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    [Job] Panda for President [Job]


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    [Job] Panda for President [Job] Empty [Job] Panda for President [Job]

    Post by Tsuuki on 7th October 2018, 11:23 am

    Basilisk Fang{} D-rank

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    This notes section will scroll if needed!
    Boredom was dangerous. At least it is dangerous when someone like Tsuuki gets bored. You see, when someone like Tsuuki gets bored, sometimes violence is the only option to quench that boredom. Boredom was usually a rare thing for him and he would usually preoccupy himself with various experiments, usually on unwilling test subjects. With that being said, Tsuuki simply found himself disinterested within his current experiments, and well bored with the outside world. In his opinion nothing interesting was happening, and there certainty wasn't anything interesting to do within that accursed frozen guild. So he decided that it was his time to spice things up a little, and the best way to do that was with the death of some political idiot. The chaos that would ensue after the death of both of these candidates should be rather amusing! And Tsuuki would love to be the one that made the windmill blow! So, he decided to orchestrate their assassination and get some jewels while doing so. A truly win, win situation. Tsuuki gently drummed his fingers against the oaken desk, his thoughts twisted in some sort of horrible grin, This is going to be amusing.’ he thought to himself. 

    Currently, the snake was in a coffee shop drinking him some hot chocolate, mostly because well he did that before and after every mission. It was both a way to prep him for the mission and to reward himself after the mission. You know, it was rather amusing that people would choose such idiots to represent them, and well to rule the country for them. Tsuuki brought a warm mug of hot chocolate to his lips and gently tilted his head down. In nearly one swoop he drunk the sweet beverage and smiled as the warm sensation made its way down his throat and into his stomach. It surprised him that people would vote an idiotic narcissistic like Tonald Drump, and a weakling like Cillary Hlilton. Heck, arguably Tsuuki could make a better leader than those two fools. After all, he had intelligence and charisma, plus that would grant him the power and money to perform his experiments. He smirked before setting the coffee cup down, he would have to reconsider his career path later. While he was waiting for night to fall, Tsuuki roamed around the town and devised a plan in which to carry out his dark deeds. 

    Tsuuki did not want to make a scene, mostly because he didn't want to push his luck. For that reason, the serpent decided that it would be best to operate in the shadows. When darkness consumes the remaining rays of sunlight, the serpent found himself slither towards their offices. Tsuuki managed to disguise himself as one of the maids, and then sneak past the secret service, and then enter into the office of Tonald Drump. When he entered the office, Tsuuki noticed that there were two guards standing at the entrance of the door- both inside and outside the office. Tsuuki managed to pull the food kart next to Tonald Drump, then without hesitation, he grabbed the knife and plunged it into Tonald Drump's neck. In shock both of the guards came after Tsuuki, one tried to tackle him to the ground, while the other reached for a weapon. Before they could harm the serpent, Tsuuki managed to jump out the window and flee the scene.

    The serpent managed to break his fall by quickly leaping onto a nearby tree, he then passed over the walls of the complex and disappeared into the city. He knew that someone would eventually follow him and decided that he needed to quickly lash out against the other candidate before anything got in his way. He turned behind him to see if anyone was following him, luckily there was currently no one, 'Good I lost them' he mused to himself. It didn’t surprise him that the security protecting Donald Trump was poor, after all, it seemed like everyone wanted him dead. Now, it was time to finish his evil deed and execute the second candidate that was running for ambassador, he expected that to be just as easy. He found himself turning down the street, and taking a shortcut to Cillary Hilton's office, he noticed that there was a tree leading to an open window- which he reasoned could grant him easy access to the building. 

    'This should be rather simple' he thought to himself, a cruel smirk slowly slithered across his serpent-like face. Now taking the simple or easy way out could be seen as boring, which is admittedly one of Tsuuki's greatest enemies and even a small fear. However, seeing that he is putting his life on the line for these evil tasks and that in the end, they will have a major impact. Tsuuki decided that taking the simple way out was not as boring as it could be. For that reason, and because he wanted to survive this little cruel act, Tsuuki decided to take the easy way out. He made sure that no one was around before he climbed the tree, and then made sure that someone was in the room before he slithered into the window. Now, once he made sure that everything was clear, and that his plan would not backfire. Tsuuki entered into the candidate's office and quietly made sure that she was not aware of his presence. Now, she was sitting in the chair listening to music, and well she was completely unaware of his presences within the room. (mostly because the window was located behind her). Unlike Drump, she had no guards in her office, and or they left for some reason or another.

    With ease, the serpent snapped her neck, and then made his exit out of office. Tsuuki was somewhat impressed with how easy it was to assassinate Cillary Hilton, but nonetheless, he was somewhat grateful that it was easy to end her life. The next day, the serpent disguised himself and then cast his vote for the panda, and he did so with a cruel smirk.

    Job Information:

    Job Title: Panda for President!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Maximum 3 players, guildless or dark mages
    Job Requirements: 1000 words
    Job Location: Era
    Job Description: It's a debate between candidates for an ambassador! Un...fortunately nobody really likes either of them. Tonald Drump and Cillary Hlinton have been going at it for weeks in their debates to the point it's turned to petty comments and remarks even on live broadcasts. It's time to shut them up, and shut them up for good! People are willing to pay to see them dead even if they won't admit to scrounging up the money (or support) for this job. They also won't admit to wanting a Panda to be the ambassador over these two, but there's a distinct possibility one might be hired as the Ambassador instead if both candidates go down. Infiltrate their offices and take them out before the big vote!

    PS: don't forget to vote for "Seijin" or else you don't receive any of the moolah.


    Weak - Distracted Guards: Honestly? These guys don't even want to be here in the first place. They're likely on an electronic device or attempting to hide a magazine. As long as you're not putting on a parade of your intentions you can probably casually stroll by them. If you have to knock them out you'll find they go down in 2 D-rank hits maximum due to their lethargic nature.

    Normal - Secret Service: They're really not-so-secret since they're visible in plain sight. If either candidate was really worth protecting then there'd be more, but at this point even these guys find more important assignments to attend too. They tend to patrol the hallways more than anything. 2 C-rank hits will take these guys out if they prove troublesome.

    Strong - Hired Muscle: These guys are more likely to be in the room, but some might be patrolling. Hired by the candidates they're interested in two things: money and hitting things. To be fair it'd probably be easy enough to get them to hit just about anything or anybody (shouting from behind someone's back, claiming they talked smack, mentioning they have some muscle enhancers, etc). If you do find yourself fighting them they take a maximum of 4 C-rank hits to take down.

    Reward: 1,200 Jewels, and the odd feeling of both committing murder and yet doing some good.

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