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    Post by Lilium on 28th October 2018, 6:34 pm

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    Magic Name: Aegis

    Magic Type: Ancient | Holy Light / Holy Metal

    Description: The final stage of Lilium's magic. She has achieved total mastery of her abilities and uses them to the highest capabilities reachable for a mortal that inherited the magic. She can blur the line successfully as to how to weave magic perfectly in order to achieve a sense of harmony between physical and magical combat.

    Aegis specializes in getting up close and personal to the opponent and completely knocking them out of the water with her strength and magical prowess. However, she learned not to sacrifice good defenses so she can always use things to get her out in a pinch. The elements of holy light and holy metal can achieve wondrous effects and as a result, can surprise an opponent with the way she wields both. She specializes in using her attacks to hit where it hurts and it doesn't matter how strong your buffs are as she can also use that against you in addition to powering herself up with her own attack boosters. Either way, your only options with this magic is to try to avoid her as best as you can but that's pretty hard when she can cover a lot of ground extremely quickly.

    Unique Abilities:

    gυиgиιя | The user has complete mastery over any weapon they come across due to them having access to the wisdom of Athena as well as her treasury. However, this ability has evolved alongside the magic itself. Using magic from Arcadia, Lilium can harness the magic energy and use it in a magical or physical form. Most of the time, it can take the form of weaponry such as sword or bows, or simple bolts of magic. A hit from one of these deals user ranked melee damage.

    мαитяα | The prelude to the five Astra movements.  It mainly prepares one's body so that they are able to use all of the movements. The user receives a 40% buff to their melee damage and a 20% buff to their magical strength. Their melee strikes now all deal adaptive damage based on whichever damage is buffed highest. (Strength or Magic Damage) In addition to this, the lingering energy from the attacks that Lilium utilizes causes an afterimage to appear and deal a melee hit of rank damage within burst radius.

    вяαнмαѕтяα | Improving on the basics is always a necessity to stay on top of battle. The melee strikes linger through holy light particles that fill up an area around where the attack went through, following the burst range of her rank. Each holy light particle is small and enemies can get hit by multiple. Each one deals full melee damage of her rank while dealing adaptive damage based on which of the user's damage buffs is higher than the other. (Strength or Magical Damage).



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