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Legendary DragonBall RP


Legendary DragonBall RP Empty Legendary DragonBall RP

Post by Fris on September 20th 2018, 12:46 pm

Legendary DragonBall RP BlPo71q
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"Who will save us now?"
the people of the world ask this question as all of the greatest heroes ever fell victim to the onslaught of Broly. Their valiant sacrifices nearly in vain when Mr. Satan was nearly given credit, but the truth was revealed and the World Champ was shunned by the public. However, the truth brought forth a rise of Ki-Users as Krillin and Piccolo took up creating the new charge. Now, the twenty percent of the Earth's population is capable of using Ki. The Planet Trade Organization has fallen silent in the absence of the Cold Family. The Saiyans have mysteriously returned with very little existing to explain it. New threats and heroes arrive everyday and now YOU are here. How will you change this world in a new exciting Dragonball setting where Original Characters take the limelight and the canons have been laid to rest?

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Legendary DragonBall RP Empty Re: Legendary DragonBall RP

Post by ivyleaf33 on September 20th 2018, 8:19 pm

Linking back.


Legendary DragonBall RP OdNtuIpd_o
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what the hell's going on, can someone tell me please? why i'm switching faster than the channels on tv?

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