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    Magic is for everyone!

    Aven Alveron
    Aven Alveron

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    Magic is for everyone! Empty Magic is for everyone!

    Post by Aven Alveron on Wed 10 Oct 2018 - 21:11

    Hey, guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Circle Wizard! I'm just popping by to toss a suggestion for a very important rules clarification that I think goes overlooked a lot, but is quoted as fact by people who're "in the know", as they say. It's something I didn't find out until months after I'd been very active on the site, and actually came as both a relief, and a pleasant surprise!

    The rule I'm speaking of, of course, is the unwritten rule (As far as I've read, at least, I've scoured the rules many times and never noticed it) that in PvE, players don't actually need to use spell ranges, damage, or even health, for that matter. Now, I think it's safe to say that, rules wise, this is actually a pretty big deal: it means that anyone who doesn't really want to PvP doesn't need to stress over the minute numbers and balancing of creating a competitive Magic, nor do they need to spend hours upon hours attempting fit the fun ideas they've dreamed up into a rule set made specifically with PvP in mind! Instead, if they were immediately aware of the rule form the start, they could simply create a magic for grading that incorporates the elements that they want to include, and just fill in the numbers from the correct tables like clockwork.

    So, how exactly would our lovely Admin team go about implementing this? Well, seeing as every player needs to read the spell rules carefully to create a magic, and that's the normal direction that new players that are creating one will be pointed in, I think the best place would be at the very tip top of the "Magic and Spell Rules" tab! Perhaps, something that reads like this, in big, bold letters that no person with at least 1/20 vision could miss on a computer screen: "These Rules and Guidelines are intended for the sole purpose of Player vs. Player balancing. They are in no way a restriction on PvE interactions, and should not be treated as such. Players are allowed full creative liberty with the execution of all non Player vs. Player socials and jobs." Obviously, the wording is not as important as the message: this site is here for us to have fun writing together, and the more clear that is to new and old players alike, the better it'll be for all involved.

    If you've gotten this far, I thank you for your time, and I'd love to hear any support, comments, or additional suggestions related to this topic!


    Magic is for everyone! Aven_Sig

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    Lester Drynedi
    Lester Drynedi

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    Magic is for everyone! Empty Re: Magic is for everyone!

    Post by Lester Drynedi on Wed 10 Oct 2018 - 21:28

    Yup! what that means is that while your magic has to follow all of the rules during the approval process, as long as other members in the thread are okay with it you can be flexible and user your spells how you wish for plots and non pvp threads.

    We can add this in to clarify as well as the newbie guide if it helps.


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