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    Mages First! [Solo Job]


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    Mages First! [Solo Job]  Empty Mages First! [Solo Job]

    Post by Zeshin 3rd October 2018, 10:42 am

    Young mage felt his world shake before he hit something. Groaning he looked around and noticed that on the floor of the train. He could hear people laughing and pointing at him. Some even had trouble with breathing. Zeshin shook his head, trying to clear the drowsiness and started thinking why he was on the floor. A few seconds later, he decided that he fell asleep and slipped off his seat. It was quite possible. Grumbling about rude people, he got up and massaged his bum. The trains floor were hard. Definitely not comfortable enough to sleep. Fortunately, he fell off his seat when the train stopped at his stop. Hargeon Town.

    Walking out of the doors, he heard a train whistle behind him and redhead looked from the corner of his eyes at the departing machine. Stretching his arms, Zeshin yawned and started walking towards Hargon Town docks. He heard from a member of Crystal Swan that he could get a passport here. Now, in Zeshin's mind, it was quite an important item. After all, the redhead was the adventurer. He wanted to become a strong mage, free of his past, who would help others in need. Things abroad may be very different from what he can meet in Fiore. It would increase his experience and in the end, it would make him stronger. He could also stop dark forces in other countries from hurting innocent people. It was probably the most important reason why he wanted a passport.

    When he arrived at his destination, Zeshin looked in horror at the queue. He slowly counted the number of people and stopped when he reached the count of 50. Yeah. It will be a long day. Being a good and kind mage, he waited politely in the queue. Not wanting to think about boring next hours of his life, he started thinking about his magic and what he wanted to do with it. As a close combat specialist, he shouldn't focus on long ranger attacks. Probably more self-support magic, utility and close range attacks should be good. Still, the redhead wasn't sure how to connect all of this into spells. His mussing were interrupted by someone pulling his shirt. Zesh looked behind him, wanting to know what was wrong. He noticed that little girl was standing behind him. He guessed that she was twelve years old. She also was poking her finger together, which clearly spoke about her timidity. Zeshin looked nostalgically at girl and crouched in front of her. Putting a hand on her head, he ruffled it a little bit and smiled brightly.
    "Hey there, little princess. What's wrong? Do you need my help with something?" Zeshin asked kindly and gently stroked her head, hoping to calm her down a little. Hearing his question, the girl glanced at him with a small smile and then looked at the floor.
    "Umm... I saw that you are a member of Crystal Swan mister... could I... maybe... get an autograph? I always wanted to become a mage like you guys." She said with a lot of pauses and shoved some paper and crayon in his chest, while still looking at the ground. This time with closed eyes. Redhead looked in shock at the little girl and laughed a little.
    "Sure thing princess. Though I'm not some famous right now, just wait! I will be someone you will be proud to have an autograph of." He said with a smile and quickly did what a little girl asked him to do. She looked at him in childish awe and nodded her head, believing his every word.
    "Thank you mister... Zeshin! Also, my momma said that you are in the wrong queue. This one is for non-mages, that one is for mages." Little girl said pointing at the... blank space in front of a desk clerk... or someone like this. After the, she ran happily back to her family and started gesturing wildly. Redhead met the eyes of the girl's mother and he saw something. She was laughing in the soul at his mistake. He was sure of it. Embarrassed, Zeshin went where the girl told him to go. Apparently, they made a special line just for mages, because they had important jobs and improved relations between countries. Zesh didn't ask for more details, because it clearly was some kind of political move. With that, he left the place, still feeling a girl's mother gaze on him. Laughing at him.

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