Spooky Picnic? [Loki]


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    Spooky Picnic? [Loki]

    Post by Wolfie977 on 9th October 2018, 1:40 pm

    With so many different new places to explore, all with their own unique cultures and amazing sights to see. It was to no one who knew hers surprise that Callie was drawn to a forest to explore. Even if this particular one was a little eerie, it didn't bother her that much. She knew how to take care of herself and even if not, she had Terra with her to protect her! What could possibly ever go wrong? Not like she was heading straight into an unknown area that she knew absolutely nothing about without a care in the world or anything. That'd be silly.

    Though after carelessly wandering around for a little while, greeting the various wildlife that turned their heads the young vixens way, Callie began to feel a little worn out. Which was odd, she hadn't felt that way since arriving at this new place. Although since then she hadn't really given herself a chance to sit down and recuperate, always on the move and looking for new things to be nosy about. With a gentle sigh she would squat down and pat her little fox companion on the head before letting her feet give way underneath her to sit up against a tree.

    "You wouldn't happen to have any food on you, huh Terra?" She'd ask with a shy smile, feeling a little embarrassed about the sudden fatigue she felt. "I wonder if there's any of that food Kay put in my bag left..." Callie would continue before yanking the strap of a satchel she'd been carrying off from around her neck and started trifling through it.

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