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Fugue State [JCINK]


Fugue State [JCINK] Empty Fugue State [JCINK]

Post by Yukie 5th October 2018, 5:05 pm

Fugue State [JCINK] EDOcdHR

JCINK Premium ♦ 2+yr old ♦ 18+ ♦ 20+ species

There was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic.

It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere.

This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it is supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people.

We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.

The Lunatic
The Lunatic

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Fugue State [JCINK] Empty Re: Fugue State [JCINK]

Post by The Lunatic 6th October 2018, 12:08 am

Linking back!


Fugue State [JCINK] TqvxSWh5_o
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