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    Post by Verosia on 18th September 2018, 5:59 pm

    "You want me to hide the body of your neighbours dog. Okay, what exactly happened?" Shoes barely reaching the floor hands folded in her lap the child was in perfect uniform as she questioned the next commissioner. Apparently when the neighbours dog had come to decimate his tulips the man had used his gardening spade to decimate the dog. Honestly really now, a slight sigh drew her brow together, she had been covering up great financial deals, hiding evidence of children being experimented on or a high ranking official killing her husband. Yet that was there and she was here, just a solider away from home in a place with a different uniform. She had to crawl her way back to the top, nails digging into the slew of corpses which built up below to make sure all knew her title of 'The Cleaner' once more.

    "Show me the damage."

    Decimated indeed the dog had nearly been cut clean through and was missing two of its five limbs. It would be possible to fix this rather easily actually. "Go bake some cookies" he looked confused "what?" eyes glared from under the rim of her hat as a pair of gloves were pulled on. "I'll fix this go bake cookies." There was blood staining the grass which would have to be cleared away, luckily this was just a dog so no rune knights would be scouring for dna evidence. The floor of his house had been warm right, underfloor heating. It would need a furnace of some kind. The spade would need cleaning as well as the grass. There was a rather nice bathing house here apparently that she wished to scrub herself in, a black bin bag in hand she rolled the dog up, gathering its chunks inside before dragging it down to the basement. There, a small little furnace. The carcass was placed on top to hurriedly dry as she laid a plastic sheet down, a bucket for scraps and a knife in hand her work began, bone and the more solid parts were thrown into the furnace yet the more bloody tissue organs and muscle went in the bucket. If she just burned those as well it would cause a mighty bad smell. She was no amateur. The bones cracked nicely, not smelling too bad the harsh dry scent of the coal drowned it out. A hand shielded her eyes and she ascended to the garden, meandering her way to the compost with the bucket.

    A stick in hand she moved around the decomposing leaf matter and grass clipping to create a well, much like in baking the bloodied wet ingredients went into the well where it was covered then lightly stirred up. The worms inside would do their work well. Just in case, a vial in hand she poured the acid into the bin. it would work smoothly to speed up the decomposition of everything in the bin, possibly the bin as well but that was a chance she had to take.

    The body was disposed of, she had wiped and cleaned the basement before leaving. Eyes cast over the garden briefly, her mind thinking of what had passed and where she was headed. They were not all good thoughts, in her mind she had lost her way, even her own personality seemed a little off. She needed order in her life. "Scheiße" No matter now she just needed to finish up.

    It had ended smoothly with a brown paper bag being exchanged, she gained money at the bottom of a bag covered by some rather delicious cookies, that and a lot to think about. For her path was wayward, it was not flexible but uncontrolled. That was something which she needed to fix.



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