sin perhaps. If you are not from Desierto; it will be difficult to adjust to the blasting heat and endless dunes. Most of Desierto's resources are imported as the land cannot sustain crops of any kind. Nonetheless, Desierto is a prime location for mining valuable gems and metals which they use when conducting trade with other nations. Although the wizard populace of Desierto is somewhat minor, the supernatural residents of Desierto are quite shunned by the community. The wizards originating from this nation are quite violent towards their own and worse with strangers. The sultans always keep a close eye on these supernatural beings, harshly punishing the most minor of offenses.

    Wizard Population: 25%

    Visual Info:


    Government: Democracy

    Language / Accent: Hawaiian

    Customs & Traditions: You want Excalibur? Go to Ca-Elum. You want amazing armor for your Griffon? Go to Ca-Elum. Want diamond made high heels for your sweetheart? Go to Ca-Elum. The beautiful island nation of Ca-Elum, swarming with oasis', palm trees, and volcanic islands; seems like paradise. However, if one were to listen beyond the waves of this tropical paradise; one would hear the constant hammering of a blacksmith; likely somewhere nearby, forging his masterworks in one of the many Ca-Elum Forges that dot these volcanic islands. Young boys AND girls here are taught to forge, learning early on too withstand Ca-Elum's volcanic forges that utilize the natural lava flow of the islands. Ca-Elum's volcanic resources are overflowing, with different metals and elements readily available; they also are the number one exporter of jewelry in Earthland. Between Pergrande buying up their Metalworks, and Minstrel buying up their jewelry; Ca-Elum has become one of the richest nations in all of Fiore. Although they don't look it. The average blacksmith on Ca-Elum has a coffer filled with gold, however he or she will usually be in rags with a welding mask on, awaiting an order. They have all the gold they could ever need already on the Ca-Elum islands, so although they are in competition with Minstrel for the 'wealthiest' nation; they happily cede this title to Minstrel and apt to continue their time honored tradition of bringing Earthland the best Metalwork, Goldsmithing, and Jewelcrafting that they can. They say a Ca-Elum blacksmith never sleeps until a Forge is complete. Ca-Elum's standing Navy is thought to be the largest in the land. Their warships seem to be even beyond 21st century; and their fleet is....let's just say their fleet would take up the entire horizon if it were to sail all at once. Ca-Elum holds elections every 4 years to decide who will take up the Presidential role of the island nations. The title of the President in Ca-Elum is 'Master Smith' as a reflection of their culture and tradition.

    Wizard Population: 0%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Ca-Elum5_zpsfabffbb8
    Official Earthland Map Ca-Elum2_zpsddb6a5c7
    Official Earthland Map Ca-Elum_zps9de9d5c7
    Official Earthland Map Ca-Elum4_zps29f51947


    Government: Queendom

    Language / Accent: Irish

    Customs & Traditions: A land of pure magic. A magical forest aptly named 'The Sevenwood' that seems to stretch in all directions.  Narnia made real; this lands beauty will cause you to pop open your Campsite just at it's borders too awe at it's beauty and majesty. Lions talk, birds discuss the politics of the Sevenwood, and just about everything here is alive; even the trees will speak to you if you get lost in the forest. All forms of wildlife can talk in Seven. Do not be surprised to see a house cat walk up and strike up a conversation with you and your group from it's front gates. The homeland of The Elves, the Pixies, the Satyrs, and the Leprechauns. Along with Fiore and Bellum, Seven is known to be a nation that has wizards of extreme power and might that call the forests of the Sevenwood home. Seven is a nation of endless magical possibility, and beauty; a lake glistening in the middle of the forest with eight waterfalls surrounding it, pouring into it; a beautiful cliff overlooking a valley of rainbows and lakes. It seems impossible, but this place is all too real. The Queen of Seven is said to be unrivaled in her beauty; rumored to only wear leaves and vines as clothing. Any and all magical creatures seem willing to lay their life down for her immediately upon meeting her; even if they'd never encountered her before. Seven's cities and towns are all built into the trees and forests of the Sevenwood. You haven't seen beauty until you see a horizon of trees lit up with the majestic glow of a city of Seven. All life, is precious here whether Supernatural or Normal. Creatures socialize with one another in grand forest marketplaces as creatures of nameless legend fly above the canopy of the Sevenwood. A marvelous place, however due to it's leniency for Supernatural beings, Seven has a host of issues within it's borders as any nation does.

    Wizard Population: 90%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map 640x958_16955_Red_2d_fantasy_illustration_elf_concept_art_woman_redhead_picture_image_digital_art_zps42d25e23
    Official Earthland Map Seven8_zpsd9e7291a
    Official Earthland Map 60b79be6-89a0-4361-b477-2458ddbf3276_zps3763ad06
    Official Earthland Map 7949e674-3cdf-40e8-806b-50e5940cc323_zpsc5cc06fc
    Official Earthland Map Seven4_zps4c95f1dd
    Official Earthland Map Seven_zpsb347f9b5
    Official Earthland Map SevenGate_zpscec0fe4e
    (The Last Image is of Seven's Border with Bosco. The Energy Field surrounding Bosco's Border is Visible As Well)


    Language / Accent: American English

    Government: Techno-Council

    Customs & Traditions: An extremely advanced Technological nation. It is said that the plans for Etherion itself were stolen from this proud nation. Although their technology is advanced; they refuse to share it with any other nations. Even those they consider allies. Life in Bosco is relatively peaceful, a fact which they pride themselves on. They seek too ensure Bosco's survival, no matter what. Their gigantic mega cities dot the landscape of Bosco; which is mostly arid and mountainous. With energy domes that can be erected around each major city; Bosco is perhaps one of the only nations with a 'known' way of defending itself against Etherion should Fiore choose to fire upon them. Bosco's most serious law; is the Law of Technological Privacy. The Techno-Council, suspicious that the plans for Etherion were somehow stolen from their nation and used by Fiore; hence declared that no technology from Bosco may leave it's borders, unless sanctioned by the Techno-Council itself. Donned in all black armor; the 'Peacekeepers' aptly named, are an organization made up of both women and men of Bosco; tasked with both keeping the peace and quelling uprisings of any sort in Bosco's major cities and slaying the monsters than inhabit the wild lower levels of the technologically advanced Mega Cities. The wilderness of Bosco that is untouched by it's technology is a wild mountainous region populated by Giant Monsters and beasts that attempt to assault Bosco's giant cities any chance they can get. Monsters in Bosco are large. Very large. They usually deal with Godzilla like assaults at least once a month in one of their major cities. The Peacekeepers are a very busy organization: from keeping Bosco's technology contained and secret from other nations, to quelling titanic beasts. These badasses in black do it all.

    Wizard Population: 0%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map SereneArmyStyle_zpsf505abc4
    Official Earthland Map Bosco_zps984986ea


    Government: Military State

    Language / Accent: Australian Dwarvish

    Customs & Traditions: The Dwarves of Stella; are an extremely proud people. They do not welcome outsiders; and are usually very suspicious of them. They are an extremely militant society; even as young dwarves, the males are taken and trained in the most brutal wilderness' of Stella; which are known to be extremely harsh. As a matter of fact, Stella is mostly caves, rocks, and more rocks. Trees don't seem to grow in this nation; only stone in the most fantastic natural earthen formations in all of Earthland. The lakes seem to sit completely; still, in Stella. Every lake looks like an unmoving mirror against the rocky surroundings. The Dwarves love their land more than anything else except for gemstones and gold. They are very greedy, and militant. Although the former traits are true; the Dwarves also love to have a good time; and drink more alcohol than likely any other race in Earthland. Wild parties and brawls are commonplace, and almost tradition within Stella. Although they can be very strict and disciplined, the dwarves also know how to cut loose. They are extremely skeptical of magic, and will freak out if they see it. Dwarves are naturally resistant to magic; and will shrug off all but the most powerful spells as if their skin and bodies are literally unaffected by any enchantments and magic. They love to use Great Axes; and Battlehammers as their weapons of choice; and also love to sport full plate mail. They are excellent Architects, and their halls are gilded with many different metals and designs. They believe in Strength above all; and will honor a person who refuses to quit, showing extreme personal strength. Although they are distrusting of outsiders, they will be honorable for the most part as long as you don't make them too suspicious of you. They revere the Earth, Gems, and Jewels, and Stone as the foundation and most natural form; of all things.

    Wizard Population: 0%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Stella_zpsb2f73e4c
    Official Earthland Map Stella2_zps8d220997
    Official Earthland Map Stella3_zps0c7c5eea
    Official Earthland Map Stella4_zpsb76cd3bf


    Government: Free Tribes

    Language / Accent: American English

    Customs & Traditions: The homeland of the "Half Cat" feline races of Earthland. This jungle nation is filled to the brim with the half cat, half man humanoids that call it home. They are a a vibrant people; almost exactly like humans except for their more natural feline tendencies too climb trees; and dislike canines. The Feline-Folk of Joya are happy too see anyone climb over the Joya Mountains, which surrounds their Jungle Nation on all sides; making it nearly impossible to invade. They are very friendly towards guests, there females are quite frisky, and their males are extremely flirtatious. The feline folk of Joya know how too throw a party; their tribes get down until the sun comes up; and then hunt while hungover if need be. Everyone in Joya is born naturally with cat ears, and a tail. Ear, and Tail Fur color is used to distinguish which tribe a Joyan is from. Wizards in Joyan culture are often the most prized hunters in the nation; and as such wizards in Joya are called "Hunters".  A beautiful rainforest nation; inhabited by more natural wildlife than one could ever imagine in it's jungles, rivaled only by Seven in this regard.

    Wizard Population: 20%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Joya5_zpse5f801b3
    Official Earthland Map Joya4_zps44c3b396
    Official Earthland Map Joya3_zpsefa6755d
    Official Earthland Map Joya10_zps56b95622
    Official Earthland Map Joya6_zps9d070f62


    Government: Eastern Empire

    Language / Accent: Japanese

    Customs & Traditions: Midi is a nation that seems to be straight out of 18th century Japan. Rivers, and gardens of amazing beauty stretch in all directions. Mountain ranges with villages nestled in them; farmland as far as the eye can see. Bushido is observed in this nation; as temples with gigantic structures carved into the side of cliff faces is common place. Hidden secrets of the land untouched by time are nestled behind waterfalls and canyons. The katana, is the weapon of choice; as in Midi, a man is not a man without his katana; and should both live by it, and die by it. The nation as a whole is very peaceful, and welcoming of outsiders. The wizards in this nation are aptly called "Samurai"; and observe the traditions and pastimes that their name would have one believe. The Samurai protect both the Emperor, and people of Midi; as they always have, and always will. The bladework of a Samurai is like something straight out of Bleach. A majesty to behold. A nation of stunning natural beauty; the only places that compare too it's tranquil beauty are Fiore, Seven, Joya, and Minstrel as far it goes visually.

    Wizard Population: 40%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Midi2_zps7223a857
    Official Earthland Map Midi_zps04de875a
    Official Earthland Map 190c0a00-70fb-404d-bfe0-eed6b3b5e661_zps30014a97


    Government: Parliament (Democracy)

    Language / Accent: French

    Customs & Traditions: Minstrel is the Nation that invented pomp and circumstance. Ladies throw handkerchiefs, and men challenge one another to duels in the streets. Even the broke homeless man on the street will be dressed in a run down tuxedo if he can help it; he'll take coins in his top hat. The affluent, and wealthy seem to rule in Minstrel; as their wines and foods are spectacular in every corner of the nation. There is many a fat bellied lord in this nation. The sword is highly regarded in their culture; and blades are often passed down from father to son, generation to generation. You will get laughed at growing up if you harbor no skill in swordplay here. Wizards in this nation are known as 'Musketeers'; wearing a signature green outfit. The Musketeers are in charge of keeping peace within every corner of this Realm. Parliament allows the Musketeers too handle the law and peace keeping; not bothering too do so themselves as they'd rather squabble over tic or tac. About half of the boys and girls born in this Nation are born with Magic; and end up either becoming Musketeers, or keeping their talents secret. Minstrel is known for being a nation of nobility and honor; although like any Nation is plagued by it's own series of problems. A land of endless Grasslands and Sunshine, without much forest for shade. The stars are beautiful in Minstrel at night; nearly unrivaled.

    Wizard Population: 50%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Minstrel7_zpsc333e0ac
    Official Earthland Map Minstrel5_zps17819e36
    Official Earthland Map Minstrel_zps6f77481b
    Official Earthland Map CountSparrow2_zps38fc6edd


    Government: The Frozen King

    Language / Accent: Scandinavian & Russian (Norse Mixture)

    Customs & Traditions: One of the harshest environments in all of Earthland. The temperature here is 35 degrees on it's warmest day of the year. This snow and ice blasted land is the original homeland of the Vulcans. The gigantic ape-like giants still populate this Nation heavily too this day. It's a longstanding tradition that those who defeat the frozen king becomes the next one by donning his golden, ruby encrusted crown, inheriting all the power that lies within it. Iceberg, being the cold and uninhabited place that it is, isn't too much of a threat to the other nations, since they don't really know the king, who normally lives in seclusion. In reality, the king has his own "super power", such as Fiore has their Etherion. The crown holds a power strong enough to freeze an entire nation solid. The nation itself came to be when the first Frozen King found a dirty old crown in the lush plains that would be transformed into the cold, barren wasteland that is known today as "Iceberg". This dirty crown was glowing, planting the seed of curiosity in the young archaeologist, Fálki. Putting on the crown to see if it would do something, such as how a celestial key grants power to the summoner, he caused a chain reaction that would scar the land of Earthland forever. Although the power of the crown is great, it also comes at a price, ones sanity. Once it is put on, the process cannot be stopped. It will twist the mind of the wearer to want nothing more than to freeze everything with the power it gives, and that's exactly what the archaeologist did. In a period of time in Earthland's history known as "The Freezing", the large portion of land was ravaged by non-stop snow, hail, and chilling winds, killing off anything green that resided there. Most of the small tribes that thrived off the rich soil to grow food were quickly wiped out and the few that remained look towards the few with magic. Up until this point, mages were viewed as less than human and "weak" in the eyes of the other tribesman, but they were quickly made elders and leaders when there was no other place to turn to. Although most of the plant life seemed to have died, it was simply buried under the snow, causing the rabbits to evolve and change over time to creatures who could burrow into the deep snow. With the rabbits, came foxes, and then scavengers, and thus a new ecosystem was born. Of course, since gardening and farming was out of the question, the tribes had to learn to hunt in the cold, freezing wastes that greeted them. The earliest records show that, out of this desperation and need of hunting and building, the elder mages in the villages developed their tools from cold, solid, ice. Ice Make. Eventually, one of the young men who harbored a strong resentment against the man who killed off his friends and family members who lived in other villages took on the quest to vanquish the man who did so. Armed with ice make and the blessing of the village elder, he set off to slay the revered, "Frozen King". Úlfr, the young man, stormed the castle of ice that rested on one of Icebergs many mountains and was said to have slain three hundred Vulcans to reach the Frozen King himself, who was sitting upon his throne. The battle was long and bloody, but in the end, Fálki was outmatched the the man's sheer will to win. Úlfr's final testament to the fact that he was great was taking the king's crown from his head and putting it on himself before plunging his icy sword into Fálki's heart. When Úlfr didn't return and it was said that the king still sat upon his throne, the villagers were crushed, but a new tradition evolved. Once every decade, a newborn child was given the blessing of the elder, a portion of their magical power, and were destined to try and end the tyranny caused by the ice king. But, whether they win or lose, the outcome will be the same. If they win, they will be compelled to don the crown and the cycle will continue, but should they die in battle, another will just be selected until the will of the man is strong enough to overcome the icy calling that the crown emanates. Until that happen, Iceberg will never become anything more than a barren waste of ice and death. Rumor has it that the ice dragon lives in these chilly mountains, though it was never been confirmed.

    Wizard Population: 5%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Y0VEvzd
    What every Frozen King will eventually look like

    Official Earthland Map 640x768_10147_Rosa_2d_character_mage_eskimo_inuit_fantasy_portrait_girl_woman_picture_image_digital_art
    A Female Village Elder

    Official Earthland Map 629x800_12533_Venture_2d_fantasy_girl_vampire_eskimo_picture_image_digital_art
    Typical Village Female

    Official Earthland Map GrAFnGv
    A Male Village Elder

    Official Earthland Map XabqMZm
    Typical Village Male

    Official Earthland Map Ice_landscape_by_ellie0-d41ph7g Frozen Wastes

    Official Earthland Map Ice+Chasm+hi+res+web Treacherous Frozen Chasms


    Government: Theocracy of Archmages

    Language / Accent: American English

    Customs & Traditions: A nation of humans, that do not welcome other Supernatural Creatures or Races as Fiore does. Nearly every human in Bellum is born with magic; and as such, since ancient times; their culture has been one that revolves around their religion. Magitology. The worship of magic itself. If you are born without magic in this nation; you will be made fun of, and outcast by your peers--often reduced to a servants work if you're not particularly wealthy. Of all the nations; Bellum is the one you're most likely to meet a crazed, zealot of a Magi on the street. Magic runs rampant here; with no order other than what the Archmages say. Bellum however, has a beauty too it's cities that is nearly rivaled by none.  Nearly everyone in Bellum is a Wizard, so any damage done to any structure or building likely doesn't last long and is repaired with magic. Causing Bellum's cities and towns to be in a state of seemingly permanent beauty; although spells go flying in the streets of the cities of Bellum all the time; they never seem to take any damage. There are so many wizards in Bellum; that two wizards could be dueling wrecking a city block, as another group of wizards follow behind them; and play cleanup with their magic. Non-human creatures are hunted for sport here by the Wizards. Wizards in this Nation are called "Magi", and their leaders are called "Archmages". They worship Magic here and all things involving it. They are at odds with Fiore, (with it's current system of keeping the Wizards in check by force if necessary) and Pergrande. Naturally. A land filled with many rivers, Bellum is one of the most racist nations in Earthland. If you're not human, they will dislike and probably try to kill you. If you don't have magic, they will treat you as a second-class; or second rate individual. Along with Seven and Fiore, Bellum is known to have wizards of extreme might and power amongst their nations inhabitants. Their capital city is a floating city; hovering over a valley of Lacrima, and is completely powered by magic.

    Wizard Population: 80%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Bellum5_zps78ba3e26
    Official Earthland Map Bellum_zps2495139a
    Official Earthland Map Bellum3_zps2fa1943b
    Official Earthland Map Bellum6_zps5959e6d5


    Government: Tribal Chieftains

    Language / Accent: Jamaican

    Customs & Traditions: An island nation, filled to the brim with hippy-like fisherman who enjoy nothing more than living off of the land itself. Too them; the oceans and the land are a blessing, and are to be taken care of at all costs. The chieftans of each tribe usually preach that through good will, and service to the land; the land will take care of you and yours in return. Their fishing culture here is the zenith of a culture of such. Fish hang from many sail boats in the waters near Enca; crabbing boats, lobster, fish, anything you can imagine; they catch it here. Mermaids have been known to inhabit the waters around; and even some coves, off the coast of Enca. Wizards on Enca Island are called "Fangs", aptly named as the people of Enca often hunt Sharks as one of their most revered and respected form of prey. The standing naval forces of the Enca tribes (although they are just large fishing boats) is enough too dwarf just about any other nations, save for Ca-Elum and Peregrande. A beautiful lush tropical island, with inland waterfalls, lakes, and valleys twisting and turning throughout Enca Island.

    Wizard Population: 10%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map A8a59603-27f4-4c6f-9178-a48a8d66bfcf_zps2690db07
    Official Earthland Map Fd8bd49e-0259-4a2c-bfe8-993c10057a9b_zpsd16fc07b
    Official Earthland Map Enca2_zpse7683359

    Pergrande Kingdom

    Government: Monarchy

    Language / Accent: United Kingdom & Old English

    Customs & Traditions: The Kingdom of Pergrande; the most massive Nation in all of Earthland. A nation so massive; it's only dwarfed by it's own national history. A country rooted in it's ways; Pergrande is a Kingdom that is highly paranoid of the world around it. The Royal Family of Pergrande, outlawed magic hundreds of years ago after an incident in which the Queen was bewitched and captured by a wild wizard that was in love with her. The incident sparked a war; and the result; was the Wizards of Pergrande being hunted down in a massive inquisition. Even still to this day in Pergrande; any sign or rumor of Witchcraft will be met with the harshest of responses, more often than not ending in an execution in one fashion or another. Although the nations strict policy of 'No Magic' is held firmly in place; Pergrande is on the forefront of medicine in Earthland; due to their large population, their Alchemists and Doctors are top notch. Pergrande although having a standing army that dwarfs even some other nations combined; is a nation of conflict. Monsters of all types pervade their borders; even more so than the vaunted Fiore in terms of different types of creatures. The nearby nation of Sin is responsible for constantly leaking monsters into Pergrande; although the "Great Wall of Sin" in the south separates the two Nations; Monsters continue to pour in from Sin from time to time; causing Pergrande to have Ogre, Troll, Werewolf, Goblin, even Dragon problems of it's own. This has only served to 'bolster' the kings attitude against ALL things Supernatural as each child, husband, or wife; dragged off in a bloody mess only serves to cause the people of Pergrande to become more and more paranoid against all things Supernatural and Magical. The Knights are in charge of keeping the peace, as well as their Squires who assist them as needed. The Paladins are the most powerful warriors in Pergrande, and some of the most skilled swordsman in Earthland; known as Holy Warriors, they are in charge of hunting down any Supernatural Creatures or Threats to the Kingdom of Pergrande. The armor of the Paladins of Pergrande is composed of a type of magic nullifying steel; found only in their nation. The Paladins are not too be trifled with; they are able to slay extremely powerful supernatural beings, with no magic on their skill alone.

    Wizard Population: 0%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Pergrande_zpsd6bffea8
    Official Earthland Map 3b00eda0-c97a-4b54-8db8-65f235a55e3a_zpsa05f8b10
    Official Earthland Map Pergrande9_zps69748eb8
    Official Earthland Map Pergrande4_zpsdbf28cdb
    Official Earthland Map Pergrande6_zps3361d3ca
    Official Earthland Map Pergrande8_zpseac2aed1
    Official Earthland Map Pergrande3_zps0b2e0c06
    Official Earthland Map Pergrande5_zps9fab6f0d


    Government: None

    Customs & Traditions: Hell on Earth. Sin is a land of monsters, where Demons roam the land freely. Mordor on Earthland; and the place from which all Monsters originate. No one knows for sure exactly how and why monsters originated from this place, but it was believed to be caused during the "Great Inquisition of Pergrande" in which all of their wizards were hunted down like wild animals and slain by the paladins. During the bloody mess of the inquisition, wizards fled towards the empty southwest, out of Pergrande's borders and "safe" from those who were trying to persecute them. It was in this empty land that mages began conversing with each other and soon found out that every single one of them, dark and legal (by Fiore's standards) all had one thing in common, a mutual hatred for the Pergrande Kingdom and everyone in it. Out of this hate, a partnership evolved, one that would unintentionally devastate the world as Earthland knew it. The "leader" of this alliance was what Fiore would deem as a dark mage, and his name was Verigoth. Verigoth concocted a plan to use a certain forbidden spell from branch of living magic that required the the life energy of many creatures with magical energy and any celestial beasts, such as those from the keys or through other means of summoning. Motivated by their emotions against the Kingdom, many mages obliged to these conditions and went as far as to sacrifice themselves for this grand spell to be cast. The first time the spell was cast, it failed, as there was something missing for it to work. Their were many sacrifices made, mages and celestial beasts, but there was one problem. The mages were unwilling. Now, with willing sacrifices as well as a nearly limitless number of beasts, the spell could be cast successfully and it was, completely destroying the bodies of the mages and using all of the negative energy they had to twist the celestial beasts into the first monsters, known as Alphas. Verigoth didn't think the Alphas would be so powerful, he thought he could control them. He was wrong. They quickly turned on him and the mages that hadn't given up their lives and slaughtered all of them, but they didn't go down without a fight. During this immense battle of magic and monster, the Pergrande Kingdom thought it would be best to set up a barrier so that their western end doesn't get caught in the crossfires, and thus the "Great Wall of Sin" was born. It's an enormous wall that covers the entrance of the panhandle from end to end, made of the toughest rock known to Earthland, imported especially from Bosco. Eventually, all the mages were wiped out and the Alphas were left to thrive in their new land, ravaged by fighting. They even became sentient after enough time. Breeding between Alphas gave rise to the ancestors of the common monsters we know today such as "Vulcans" or "Wyverns", and once the land of Sin was getting overpopulated, the air and water based creatures fled to new lands to spread their species their. Some land based Alphas even rode on the water ones to these new lands. Many crusades have been attempted by the Pergrande Kingdom to eradicate the problem they caused, possibly the most massive problem plaguing Earthland today, but their efforts were futile. Even with their highly skilled paladins fighting in the front lines, there are too many creatures that are too powerful which end up crushing the paladins every time. All they can do is stop them from coming into their kingdom. But one day, the wall will fall. It's only a matter of time...

    Wizard Population: 0%

    Visual Info:

    Official Earthland Map Fotr6
    Official Earthland Map Mordor-Wallpapers-6
    Official Earthland Map Canyons_wallpapers_270
    Official Earthland Map Mordor____or_something__by_ravens_raziel-d304pwj
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