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    New iLac (Job Solo)


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    New iLac (Job Solo) Empty New iLac (Job Solo)

    Post by Zeshin on 3rd October 2018, 1:43 pm

    Zeshin looked around the place a little bit insecure. A while ago he felt how his magic was leaving him. He tried manipulating his blood a little just to be sure, but it didn't work. He was simply trained in combat human now. Maybe a few years ago he would be glad, but Zesh became used to the feeling of magic inside him. He didn't know as hell what was in Neutral Grounds that stripped him of his abilities, but it had to be very powerful. Taking a deep breath, Zeshin started walking towards the city. It was his first time in Neutral Grounds, and he wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Who knows who was hiding in the dark alleys.

    Redhead visited neutral ground for one reason. There was supposed to be a giveaway of something called iLac. People told him that it was a good communication item, and it also was supposed to have other advantageous functions. Still, communication was good enough for Zesh. Combined with his ability to teleport to the guild, it would speed up his journey if someone needed help. Quite useful.
    Zesh looked around the streets and enjoyed the sights. Maybe Neutral Grounds felt even more dangerous to him than other places, but still, he knew how to enjoy himself. Blood of an adventurer was flowing in his veins after all. He didn't have time to stop at the bars, nor he wanted to. The only reason why he didn't rush through the city to get iLac, was because it would be kinda embarrassing. What reputation it would give him if he was scared of not having magic? That's why he simply walked fast and admired the structure of the city.
    Finally, he reached the iLac factory. It was certainly grand. The building was about 40 meters tall and much, much wider. With a gulp, redhead closed the distance between himself and the door. Raising his hand, he knocked strongly a few times, to make sure that whoever was inside would hear him. A few seconds later, doors were opened by a black-haired man in casual clothes.

    "You here for iLac?" He asked instantly and Zeshin was wondering how did he know. Apparently, his face had the same question, because the man said quickly "Tsk. Everyone who comes here is either worker, or they come for iLac. It's obvious you don't work there. Come with me." With these words, the man turned around and walked into the building. The redhead looked around the place, not sure if he was imagining what happened. Finally, he follower older man inside. They instantly turned right and entered some kind of office. The office looked quite normal. Desk with some kind of machine on it, rotating chair and few bookcases filled with file folders. Black-haired guy searched for something inside the desk, and after a few seconds took out few iLac models. "Each of them is the newest model. Just pick what color you want and go away. I have many things to do." Zeshin grimaced a little at man's rudeness. Seriously, that's how they treat the client? No wonder they are giving iLac's for free. No one would buy them if people there were this rude. Silently, redhead grabbed black one with red dragon head on the back. It looked cool. Seeing impatient grimaced on the black-haired guy's face, Zeshin left the factory without another word. Well, if they didn't want him here, then it was even better for him. With this in mind, Zeshin quickly left Neutral Grounds, hoping that he won't be coming here for quite a while.

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