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    The tea cart has stopped at my table

    Lester Drynedi
    Lester Drynedi

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    The tea cart has stopped at my table Empty The tea cart has stopped at my table

    Post by Lester Drynedi 2nd November 2018, 3:23 pm

    I have not been here long, only about a year. I've been staff since the start of the year and admin since June. I do not like the way this site is going, I know I joined in a lull of relative peace, yet there are still signs of a downward spiral.

    I've been on sites where manipulation, lying, taking advantage of and backstabbing is normal. Where it's commonplace to have unrest not just within members but also within staff, breaking the law was normal in many circumstances and people on the same site were so divided it was more like countries at war, and it's starting to come forth here. When something is said to your face but then behind your back told differently to other people, lie and say that they agree or will do something instead of being straightforward. With this path its not a place that I want to care and love, I do not want to get attached here anymore.
    I've seen the time, how long these people spend not just updating threads but dealing with problems and situations come up, ignoring their personal opinion to consider what's best for everyone even if it ends off worse for them. Just to do all this and to wake up to find another group of people seething with resentment that they hide behind smiles.

    If you have a problem, message a staff member, gods can't you just role play and be happy for once. At the end of the day figure out why you're here and if that's getting fulfilled. Because from what I've seen with the amount of behind the scenes comments, rants and chats a fair few of you aren't happy, but if you don't make an effort to change it, don't whine. Put some care into your community and politely message a staff member, believe or if not I don't care anymore but we're very open to criticism not just from you but from each other.

    I'll still remain to role play, perhaps a little less but I don't want to try and help a site which is so hell bent on self destruction. Make no mistake there are those of you I adore and think of as friends, and there are those of you I hold no anger against. But I don't want to return to a place where I worry what will happen each day and if the words people say are true or just a guise to mislead. So yea, trash talk and hate me, threaten to take me to court, or guilt trip me into stepping up to help a dying forum.

    I'll still be role-playing so feel free to message me, I'm not that angry or scary just weary and disappointed in what I've seen and what is coming

    Edit: CS is being disbanded as per request of creator Desiree and current gm

    I had been planning to roleplay however after recent events I do not plan to do so, after losing trust, friendship and respect of some of my closest peers I will not just be stepping down but taking a very extended hiatus. The social media board information, events and other updates will not be accessible to current staff due to your lack of communication, so I suggest that you get started on giving the members something the did ask for.

    To those who have messages me on discord thank you so much for the messages <33 they were a comfort, to those who want to chat feel free to my discord is Kat#0253


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