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    Post by Verosia on 18th September 2018, 5:32 pm

    "I clean bodies, murders, or bank books. I clean evidence of crimes which have been committed and you're asking me to kill someone? I do not commit crimes. Really now just get a move on and kill him yourselves and then call me." Disgust sighed through her as the glass of milk left her with a slight moustache after drinking it. She was a cleaner, as in, after the crime was committed. It was an odd concept for sure and most people she had met or been commissioned by seemed to have no clue about her work. 'Tomorrow afternoon he'll be killed by an associate at the small grocery store. Can you have the letters ready by then?' A smile quirked her mouth as the man spoke, yes that would do, make it look like he left town as well. Cleanse the body from this earth.

    A small nod had confirmed the deal as she strode from the house, taking a few cookies which were cooling on the bench on her way out the child neatly finished them off, so a beautiful woman which had blossomed into adulthood was in love with another man. Adults were so disgusting with it all why did they bother to destroy what was perfect just to start something fresh. Yet this was orders, another job that she would take.

    Boots barely reaching the floor as she sat perched in the chair, it was a small room in a back end inn, yet the desk area was perfect for crafting the documents. Not quite the same as creating face access papers or identity documents this was a much easier task. The shopping lists written in the dead man walkings hand was smoothed out in front of her as she copied each letter with care, he kept his T's and D's short and often forgot to capitalise the start of new sentences. Not complete scratches but he didn't let his hand flow, there was no relaxing guidance there just harsh strokes. She changed out the nob of her pen, a thinner line against some thick cheap paper. "You may think Im rude but thats wrong, this is who I am. I got you to fall in love with me and your name is just another one to add to my list. You see we're having a competition, you're helping me win by breaking your heart. I'm off to the next town." Blunt and straightforward, it would shatter a maidens heart just enough for her contractor to slip in and support her through the distressing event.

    This was such a puny little job, the letters slipped into the postbox she had wandered towards the scene of the crime. Well it was the afternoon of the next day so it would be a crime scene if it were found, that after all was why she was there. Two of her lackeys reportedly were already at the scene which was confirmed as she entered the storage room to see the body. Blunt force trauma. "You two can the body and take it to the truck in the ally, when they're doing that you two need to go and fill my buckets with water, normal solutions. Last guy, you need to make sure the front shop and surrounding area has no security recorders" her commands rang through the room as a flurry of action started. It was standard procedure, put the body in a large tin can then store it in corrosive acid that dissolves it for a couple of months before dumping a couple of batches at once in a waterway near a slaughterhouse. The ground cleaned of blood easily, every surface was wiped down from the top shelves down to user the sink, door handles again shined on their ways out she took a small lollipop offered by one of the assistants. "thank you, can you collect payment and deposit it in the island resort account? We used the dog cleaners front for the last job." She had a much larger job in this town to prepare for, much more important than some guy being killed over misplaced love


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