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    Visit The Village


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    Visit The Village Empty Visit The Village

    Post by Medeia 18th September 2018, 2:30 am

    Job Title: Visit The Village
    Rank: C-Rank
    Job Location: River Village
    Solo Word Count: 1500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1500 per additional person beyond 1
    Additional Requirements: C-Rank only, up to 6 mages max.
    Job Description: Your character and and maybe some friends have heard that a group of dark mages plan to kill the major visiting the village. You have been given the mission to travel there and see if you can do anything about it. If you arrive too late to protect him, just try to calm down civilians, clear out wizards, or do whatever you think is fitting.
    Enemies: Can be detailed more in the mission according to player wishes!
    Reward: 10K Jewels and the notice of the Rune Knights

    There were times where Sarisha wondered about her choice of job. Here she was, a violent, passionate, bloodthirsty thug and what was she doing? Travelling to a village in order to save a pompous Mayor from a so called attack. In reality though, it was always the jewels that ended up doing the talking and for the amount that she would receive for the job, it was a no brainer. She doubted that anything was even going to happen and that it was all a wild goose chase but there was a hopeful sparkle in her eye that perhaps she would encounter something more entertaining than that. It had been some time since she had fought a worthy opponent and the insatiable lust for gore and blood was beginning to take a hold of her. It was a need, a desperate hunger that must be satiated through the most chaotic way possible. Such was her state of mind these days and the relationship that she shared with her Godly partner. Valara was a primal entity at heart, caring for nothing but her own selfish desires and that was more than evident in Sarisha as well. Her humanity was vanishing by the day and she could not help but wander about what the end game was to this. Would she end up as her partner and become simply a blood loving monster? A question that made her pause on occasion but it was not a frightening one. She knew that this was how it would be, even before she made the deal with the Goddess.

    As she approached the entrance to the Village, a loud roar could be heard and there was a sudden burst of flame as one of the buildings suddenly was engulfed in fire. Raising an eyebrow, Sarisha quickly sprinted towards the inferno, a smile crossing her features as she moved. It seemed that her wish would be granted after all and that was a thought that sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on edge and her crimson eyed gaze danced with anticipation, ready and willing to fight once again. There was a hint of bemusement in her though, pondering about what could have made such a sound. Her employer had spoken of mages, not monsters although the unknown quantity only invigorated her even more.

    As it turned out, they were indeed mages but she had never seen ones such as this before and as she dashed towards the town centre, one of them shouted out a warning when they saw her coming. There were four in total and as soon as they heard the call, they all came out and banded together in the centre. They had a rather draconian look to them and her original thought was that they were Slayers, similar to her. However, she swiftly dismissed this thought once she got a proper look at them. No, these were Takeover mages, taking on draconian forms, varying slightly in appearance. They all had that same look in their though, one that was mirrored in hers. They shared her desire for blood and carnage and the smiles that began to grow across their faces were ones that she knew all too well. Her first instinct was to just attack them where they stood but she decided to take on a slightly different approach, just for once.

    "So, pricks," she said confidently, "What brings you to this dreary little village? Are you the punks who want to kill the Mayor or are you just here to make a mess of the place?"

    "Oh, so you're the cavalry, right?" the tallest of the four said in response, "One little mage who has come to save this place from ruin. Yeah, we came for the Mayor and we know he's here somewhere. I'm sure that if we deal enough damage, he'll show himself. Now, shove off and get out of here before we mess up that pretty face of yours."

    "How about I bury the four of you here and piss on your corpses?" the pinkette quipped in answer, eyeing each one in turn.

    Before they even had a chance to respond, Sarisha's hands and body became enveloped in water and she dashed in towards them. They were caught slightly off guard but three of them managed to avoid it. One, however, did not and the pink haired mage smashed him in the face with her fist, causing blood to burst from his nose and knocking him off his feet. The fight was well and truly on now and the moment that the blood began to flow, a wild expression exploded on to her face, her strength increasing further because of it. Before they could react, she then raised a hand to the air and summoned a powerful downpour that covered the area around them, dealing damage to each of them while enhancing her defences. Her magic was made for this range of combat and she loved the exhilaration that came from it. These fools had made a terrible mistake. One that they would soon regret.

    Turning quickly, she was just about to dodge a flaming claw that was careering towards her, ducking underneath it and countering with a powerful punch to his liver, before catching him with two more to the face, his face erupting with blood. She then moved in and delivered a bone crunching uppercut, sending his head upwards, before unleashing surrounding her hand in water and delivering her version of a claw attack across his face, resulting in a horrible sounding crack as his neck was broken by the force of it. He was done and collapsed to the floor. Her instincts razor sharp, she swiftly turned 180 degrees and unleashed a powerful torrent of water from her mouth to take out the second member, still recovering from her punches, ending him with just that one blast.

    The other two attempted to charge her together but she unleashed a wave of water which sent them back the way they came, smashing them against one of the buildings, breaking down the door and smashing them against the far wall, leaving them dazed. Sarisha simply smirked and waited for them as they got back to their feet, ready for more. The leader hesitated before pushing the other mage forward, who unleashed a fire ball from his hand and fired it towards the Goddess. Yet, it simply fizzled out because of the rain and he ended up running for his life. However, the mage was not in the mood to let him go and summoned a whip of water, which she cracked in his direction. The whip wrapped around the fool and drained him, strengthening Sarisha further still.

    The leader took that moment to attack her but Sarisha grinned and made a gesture with her other hand, creating a sphere of water to surround him and rob him of oxygen, giving her the time to finish off the other one. She reeled in the fool using the whip and then violently stamped on his head a few times, before punting him viciously in the face, finishing him off.

    Only one remained now and with a wicked grin, she released him from the sphere, only to send him back in to the air again with her cyclone technique, before spinning in a circle and pounding with razor edged blades of water, sending him crashing to the floor. Dazed and spluttering for breath, he desperately struggled to escape but he knew what was his fate was. The Goddess slowly stalked him as he tried to crawl away, before placing a foot on his back and pressing him to the ground, helpless.

    "Fuck you," he said simply, "Why would you bother saving him for anyway? You're just like us and I doubt you give a damn about these people."

    Sarisha briefly pondered and then answered, "The pay is good, the scenery is nice and beating pathetic little bastards like you make me horny. Now, die."

    Lifting her foot, she surrounded it with all of her remaining strength and then smashed it down on his back, sending it through his body and killing him instantly.

    Withdrawing her foot from his bloody body, Sarisha suddenly found herself surrounded by the townspeople as they came out of their holes and began thanking for her help, much to the mages annoyance. Sighing, she then shrugged her shoulders and turned towards the flaming body and unleashed a blast of water in order to put out the flames before finding herself in the presence of a portly male, one who the Deity did not even need to guess at his occupation.

    "Thank you, I am the Mayor of this village and I am grateful that you've saved us from this rabble," he said, with a look on his face that Sarisha just wanted to slap off of him. However, she kept her cool and simply nodded her head in response and was swiftly paid for her diligent work. She did not stay though and soon made her exit, leaving the villagers to repair the damage done. Her task was complete and her 100% record was still intact.

    (1541 Words)

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