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    Born Tactician

    Elvira Arcade
    Elvira Arcade

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    Born Tactician Empty Born Tactician

    Post by Elvira Arcade on 19th October 2018, 8:17 am


    Magic Name: Born Tactician

    Magic Type: Tertiary

    It is unclear ff her mind is magically augmented or she was simply born extremely gifted, but Elvira has one of the highest IQs on record in Minstrel, though she often conceals it. Her talents were further sharpened by years of private tutoring and courtly education in every subject imaginable, making her intelligence perhaps her most powerful ability.


    • Analytics:
      Elvira's ability to analyze the world around her means she is often thinking several steps ahead of anyone else; allowing her to react quickly and precisely in most situations.


    • Aloof:
      Elvira's mind is in nearly constant overdrive, she can often appear distracted or distant, even to her close friends.

    Total Recall:
    Elvira has an eidetic memory. She is able to recall a nearly unlimited number of images, sounds, objects, and experiences she has encountered in perfect detail.

    Elvira's memory combined with her exceptionally well practiced intuitive abilities allow her to survey people and scenes, quickly deducing a large amount of information. For example: She can often determine a person's fighting style by the way they carry themselves, whether or not someone is lying by how their eyes move, and what sort of things recently transpired in a room if there is any tangible evidence left behind.
    (This ability requires OOC permission to be used on a Player)

    Social Manipulation:
    Elvira has made a career of understanding what people want to hear and using that to her advantage. She is able to manipulate or seduce almost anyone given enough time.
    (This ability requires OOC permission to be used on a Player)

    Years of training to be a proper noble, combined with her absurdly high intellect, allow Elvira to quickly observe and adopt localized behaviors, customs, and glean enough basic language information.

    Puzzle Solver:
    Elvira is particularly gifted when it comes to solving puzzles involving math and logic. She is virtually impossible to beat in games of strategy and is capable of solving most puzzles and math problems extremely quickly.


    Born Tactician MNaPexz

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