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    Where the Ashes Came From ❈ Solo


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    Where the Ashes Came From ❈ Solo Empty Where the Ashes Came From ❈ Solo

    Post by Eireen 18th September 2018, 9:24 pm

    Eireen ❈ Guildless

    The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was a rather perfect day to be out and about in Hargeon Town.  After all, it was a pretty nice and peaceful town, although there was a particular disturbance at the time that threw things into a loop.  On that day was one of the few officials gave out passports, so a line spanning across several blocks had formed.  It was kind of ridiculous that you couldn’t actually get a passport anywhere else, basically forcing everyone to pile up in one town to get one.  What an inefficient system of worldwide travel Fiore had. And from the place she stood on top of a hill on Hargeon’s outskirts, the pink-haired woman couldn’t help but frown at the prospect of waiting in the line.  But, she needed a passport to conduct business, so get a passport she shall.  It wasn’t like she needed to get it herself, Eireen just needed to have one in her possession.  So, she began making her way into the town, thinking of how to bypass the line all the while.

    Eireen half regretted not staying up on the hill to contemplate about her plan with it’s nice breeze unrestrained from buildings and generally peaceful atmosphere, but she tended to think better under pressure anyways.  “Eireen.”  Chance said, “What in the world do you think you’re going to be doing?”  The reaper shrugged, “I’m figuring it out Chance, you can’t rush brilliance.”  “Well, I can rush a reaper who has to go out of the country to hunt down some people without much problems.  Speaking of which,”  The essence droned, Eireen sighing deeply.  “I get it, someone around here needs to die.  Give me directions, Chance.”  Soon the being guided Eireen deeper into Hargeon, closer and closer to the line for passports.  “Chance, I swear if they’re in line, I’ll-”  “No need to make empty promises, Eireen.  They’re right around this upcoming corner.”  They said, the scarlet eyed reaper pressing her back against the building’s wall and peaking around.  And there she was, Eireen’s target.  A teenage girl with blue eyes and lavender-blue hair tied up in a ponytail.

    “Katelyn Flemming, age 16, attends Sandalwood High School, in fact she’s wearing the uniform at this very moment.  Possesses no magic, although a few relatives of hers do.”  Informed Chance, although Eireen wasn’t entirely paying attention to the potentially important information.  She was only paying attention to the small book she was showing to presumably her friends.  “A passport…”  She whispered aloud, climbing on top the building she was using as cover.  It didn’t take long before Katelyn parted with her friends, walking long the streets empty from the current event.  She appeared rather happy about being able to stand in a line as long as she did, but fate had plans other than the girl travelling to distant lands.  Silently, Eireen descended upon the schoolgirl, covering her mouth with hand before forcing her into an alleyway.  Katelyn tried to scream, escape, and fight back, but it wasn’t nothing Eireen hadn’t seen before.  Someone’s last stand when they know what’s next but would prefer for it not to be so.  But, with a rigid twist, the girl’s body went limp.  “See Chance?  Look at the genius multi task.”  But her informant only scoffed, “She practically walked into that, Eireen, so it doesn’t count.  I confirm she’s dead, and I assume you’ll get rid of the body and take the passport?”  The reaper grinned, a blowtorch soon appearing in her hand via her magic.  “You just read my mind.”  She said, a grin on her face as her body shifted from her usual form to that of the Katelyn girl.

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