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    Flying Divines


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    Flying Divines Empty Flying Divines

    Post by YoungBridge on 3rd November 2018, 9:34 am

    Name: The Flying Divines
       Rank: Strong(+)
       Type: Swords
    Flying Divines G58fp0K
    About 6 appear physically at a time, but the number is infinite.

       Name: Flying Divine Form
       Rank: B
       Duration: 5 posts
       Description: Upon activation the Flying Divines glow and surround Hebi in a halo, spinning behind her like a wheel before turning Hebi into the Flying Divine Form. While it can outside of battle be an indefinite transformation, in battle it serves as a form that gives Hebi a bit of extra punch. While in this form all melee attacks performed will deal 50% more damage(it deals B rank magic damage if the attack has no actual damage number like punching or kicking).
    Ability 2:

       Name: Red Comets
       Rank: C
       Duration: 3 posts
       Description: Upon activation the swords glow brilliantly and begin to take several forms


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