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    [D-rank] Fear Tactics


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    [D-rank] Fear Tactics  Empty [D-rank] Fear Tactics

    Post by Tsuuki on 7th October 2018, 4:23 pm

    Basilisk Fang{} D-rank

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    This notes section will scroll if needed!
    The rune knights were mages sworn to protect the citizens of Fiorie from dark mages. Such an obligation was honorable yet dangerous, it wasn’t a job for someone with a family. That much should have been obvious and Tsuuki couldn’t understand why a family man would take such a risky job. It was rather stupid putting your family at risk for other people, at least that it what the serpent believed.  Today, the serpent was reading a message from his guild about putting some rune-knight in his place. Since, Tsuuki was the closet active member within that location, they decided that he was best for the job, maybe that and because he had an affinity for serpents. Currently, he was resting within a tavern in peace village specifically, he was sitting in a large cushioned chair, which was right next to the hearth. The glow from the fire granted him the needed light to read the message, while the heat kept him warm. Tsuuki placed the letter onto a small wooden table, next to the glass of hot chocolate, which he picked up and took sip from the warm beverage. What they wanted him to do was simple and cruel. 

    The job required Tsuuki to place a de-fanged cobra into the bed of this rune-knight’s daughter. Now, that was admittedly something abhorred to do, and it would take someone unnaturally cruel to commit such an act. However, Basilisk Fang seemed to be a guild filled with unnaturally cruel and inhuman people who are willing to commit such acts. Tsuuki was one of those people who were willing to commit evil acts for a reason, and it wasn’t like he was harming the child. His high ankle sandals tapped quietly against the stone floor, his apathetic gaze watched the roaring flames of the fire, while he rested his chin onto the palm of his pale hand. Tsuuki once brought the cup of hot chocolate to his lips and took another sip of it. "This shall be boring." he sighed in contempt and finished the beautiful cup of hot chocolate. He saw the importance of this mission, but also found the mission itself to be simple and boring. However, if he was to execute this mission successfully, then that would no doubt earn him brownie points with the guild. Tsuuki once again reached for the little letter that contains the mission. "Very well." he muttered under his breath and then started to tear the letter apart.  Piece by piece, he tore the letter and threw the pieces of scrap paper into the greedy fire. With a bored expression, Tsuuki watched the flames consume the scrap pieces of paper and waved the waitress down for another cup of hot chocolate. He decided that he would leave tomorrow night, and simply explore the area early tomorrow morning, that way hopefully no one would catch him. First, he would need to pick up the serpent, information on how to get the beast was contained within the letter. Tsuuki would pick up the beautiful animal tomorrow when he explores the area. The waitress came back with the hot chocolate, and when Tsuuki was done he headed to bed to prepare for the next day.

    It was a dark and cold morning the next day. Fog consumed the roads casting an eerie atmosphere onto the innocent village, Tsuuki found it rather amusing. He explored the village and located where this rune knight's house was located, then he located the serpent. The snake was hidden behind a bush and contained within a small wooden crate. For a while Tsuuki stalked the house from atop a hill, watching the family's happenings, and waiting for the house to empty. Eventually, the mother and daughter left the house leaving it empty, Tsuuki was playing with the de-fanged King Cobra when this happened. "Mmmm, it would be useless to wait now. Wouldn't you agree?" he asked the serpent, who simply squirmed in reply. Tsuuki chuckled. "Shame, when they find you they will probably kill you.....I am sorry." he sighed and kissed the top of the serpents head, before standing up. "Some sacrifices must be made for the greater good....yes? Or well at least the greater good of myself. forgive me" With that Tsuuki draped the serpent over his shoulders, and crushed the crate with his foot. He silently slithered down the watchful hill top, across the beautiful garden, and hid himself in the bushes. His watchful gaze scanned the driveway, carefully he made sure that no one was coming. Then he slithered into the house, careful not to be caught, and placed the serpent within the bed. When he was done he silently made his exit, and disappeared into the fog. 

    Job Information:

    Job Title: Fear Tactics
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be a member of Basilisk Fang.
    Job Requirements: 5 posts per player, 150 words per post. Getting caught will result in automatic failure.
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description: A new captain of the Rune Knights has vowed to stem the tide of so called dark guilds and has recently begun investigations into Basilisk Fang's activity. He must be persuaded to stop. We have dug into his personal background and learned that he has a family in Peace Village, with a wife and young child. Your task is to break into the Rune Knight's house at night and place a cobra in the young child's bed. The cobra being supplied has been defanged to prevent it from killing the child, but the Rune Knight captain should understand the message loud and clear—we can get to him and his family whenever we want.

    Enemies: N/A

    Reward: 2,000 Jewels

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