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    I am the tea pot. <3 [Leaving]


    Star I am the tea pot. <3 [Leaving]

    Post by Guest 2nd November 2018, 5:49 pm

    I honestly don't really know what to say.

    This site has been a part of my life for 3+ years. I was on dev team since my second week on the site back when dev did more system-oriented stuff and then worked my way up to head admin. I've dealt with lots of drama. I've also written lots of stories. Izayuki has been the best character I've ever made thus far and I hope to continue her stories into art and animation as I aim to get into an animation program in college. I also adored my guild, Black Rose. It's been my home for these three years here and I'm honored to have led such an amazing group of friendly writers. I've also made so many friends here. Friends who have been there through troubling times. Friends who supported me and allowed me to support them. They're people I trust as much as IRL friends with so much. I love them all. You know who you are. <3

    But, all journeys come to an end. I have been on the fence about stepping down and leaving for a few months now over RL being so busy and just the negativity here. All those other leaving threads you just read? I'm sad to say they're all true, 100%. They're not even exaggerated or blown out of proportion; they're the tip of the iceberg.

    I put HOURS of my days and week into this site. It takes anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour or more to grade a magic application thoroughly, depending on the rank of the member and the detail of their spells and abilities. It also depends on their grasp of the magic rules. I spent hours working on events and systems and rules so the site members could have fun and enjoy writing.
    But then I get called a "two faced bitch who uses favoritism", despite me holding strong beliefs in not doing anything for myself nor giving my friends special benefits when it came to staff. Then one of my best friends gets gaslighted. Then another close friend basically gets sexually harassed. I've witnessed someone think its cool to write child pornography on this forum and others support that person, someone writing 6,000 words on basically why I was Satan, another 2,000 words from someone else on why staff were horrible people for telling them to not be rude to others, someone told me they'd figure out a way to 'psychologically torment' me with bandodging and turning people against me, another person stole my character and posted her on another site, a former FRIEND tried to spread site wide shit about me to get people to turn on me, I was removed from a guild once for helping out another guild with a big predicament, and finally, demoted without warning nor a personal thanks for those 3 years spent shoveling shit to try to make others happy.

    People here would much rather use others to boost their popularity, to become admin or mod, they'll cut off friendships if it means getting to the top on a FORUM WHERE WE WRITE ABOUT FICTIONAL ANIME PEOPLE. If you don't like something, politely tell someone in charge or kindly take your leave. Do not try to poison other people and talk shit about the ones who work their hardest just so you can have fun. Also, don't throw people under the bus just because you know you'll get something like a shiny new position with hours of extra work. There's something called trust and confidence and if you think that's fun to break, you really do have some contemplating on your life and friendships to do.

    I put up with all of this crap for years to make you guys happy. I hope I made at least some of you happy. I really hope and pray I made the writing experience on here for some of you fun. That was all I ever wanted to do. It was never about me. It was never about just pleasing a few friends. I wanted everybody to have fun.

    I guess that is all I have. My final words to you guys are just to CHILL. Relax, sit back, think about where you are both IRL and online. Is this site REALLY worth the backstabbing, betrayal, negativity, and shit? Or would you rather find your friends, keep with them, and just have fun and write about fictional anime characters? Find that group of people you can trust and go to them. That's what I'm doing. The ones I trust and love, my guild and my friends, I'm leaving with them to go elsewhere. If you consider me a friend, I'd love to have you and my DMs are always open.

    Guys, just love on one another. Stop being petty, stop using each other, stop bashing/slandering others, and just have fun. Nobody deserves bullshit. Especially not the people trying to help you and make fun things for you.

    I wanted to stay to get Izayuki's plot arc wrapped up, but I think I'll just take my leave and backscreen it. Anyone who wants to reach out to me, I'd really love to talk. <3 I'm willing to answer any and all questions given to me.

    Take care of yourselves. Have fun roleplaying and love one another. Thank you for the happy writing years on this site and I hope I was able to make some of you happy with the work I did and the stories I wrote.
    Cadis Tenheart
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    Star Re: I am the tea pot. <3 [Leaving]

    Post by Cadis Tenheart 2nd November 2018, 9:08 pm

    tl;dr, thank you! we hope you find a new place to roleplay!!

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