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    Post by Dela on 13th October 2018, 1:31 am

    In the back of the last train car was a short girl. She was slouched like a corpse in the corner, forehead against the window glass and mouth hanging open just enough to threaten a drool. One blond bun was squished into the glass, while the other remained perfectly round and unbothered. Both had long cascades of flaxen strands spouting from them, running down and pooling on the seat either side of her skirted bum. A few attendants lurked nearby, snickering at the girl's soft snores and blissfully ignorant slumber. She hadn't even been aboard that long. There was just something about the rhythmic clack of the tracks that put the sleep lover right out.

    The train started to slow, and bets between the attendants on whether she blonde girl would wake to wake her stop or sleep right through it were made. Even as it came to a stop, her snores only deepened, and the couple seated in front of her turned to look and swore she was starting to smile.  Just as the money was being passed between winners and losers, the snore abruptly crescendoed and came to an end. The train's baleful howl served as an alarm clock. The young woman snapped up, cheek red from being pressed against the flat surface. Sky blue eyes blinked sluggishly, but before she could entirely wake up, she bounded up from her seat and staggered down the middle to the exit. The train was starting to move! No! Stop! You've missed it! money....rats!

    Millie hopped off the train before it could get too fast, pitching forward and landing in the dirt on top of her small travel bag. Butt up in the air as if in the downward dog yoga position, the steamy blast from the locomotive blew her skirt up and gave the rest of the boarded passengers a nice panty shot from their windows. "Ouch..." she muttered, getting up and flusteredly patting her garment back into modesty. Well, she was here. Time to move on.

    As she made her way into the magic lacking town, Millie reached up and fluffed the ruined bun back into a matching round shape. There'd been a time where she'd have loved to live here to avoid the events in her life, a place to run away to and hide from her problems. But now she'd somewhat embraced some things, so she knew staying would only turn such a place into a prison. The reason she was here at all was a vital piece of equipment to her overall goal. A piece of technology. A video camera, recorder, camera, filing system, contact organizer, and ever connected hint giver to her next nugget of info she needed to gather. It was nearly everything she needed, so instead of lugging around a huge conspicuous bag of info gathering junk, she'd have a sleek gadget in her pocket to fly unnoticed. A true spy tool. A privacy invader. A secret keeper. It was perfect!

    So she went and got one for free, then left.



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