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    For You I'd Step to a Dude Much Bigger Than Me


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    For You I'd Step to a Dude Much Bigger Than Me Empty For You I'd Step to a Dude Much Bigger Than Me

    Post by Dela Sun 14 Oct - 21:30

    There were sources in other countries that held info she needed directly, let alone would probably need for guild or Fiore related endeavors. She'd yet to have expanded to the broader scope of what all could be brought to its knees by some good intel, or just how much jewel people would be able to pay for said ground breaking and reality shaking tidbits. It would come in time. An empire wasn't built in a day, but it was always best to be prepared.

    Millie hopped off the train, heaving a heavy sigh. So much running around! This was the third train ride this week. Her laziness was rearing its head, her bed calling her home to all the things she bought to keep her occupied and stationary inside. Her cat probably thought she'd been abandoned. A new game sad on her TV stand, unopened and and miserably unplayed. Naps on the train were nice, but snuggled up in her bed with all the plushies and fuzzy blankets and Firestar purring against her chest. Her shows were backed up on record. Point is, Millie had about enough of outing for now, so this would only be a giant pain in her butt.

    Waiting in line was agonizing. Everyone was noisy. She'd rained glitter on four groups of people to get them to run away in annoyance at being plagued with glitter forever, but now there was a group of little girls and one adult woman, all of which thought the sparkles were awesome. Millie's bottom lip jutted out a little and she considered summoning her unicorn to gore them savagely, but wait. She was playing the legal card here to get her passport. They wouldn't issue them to darkies, which seemed lowkey prejudice to her, but whatever. She wasn't really a dark mage. She was a magical girl. A magical girl who didn't want to die, so she joined a guild that would give her infinite revives until she figured something else out. Oof, this was complicated.

    Whipping out her Lacboy, she let herself be absorbed into catching cute monsters and battling them to waste the rest of the time. Millie almost didn't notice the aching in her tired legs from extensive standing. Almost. Her inward complaints were not in shortage, running as a constant stream through her brain. But at least her focus was on her game and not the constant noise and complaining of everyone else.

    At last it was her turn. Flipping the device shut and shoving it into her bag, she slid in her application full of half truths. How could you deny a magical girl? Weren't they the nearly perfect image of legal hero types? Justice and love and all that. Her sparkles seemed to drive it home...that or they wanted to minimize the glitter on them and their things that would never truly disappear, and would surely show up in the oddest of places for all eternity. Glitter might just be her greatest weapon, and that brought a grin to her face as she walked away with her glossy new passport.



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