A warriors Death (Job)

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    A warriors Death (Job)

    Post by Veil Yami on 24th October 2018, 4:48 pm

    The sound of a train pulling into the station filled the air, the grind of metal and hiss of steam signaling the arrival of the passengers at Oshibana Station. As the passengers exit the train, a young gentleman stepped off with them. The young man had dark red hair that fell to his shoulders and a pair of half moon spectacles rested on his nose. He wore a black suit with a dark green tie, a black top hat and shiny combat boots. a Black cane was held in his right hand with a silver wolf head for the handle.

    The mage stepped out of the crowd and looked around. He had never been to Oshibana before and the quaint little town seemed to revolve around the train station. He lifted the flyer and remembered a couple days ago when he got the job. Veil had been looking for a way to make some funds for his research and decided to take a job. It was his first solo job and it sounded like one he could really sink his teeth in. Get some Jewels and help a old man enter Valhalla, it seemed just like his style. He enjoyed research and learning but he was also a battle nut and craved adventure and fighting as much as he did reading and learning.

    So after taking the job and informing the guild he was doing so, it was outside and into the sky. His ancestor somewhere did something with a wind being and now his lineage had the power of flight. Just to the nearest train station since flying requires magic power and he wanted to save his for the battle ahead. Landing, he bought a ticket and climbed on the train to Oshibana station. The ride was uneventful and basic. No robbers or dark guilds with magic flutes, no large lions running next to the train or gigantic dragons falling from the sky and erasing all before them.

    Nope, a simple everyday easygoing ride. Veil had spent it reading a book on spells and had already come up with several new formulas for when his power grew. The hiss told him his time had come. Now Veil walked through the crowd, using slight movements to avoid the people as they crowded the station to receive or bid farewell to loved ones. Soon Veil stood on the other side, leaning on his cane as his eyes moved over the town and took in the sights. A smile formed on his lips, this town was quite quaint. He moved down the street, a soft whistle coming from his teeth as he spun his cane with familiarity in circles. The silver head and black body a blur in the youths right hand.

    A small hut on the edge of town seemed to be the home of his client. It was a spartan place with two large shields on the top, a single battle axe design hung in the middle of both shields. At the top of the house was a wooden chimeny shaped like a dragons head with smoke coming from it's mouth. Eyes of dark black from years of woodsmoke looked out over the town like a ancient Sentinal. Veil stopped at the door and raised his cane, a quick double tap of Silver on wood reverberated through the air. The young gentleman took a step back as the door was flung open by a giant.

    When Veil had read the flyer of a eighty year old man looking for death he had expected a frail old man on his last legs. This was not that kind of man at all, he was walking life itself. The man stepped out and Veil had to look up at the eight foot tall beheamoth, the man had to weigh at least five hundred pounds and there was not a lick of fat on him. Arms like tree trunks with digits the size of sausages, on hands that looked like they could crush steel. His legs were thick roots of manliness, not only did they hold the rest of him up but his feet looked like they could clear a field with a kick. The man's chest and shoulders were that of an ogre in width. He wore thick leather and a cloak made of fur that Veil felt could clothe an entire family and still have enough left over for the dog and a new rug by the fire.

    The man's face was hard to distinguish under the full manly beard and mustache that seemed to cover his entire face and fell down to his chest. Bushy as a briarbush and looked as rough as steelwool. His hair of dark grey was held back by a braided pony tail that went to his shoulders. The scars that covered the man told stories of the warrior he must have been in his youth. How much one fades as age takes you closer and closer to the end. While some mages have spent their entire lives looking for a way to escape death and live forever, Veil embraced the idea he would one day die.

    In his mind it seperated the fact from the fiction, chasing after immortality was a waste of time. Even if one did live forever what would be the point? If you never died than you would never truly live. He pushed aside the mental philosphy debate since he seemed to have...bigger issues at the moment. The giant raised a hand with speed that belied his size and held it out. Veil smiled and lifted his own hand which now felt puny next to the man in front of him. His entire hand and half his arm was encompassed by the warrior who gave it a soft shake and let go. Veil bowed at the waist in his custom.

    "Sir Wolfbeo, I am Veil Yami of the Silver Wolf guild. I have accepted your job to battle you with my upmost so you may enter the halls of Valhalla and stand among your brethren until Ragnarok comes."

    The giants eyes widened a little, he hadn't expected anyone in Fiore to know of Ragnarok, a pleased smile crossed his feauters and he chuckled. Of course his chuckle sounded more like rolling thunder than human laughter. "You have manners, little Wolf. Good, one should always show respect for their enemy. Know this is a battle to the death, mine...or yours." The giant turned and lifted one of the shields off his house above his door, reaching inside his house he pulled out a six foot long war hammer. The weapon was made of solid iron with a hammer on the front, a hook on the back, and the shaft ended in a tapered point. What would take a strong man to wield with two hands this titan wielded with the ease of a regular hammer. Taking swings that made the air shriek as if it was personally being nailed by that ungodly piece of iron.

    Veil gave a little nod and skipped backwards, using his nimble body over that of the giant. Veil would use magic while the other man seemed hell bent on using physical blows. Taking off his top hat he sunk the end of his cane into the soft ground, placing his hat on the silver wolf handle. With that done he walked around to the back of the house while the warrior walked ahead and lead the way. In the back was a large battlefield that looked like it had been used quite a bit. Three graves freshly buried were off to the side, a idea of who was under those burial piles entered Veil's mind. The other man didn't even look at the graves, only giving a grunt of confirmation.

    Veil nodded and accepted their fate. Like all wizards who joined a guild and took jobs they knew their lives were placed on the line each and every time. One could walk out on a simple delivery job and never return, leaving only their guildmates sad and wondering what happened to their friend. Before he finished off the giant he would ask what guild those mages had been from. If they were Legal guilds or part of the Alliance his guild was tied in he would deliver notice of their passing. Wolfbeo stopped after a hundred yards from his house, the ground was open and it gave no chance of any damage happening to the town. However, curiously enough people had begun to gather. From their looks and waves they were people of Oshibana town. Several cheers for Wolfbeo filled the air and Veil couldn't help but smile. The town had turned a solemn and possible depressing fight into a full on event where they cheered for their town mate to stand victorious once more.

    Veil gave a full waist bow to the crowd, his red hair flapping in the wind, he took the opportunity to lift his glasses back to their origional position. Wolfbeo lifted his hammer and let out a roaring battle cry that was returned by the crowd. Knowing what was to come, Veil turned to his opponent, curling his right hand into a fist he slammed it against his own chest right over his heart. "I Veil Yami, mage of the Silver Wolf guild herby challenge you, Wolfbeo Theoson to honorable combat. May one of us see Valhalla and stand before Lord Oden as one of his soldiers."

    Having read the part of Valhalla, Veil had gotten curious and visited the massive library under the Silver Wolf guild. There he had read several passages to Valhalla, a place where warriors went after they died. They would enter a Halhome and stand amongst their friends and families. Their god Oden, a great warrior himself, would welcome the warrior to Valhalla and name him for all to see. He would become a soldier to march in the god's war of Ragnarok, otherwise known as the end of days. They would fight against the legions of chaos and there they would die. Veil had grown fond of the idea and had decided if he died he would want to go there. It seemed a great place to spend his time.

    Wolfbeo returned the gesture and repeated what Veil said. Adding in his own name and the clan he once sailed under instead of a guild. Now, words aside battle was commenced. The giant let out a roar and charged forward. His long grey hair flowing behind him in a great wave, his shield in front protecting him while he held his great hammer in his right hand. Footsteps thundered on the earth beneath them. Veil moved his right and left hand in quick unision, forming a symbol.

    The ground where the giant stepped on suddenly glowed purple, a magic circle forming and began spinning. The warrior looked down then up, above him was another magic circle. Thinking quickly he slammed his shield down just as the magic circles activated. What would have been a six meter high tower of dark magic was instead blocked by the shield. The giant cursed and kicked it away. While it absorbed the damage it had broke from blocking the spell. Now Veil was in a position as the spell had been cast while the man had gotten close. Veil had allowed him to get closer so the spell would catch him off guard but now he was in range of that big hammer.

    Magic cost 20mp (Minus 40%, plus 15%) Total cost: 9mp. 191 MP left

    Veil leaped back, using his wind heritage powers to fly over the swinging hammer and land a few yards away. The man roared, pulled back his arm, and flung the hammer with such power and speed that Veil had no chance to block and was smashed in the chest. His body hurled backwards before landing on the ground and sliding to a stop three yards back. Veil coughed as he tried to get air back into his lungs from such a vicious blow.

    HP damage 50 HP. 150HP left.

    Veil crawled to his hands and knees, hacking up bile as his lungs fought to get air into them. He had been in fights before but nothing like that before. The man's strength and ferocity in battle was to be feared and respected. His eyes turned and he froze, for now he looked upon a pair of leather boots that looked like an entire cow had been used to make...each. A crushing blow to his back smashed him into the ground. Blood coughed from his mouth and he could feel the two broken ribs from the physical blow. Veil was lucky it had been the man's fist and not that evil hammer.

    HP Damage 20. HP left 130.

    Veil twisted away as another blow came down, though his ribs screamed, shooting hot lancing pain through his side, he knew that it was better than the alternative. His eyes looked up and locked with the cold eyes of the client. Once more he wondered just who this man must have been in his youth. He was a deadly warrior even now in his eighties. Veil climbed to his feet, his hands already making the most eleaborate symbols yet, his own eyes hardened as the titan rushed forward. Though he held no weapon or shield, his arms were outstretched in a position to grab and grapple. A position Veil had no desire to ever find himself in.

    Finally it finished, Veil said a prayer to Oden to hold this mans soul in good confidence and unleashed the spell. A magic circle appeared above in a twenty two meter range, on the ground it also appeared. The top one rotated clockways while the bottom rotated counterclock ways. The circles glowed and beams of pure dark energy began firing in random patterns across the entire radius, raining up and down like raindrops caught in a weird gravity/anti-gravity bubble. The giant was quick to dodge three but the fourth one hammered his foot, he stumbled and that was all. Young and old eyes locked as a beam of dark magic came from the sky like a unholy bolt of Oden's lightning. Striking the giant and sending him to the ground. His eyes were open and empty but a single smile rested on his face. Veil would never forget the look of a smiling warrior.

    Two days have passed since that battle, Veil now returned once more to his guild with jewels in his pocket and books in his briefcase. While the days would pass, battles would come and go, and history would always move forward, Veil would never forget a old man's great warrior spirit. In his minds eye he saw the burning ship that would take Wolfbeo on his way to Valhalla. Hammer that was so feared by his enemies resting on his chest, cloak so great the beast he took it from must have died proud, draped around his body. And the spare shield that held the symbol of the great hammer rested proudly under his head. With one last look to the horizon, in the direction of Oshibana village, Veil Yami of Silver Wolf finished his Job.

    Word count 2,250

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